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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Re: Photo TR: California Dreamin'

Sat Aug 09, 2014 7:14 am

I don't discriminate, I also paid a visit to Waterworld California! I was a bit bummed out that Break Point Plunge, their new drop pod water slide, wasn't open yet and quite a few guests were as well. I had heard several commercials for the ride on the radio and their website said that it would open "early summer." I was there in mid-July, but at least the slide appears to be mostly complete except for the final runoff portion of the slide.

Other than that, I had a great time! The park had an excellent mix of water slides for both families and thrill seekers. The park had one of my favorite types of water slides anywhere, the halfpipe slide, and I loved how they let me ride down it backwards. Along with that, they had a 5 story funnel, 4 body slides, 3 tube slides, 2 speed slides, and 1 family mat slide not in a pear tree.
The park lacked a theme, but it was very clean and well taken care of.
Honolulu Halfpipe.JPG
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride anyone?
This was probably the park's most popular attraction. I waited close to 30 minutes for it, which wasn't bad at all. And I may have forgot to take a photo while I was in the park...
Big Kahuna.JPG
This slide had some really wild turns near the end. I love these slides so much more when they are open rather than enclosed.
I loved the straight drop one far more since I kept crashing into the sides of the slide on the triple drop one. Both slides caused some back pain after, but there's no crying in water sliding...unless you get too much chlorine in your eyes.
Break Point Plunge (Outside).JPG
Here's the not-yet-completed Break Point Plunge. I swear that I remembered to take a photo of this one!
Break Point Plunge (Inside).JPG
See, I wouldn't lie to you. This thing looks like it will pack quite the punch when it opens.

Re: Photo TR: California Dreamin'

Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:06 am

I originally wasn't expecting to get down to San Diego during my time in California, but one of my friends invited me down for a visit so I was able to get two of the three big parks in the area in SeaWorld and Belmont Park. I missed out on Legoland, but that's something I can look forward to when I have a family someday.

SeaWorld San Diego popped my SeaWorld cherry. I absolutely loved the park! All of the shows were incredibly well done and incorporated the animals very nicely. My personal favorite was the Sea Lions Tonight show that parodied all of the park's other shows. I'm just glad that we decided to see this show towards the end of the day after we had seen the park's other shows. The killer whale show during the day was somewhat of a let down, but the night one (Shamu's Celebration- Light Up the Night) was fantastic and the best night show I've seen at a park outside of World of Color.

As a thrill seeker, I also made sure to hit the park's three major rides- Manta, Journey to Atlantis, and Shipwreck Rapids. Manta was excellent. The Mack trains were unbelievably comfortable and the first launch was very well done with the sea tunnel. Despite the ride's small stature, it flew through the course and had several moments of really good air-time. It was one of the most rerideable coasters I have been on in a while.

Journey to Atlantis was very fun as well. While the story was basically non-existent (along with the theming outside of the queue), the major drop was very thrilling and the coaster segment was nice and smooth. Then I especially enjoyed the indoor elevator segment and the neat little trick that it executes.

Shipwreck Rapids was one of the better river rapids rides I've been on. The rafts absolutely flew through the course and several of the rapids were massive and completely soaking. Though if you somehow managed to avoid all of those, there is an unavoidable waterfall to get you. The wait for this was over an hour all day, so my friend and I decided to use the single rider line. We got on in 30 seconds in the same raft. While we definitely were happy to ride together, we felt sort of guilty skipping the whole wait like that. We were more than willing to separate, but the grouper made no effort to call for parties beyond the group in the front of the standby line which led to a lot of empty seats on the rafts.

One final note, my friend and I tried the all you can eat pass and we would say that it was a waste of time and money. All of the food that we got was good (for amusement park food), but the lines were insane. It took us 30-45 minutes for each food line.
So this turned out to be the only photo of the roller coasters. Whoops. At least it's a good one.
Cirque de la Mer Zorb.JPG
Cirque de la Mer! Or what my friend and I coined "Forced Abduction the Show." The actors selected two random people from the audience to compete in an awkward dance-off and the winner was abducted and sent into this zorb.
Cirque de la Mer Dancing.JPG
The show even had pole dancing...well technically ribbon dancing, but pole dancing sounds better.
Cirque de la Mer Trapeze.JPG
And trapezes! Trapezes sounds weird.
Shamu Jump (Day).JPG
The big guy can get some serious air.
Shamu Jump (Night).JPG
Even at night...I'm pretty sure I was soaked about 2 seconds after this photo was taken.
Shamu Beached Whale.JPG
The whales really interacted with the trainers well.
Sea Lions Tonight.JPG
Sea Lions Tonight, the park's best show in my opinion.

Re: Photo TR: California Dreamin'

Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:25 am

Belmont Park was the final new park that I visited in California. While small, the park has a very nice collection of rides, the historical Giant Dipper, and a perfect setting by the beach. I love beachfront parks and wish there were more of them still around.

The Giant Dipper didn't have much in terms of airtime, but the ride made up for it with laterals galore. There was never a dull moment on the coaster as it gave a fairly wild ride, especially in the back. The park also had some really good flats. Most notably, there was Control Freak and the Octotron. Control Freak was basically a top spin where the rider could control the direction that the arms traveled in. This interactive element was very cool and allowed for some crazy rides once you got the hang of how it worked. Then the Octotron was an insane Chance Unicoaster that moved very fast. While it wasn't as historic as Knoebels's Looper, it was far more intense.
Belmont Park Entrance.JPG
Belmont Park!
Giant Dipper Full Structure.JPG
The only way to get a full shot of the Giant Dipper's layout is to walk quite a bit from the park. Everything in the park is right on top of each other.
Giant Dipper First Drop (From Beach Blaster).JPG
While the Giant Dipper's cousin up north excelled at air time, this one excelled at laterals.
Giant Dipper Fan Turn.JPG
This turn was extremely picturesque. It's top notch coaster porn.
Giant Dipper Drop.JPG
I just realized using the word "porn" to describe something nearly 90 years old is really wrong.
Giant Dipper Final Turn.JPG
I'm so glad I wasn't driving anywhere near the park. It was magnetic for my eyes.
Giant Dipper Speed Hill.JPG
It was easy to get up nice and close to the coaster.
Control Freak Flip.JPG
Finally, playing all those video games has paid off. I can press buttons. I can press buttons real well.
Octotron was nearly impossible to get a good photo of due to its placement and elevated platform.
Beach Blaster.JPG
I liked how Beach Blaster was located a little below ground level. It made the ride more mysterious.
Krazy Kars.JPG
They had both a normal set of bumper cars and this version. I honestly preferred these ones, as they hit harder.
Vertical Plunge.JPG
The park didn't have a kiddie coaster, so I had to be a whore with regards to something. I deemed a kiddie drop tower fitting.
Sky Ropes Adventure.JPG
The park had a lot of upcharge attractions nearby as well. The Sky Ropes Adventure was the most popular of them.
Rock Wall.JPG
The Rock Wall was quite popular as well.
Leap of Faith.JPG
I hadn't seen this one before. It was called the Leap of Faith. It was still under construction, which was a bummer, but basically it looks like you climb the tower and jump off.
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