Photo TR: BACT in the Bay Area

Gilroy, SCBB, Great America, SFDK
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Loco » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:57 am

darklingscribe wrote:Didn't Great America actually get approval to build a 220ft Intamin hyper called rebel rocket (or something like that) seven or so years ago, only to have the Paramount chain decide against it at the last moment.

I remember that rumor. People started saying that it was originally going to be Hypersonic. If I remember clearly I believe screamscape's "sources" said it was going to be an Intamin rocket coaster and it was going to include a Stengel Dive similar to Goliath at Walibi World.

IMO that would've been awesome! Too bad it didn't happen.

Nice Photo TR BTW!

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Postby Team Thriller » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:06 pm

Still one of the nicest parks I've been too.

When I was there, Zonga was still running.

Nice pics =) :)

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Postby Homer » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:19 pm

DerekRx wrote:^Last I heard, Zonga got sold, but no one at Six Flags knew where it went. :?r

I think rumor has it that it went back to Wieland Schwarzkopf in Germany and may end up touring the fair circuits again. Take this with a grain of salt though.
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Postby Bubba83 » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:44 pm

bgwfreak wrote:I really am impressed with the selection of older rides at Great America.

And they stole our (Carowinds) swings too.

I'd give them back Borg to get our swings back. :lolr:


Send it back immediately, put it in the footprint after they demolish Grizzly...

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Postby bgwfreak » Wed Sep 12, 2007 1:09 pm

Bubba83 wrote:Deal!

Send it back immediately, put it in the footprint after they demolish Grizzly...

I'm calling Dick right now. Seriously though, it's not that great of a coaster these days. It's getting rough in it's "old" age.

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Postby DerekRx » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:28 pm

^Why don't you just call Zamperla and have them build you a fresh brand new Wave Swinger? Then you get both Borg and Swings, and poor Bubba is left spending his money on beer instead of a Great America season pass :lolr:
All clear....

Dispatch, enjoy your ride.


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Postby laqueefa » Thu Sep 13, 2007 7:09 pm

arrowfanman wrote:Thanks for the photos. I really should make it a priority to get up there sometime. Damn their bloody offseason!


If you do, hit me up. It will be nice to hit a handful parks with someone motivated to ride.

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Postby speedracer » Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:46 pm

DerekRx wrote:One chain realized the parks potential and built it up to be one of the best in the chain, the other constantly neglected it and treated it like it's red-headed step child, just throwing in mediocrity here and there. It would kind of like be having twins where both parents died, one child went to live with a rich aunt who always wanted to have children and treated him with love and money, where the other child went to live with Uncle Cletus and Aunt Sally Jo at the trailer park and their 8 children and treated him as just another mouth to feed when he whined enough. It's really sad when the most popular and best coaster at the park was added 14 years ago and enthusiasts in the area are so desperate for a coaster that they start counting flatrides. :lolr:

Interesting that you were able to accurately capture in one visit what alot of us locals have been feeling for the past 14yrs about (Knottso) Great America, too funny!

I never understood Paramounts logic or direction for our park, other than it just being a cash cow for them. With the park being an institution smack dab in the heart of our big business/big bucks Silicon Valley, locals pack the park year after year regardless of what's added (or removed). Or regardless of how high they jacked up the prices of everything to be the highest of any regional park in the country. Can understand businesswise why Paramount basically never felt any pressure or need to add anything significant, but it sucks for us (the height restriction theory doesn't fly, they have the 200ft tower in the very front of the park, and the 224ft Drop Zone in the very far back of the park).

Excellent Photo TR, glad to hear you took the time to experience our smaller parks too. Too many enthusiast come to the area and just hit the big corp themers and skip over GG and SCBB because they only have a couple of coasters or don't have big looping B&M's, etc. When the reality is these smaller parks are so unique and so huge on the fun factor, they are far and away the best parks in the area. Those enthusiast that skip em over don't realize what they're missing.

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Sat Sep 15, 2007 2:00 pm

Hey Derek,

Sorry I am so late with the posting of my pics. I thought it would be better to put them in here instead of creating a whole new thread.

It was great to see you, Heath, Kim and meeting Kevin (Bubba).
I think I know you...
Gotta get a shot without Paramount in there.
Yep, Spongebob was at the entrance.
Here's the group heading to the headbanger known as Vortex.
Sure, we're all smiles now.
I think Derek made a new friend with the guy in the yellow shirt. He saw us again at Drop Zone.
Here are Heath and Kim looking none too worse for wear.
Derek's 666 coaster.
Some love for Invertigo.
Everyone rides except for Gyendolynne...she knows better.
Derek and Bubba getting ready.
Ouch, oooh, aaaahhhh!!
Coming back around.
Still hurting.
Everyone survived.
Ooops, it is closed. We won't ride it today, but Derek and the gang got on it later.
Derek pumping water...
He decided it would be better if he used his butt.
Where are you going?
Should we all follow?
Derek has to get some photos of Vortex.
I decided to get a photo of everyone watching them.
Fireworks tonight.
Come on guys, time to ride the best ride in the park!
Here is the "no shade" queue.
Heath and Kim in the front.
They're in there somewhere.
Last photo at Great America.

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Postby Coaster Palooza » Tue Sep 18, 2007 6:57 am

I'm going to finish up the rest of the photos from Six Flag Discovery Kingdom.
Yay! We're here.
The trams have changed.
We haven't though
Everything was so colorful at SFDK.
Hey Shamu....I mean Shouka!!!
Just in case you forgot where you were, they have Discovery Kingdom posted all over the place.
Characters in the front entrance while we wait forever for the rope to drop.
These characters were entertaining
More characters. I love Marvin the Martian.
I told you they had signs everywhere.
6-Flags, here's a tip. When you are supposed to open at 10:30, open the gate at that time! Don't start your pre-opening ceremony at that time.
Hey, we know you people.
A special Starburst moment.
Heath, Kim and Derek riding Medusa.
They're on there somewhere.
We all rode Cobra because...
None of the other rides were open! I can understand sometimes that rides need to be worked on, but Medusa wasn't open when the park opened. Kong didn't open until after 11am, Roar and V2 were testing! This is Labor Day! One of your busiest days. Have the rides operating! Rant over.
I can't believe Derek and I rode this. Gyendolynne was smart, Heath and Kim needed the credit.
I'll say it...OUCH!
Did we pack Excedrin?
Onto some better things.
I knew his or her name was Shouka.
Rub the belly for good luck.
More character goodness.
Hey Sylvester, where you going? Oh, Boomerang isn't operating yet too!!!!
Lets look at the Aligators.
and turtles.
The penguin area is neat.
They are all trying to keep cool in their cubbie holes.
Derek rides Roar, here's the proof!
I somehow broke my tooth. I dont' really know how. I just woke up with the tooth chipped.
Some V2
Heath and Kim are in these next 2 shots, but I don't think I took the pic at the right moment.
Watch that hand Gyendolynne.
More color
This isn't your typical Oasis.
Here is another shot of the aligator.
Boomerang was finally running.
I can't believe I got on it again.
More fun...
Do we have anymore Excedrin?
The porcupine did a scat on the stage and the girl was putting it in her pocket!
I'm Batman! It seriously has to be the smallest cape ever.
And in case you forgot where you were as you were leaving. Here is another reminder.


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