Photo TR: Divv's European Adventure

A look back at TPR's Europe Trip. Final Disney updates: Pg20
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Big Mike » Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:52 am

Great job Divv!

It is refreshing to see our trip one more time since time has passed!

Can't wait to see the whole gang again in a few months!

Peace, Big (doesn't count carnival or fair coasters) Mike




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Postby Divv3k » Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:13 pm

Thanks guys! It's fun looking back at this trip a few months later.

Joe, the PAX rides were amongst my favourites of the whole trip. Don't miss that one in Austria!


DAY 1:

The first proper park of the trip was Parc Asterix. I wasn't sure what to expect from this place. On paper it looks so so but in person it was really great. Every inch of every building is well themed, there's a very good woodie and just a general good atmosphere. It was a great place to start the trip proper.

The biggest surprise of the park was the new mad house. OMG, this thing was awesome. I never used to bother with madhouses but this one with all its cool preshows just blew me away.

Anyway, I'll not ramble any more and post a few photos...
SS856221 copy.jpg
If you see this dude sitting on top of a mountain you know you're in for a good time!
SS856243 copy.jpg
PA has some awesome theming. Everywhere. This is the station for the woodie.
SS856260 copy.jpg
It wasn't super smooth but it was lots of fun. Tonnere de Zeus was a great coaster to start the trip with some fun ERT.
SS856255 copy.jpg
It was a hot day so we conquered the credits as quick as we could.
SS856232 copy.jpg
Including this death machine.
SS856233 copy.jpg
"It's just a Vekoma!" Yeah Erik, we'll put that on your tombstone.
SS856257 copy.jpg
After getting the credits Steve tried to find some means of cooling down.
SS856253 copy.jpg
Riding these kiddie water rides will NOT do that job!
SS856249 copy.jpg
Cupid's attire inspired some of Steve's fashion choices later in the trip.
SS856224 copy.jpg
This might do the job of cooling us down. Rapids score for the trip so far: One out of one.
SS856248 copy.jpg
It's not a duck but it's close enough to merit inclusion under the "mandatory fire, ducks, lightning and mist to be included in Divv's TRs!" rule.
SS856267 copy.jpg
Hey didn't I see you guys in the hotel this morning?
SS856261 copy.jpg
Steve and Jes get some balls of ice cream.
SS856263 copy.jpg
"Everyone put your balls in your mouths!"
SS856265 copy.jpg
Don't let this photo fool you. The dolphin show was lame!

This was the only time where they came close to doing anything with any kind of synchronisation.
SS856270 copy.jpg
Brad and Erik recover from the boredom of the dolphin show by sleeping it off on the kiddie thing.
SS856219 copy.jpg
This was the biggest surprise of the day.
SS856205 copy.jpg
Any park with a human slingshot in the queue gets the thumbs up from me!
SS856204 copy.jpg
SS856214 copy.jpg
The photos don't do the coolness of the preshows for ride justice.
SS856215 copy.jpg
It's so freakin' cool!
SS856216 copy.jpg
Oh yeah and there's a mad house at the end of it all. That's good too!
SS856246 copy.jpg
This is the bunch of losers that I spent day 1 with. Thanks guys for an awesome start to the trip!
SS856241 copy.jpg
Parc Asterix is such a cool place. I was really surprised by it all. Go visit!

We're off to Belgium next!

I blame Mike! ELEVEN TIMES.
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Postby Brad_G » Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:52 pm

Some good memories coming back, thanks for posting these Divv.

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Postby eBen » Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:04 pm

I liked Goudrix a lot. And the muggins facing the camera were pretty darn cool too
parc asterix - group photo.JPG
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Postby Crazy_Behemoth_Lady_Jess » Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:14 pm

How was the "death machine"? Those things can be real "killers" indeed! That one is the Goudrix right? I've heard about it.

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Postby SteveC » Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:19 pm

Your 'retro' TR is so good as I get to remember forgotten moments - like the unbelievably lame Dolphin show. Had we worked out it was the last show of the day and they had already had so much fish thrown at them they were just 'yeh - whatever, bring on the Beluga or we ain't doin' nothun!'?

The Dolphin show went in reverse order, starting with the grand finale and then not much else. Hurrah for ice-cream balls ::D

^Death Machine was not so bad - worse was to come!

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Re: Photo TR: Divv's European Adventure

Postby Erik_73 » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:54 am

Nice trip report Divv, it brings back a lot of good memories.

Divv3k wrote: the poor little girl who ended up sitting next to Erik!
It is not my fault that Soquet coasters have no banking and have no seatdividers...

Divv, I have some pictures of the Moviepark Germany day, do you need them to for your TR, or do you skip that day ;)

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Postby larrygator » Tue Feb 10, 2009 11:27 am

^Do you have any pictures of your luggage covered with Divv's special birthday surprise?
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Postby OldJJman » Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:32 pm

larrygator wrote:^Do you have any pictures of your luggage covered with Divv's special birthday surprise?


:lmao: :lolr: :P :Pr :P :lolr: :lmao:

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Postby thecoasterkid » Tue Feb 10, 2009 9:40 pm

Another Divv trip report that I wasn't a part of! GREAT! Yet another opportunity for you to make me jealous and rub in all the extra credits you've got.

Can't wait to see the rest of this! You're inspiring me to get a move on finishing my Behemoth Bash update, as well as do my Orlando trip one. They're also being posted in "Lou Time".


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