Photo TR: Don and Monica's Massive Japan Update!

*Final Update!! DisneySea!!!*
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Archived Photo Trip Reports of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and Donkeys!
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Postby Shockwave » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:17 am

I'n not the first say that Blue Fall looks jawdroppingly good! ::)

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Postby PhishyBrewer » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:19 am

I really hope Don and Monica brought me back something really cool from Japan like I asked him. Because if they didn't, I don't want to talk to them anymore.

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Postby pianojohn » Tue Feb 07, 2006 12:52 pm

Can you tell me more about the haunted house walk thru at Fuji Q? It was closed when I was there, and I read in Guiness that it is the longest walk thru in the world, themed to a hospital.



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Postby rollermonkey » Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:37 pm


It is an upcharge. I can't remember how much, 500 yen, tops.
You start by giving your ticket to a nurse or orderly in blood spattered hospital gear. After waiting in the dark lobby for about 5-10 minutes your eyes begin to the dark and they move the group (usually about 10-15 people) into the next room. Here you watch a movie (In Japanese) that gives the rules for the attraction and sets up the story.

The first time I did this there was a story about horrible unnecessary surgeries and the subsequent results. This time, the story was more supernatural. I don't know if the movie is selected randomly or changed periodically.

Next the group is walked to the next waiting area, where you are broken into groups of 4 or less. Each group is given a single penlight.
You have your group photo taken and you are given a reciept to look at your picture later.
Then the fun begins. There are branching paths. There are live actors. (Lots of 'em!) There are countless props from hospitals from real body bags to infant incubators and x-ray machines. You go through OR's private rooms, ER, and of course, the morgue.
It takes upwards of 30 minutes to get through, and the best part is the actors seem to delight in chasing shreiking Japanese girls well beyond the range of their zone! I had one guy follow me at least 50 feet down a hallway, setting me up pretty good for the next guy.

After the exit (there's more than one way out) you enter a snack shop and souvenir store where you can look at and purchase your photo. The shop attendants are also in bloody scrubs, so they might be actors on break. This shop carries the breast pudding cups, if you are looking for them!

Hopefully that was spoiler free, I tried to avoid details, and I'm not sure what you see down some of the paths.

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Postby Pelydr » Wed Feb 08, 2006 5:52 pm

Seeing all of these pictures is really making me excited for my Japan trip next month! Thanks for posting.

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Postby Jeezus Juice » Sat Feb 11, 2006 4:45 pm

Allright guys, time to get this train rolling again. Sorry I've been slacking, insert your own new apartment, video project, girlfriend, skateboarding injury excuse here and away we go!

Day 5 continued
Yokohama Cosmoworld

Brief syopsis; the park is located in an awesome setting by a bay in Yokohama. I had seen pictures and video from this park but only at night so it was nice to get to see all the shiny white skyscrapers in bright sunlight!

This is the first thing you see once you exit the train station.
Then you are greeted with this once you cross the street.
It was a nice clear day, slightly windy, but still pretty cold! At least the bay wasn't frozen over!
The main park sits on small penninsula between another amusment area and a huge shopping mall.
They had a nice assortment or rides on the other bank. Next time I'll try and make it over there and explore a little.
The park enterance we used seemed buried beneath the huge rides towering overhead.
Vanish is of course the big draw here and it was actually pretty fun. It takes this drop into a tunnel about midway through the ride and then decends into a pretty powerful helix.
Vanish taking the Togo Toilet Bowl, our second one of the day!
The spinning mouse was pretty standard, but spun way too much for it's own good!!
Looking down through the ride ending helix to the omnipresent Log Flume. This ride seems to wind through the entire complex. It's like the heartworm of log flumes!
Here's some Cosmoclock porn for you giant wheel lovers...sickos!
We did good and finished the park in about a half hour. Then we went across the street for some crazy Japanese mall shopping! Joypolis photos will be next!

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Postby rollermonkey » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:29 pm

Hey, Don! It's taking you longer to get these Photo TR's up than it did to hit all the parks!

Oh, wait. Never mind. I'm still sitting on stuff from December.
Press on!

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Postby Jeezus Juice » Sun Feb 12, 2006 1:30 am

^ Hey, work was really crazy today. I've already let 2 people die while I've uploaded pics for you guys, how much blood do you want on my hands?! :shockr:

The rest should be up tomorrow, including the awesome Disney pics!!


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Postby Hattuchili » Sun Feb 12, 2006 6:37 am

Japan must be really awesome! I liked the part where the coaster goes into the tunnel, with the water effect! I ma really looking forward to watch your videos from this trip!

--> from good old Germany and back in Orlando!

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Postby Jeezus Juice » Sun Feb 12, 2006 10:55 am

So after Cosmoland we had enough time to finally go and check out Joypolis. When we got there we realized that Joypolis is only a small part of another huge japanese shopping/entertainment area!

We got to play with condoms, watch a monkey walk on stilts, and play absurd electronic games of skill. It was awesome!
No we didn't go in, but we couldn't help wondering, just what the hell would be inside the Shell museum? A food court with really oily fries?
Yay! After nearly a week of dodging this place we finally found time to check it out.
I shot a lot of video but I didn't really take too many pictures of the inside. It's hard to tell, but the entire complex is awash with neon, dance lights, pumping music, and plenty of energy. It was also pretty humid due to all the peeps, yuck.
Hey look! It's the reason we came! Personally I thought Speed Boarder was a fun little ride, but it is in no way smooth AT ALL and doesn't really require a re-ride. Still, I did enjoy my one ride, and the wait was only about 10 minutes.
At least the restraints are comfortable, otherwise this jerky ass ride would surely draw blood. For some reason I kept picturing Dan talking about how this ride "Hurt my ass". Weird.
Halfpipe canyon looked like fun but there was about a 45 minute wait. Plus they were only running 2 of the tracks. I'll wait until I can get all four credits thanks.
Kind of a strange ride, almost like a stand up 'rockin' tug' only you can (somewhat) control the rotation.
Man, that Doremon near the top of the pile was furious at having his picture taken!
Luckily these...uh...cats with bats...were pertty docile.
Finally, a way to inflict pain on my girlfriend! This was just before she swept me 3-0. Next time I musn't duel her left handed.
Oh yeah! That has got to be the crepe of crepes.
Now I'm finally starting to get into the capsule machines. It's a keychain of the train we took to get over here. How existential.
Wandering around outside we caught the Tokyo Rainbow Bridge at sundown.
I'm still amazed that there was still snow around by this point.
OMG the stilts were just too much. Funniest thing ever!
After that we took in the usual sights.
We almost made it out of there when Monica spotted the kitty store.
"Don! It's an inflateable cat with cats for arms! We're totally going in there!"
It's not a giant japanese shopping area without the requisite Giant-ass Wheel! Palette Town from the joypolis side of the expressway.
Next time Palette Town, next time!
Screw the train! Let's take the teleport over to LaQua!
WOW! That really WAS faster than the train!
Somewhere in that blur Monica is being underwhelmed by Linear Gale!
OK, now we're really, finally done with everything in Tokyo! Can we go to Disney now?!


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