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Postby robbalvey » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:50 am

Time to unstick this thread. At some point over the winter we will do a BIG update from Europe!


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Postby vekoma_fan » Tue Oct 28, 2008 4:46 pm

Coastinmiller wrote:
vekoma_fan wrote:I miss BTM in Paris, Because the one here in florida sucks :(

How you making out in epcot anyway Rene??

I'm doing ok, to bad disneys coasters sucks

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Postby misterloop » Thu Dec 25, 2008 6:15 am

digidude18 wrote:Enjoying the foreign park goodness so far, gotta love Europe!

My only question,
what is this?

THAT was a piece OF crap

it's a coaster made from the typical working and design of a ski lift. yes that's right you read it goog. a ski lift :| I rode it a few times.

it only worked for three months and it was build with an extra year. the park has wasted so manny money by the "too early" campaign for the coaster.

this coaster is so hypersensitive that it's system to block on it's own for super safety made him that unsafe when he even blocked when a bird was flying past one of the thousand sensors..... :butt:

well yeah it was a really weird expierience thow, it scared everyone. like 60 meter getting up with a lift on ona piece of track that moves upwards. brings you onto something what it it's called a track but it got wobbly when there was wind (with too many wind the ride blocked also :butt: )
en getting you a feeling of. Omg on wich part wil this track snap en will I fall down ? :cry: and when the coaster passed above you ,people were scared and they ran because it really made loud squeeky sounds, and they thought that it would snatch of and would drop on the people.:wtf:

wel yeah. I think the park management needs to think more about "new stuff" they want to put in the park. But here in Belgium we all hope that this piece of crap will be removed for something special ^^

offride video. ... re=related

THIS IS THE WAY HOW THEY "SAVE YOU" they had to get each car one by one. so they made this really weird motorcycle thing to get on the end of the coaster and getting upwards like that. in this video a girl says sarcasticly: wow what a great system, nd a boy responds: haha yeah.



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