Photo TR: ECC/ACE trip to Japan

final update 1/5/06 Fuji-Q, stuck on Fujiyama and other park
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Postby CycloneMan » Thu Dec 15, 2005 1:52 pm

Is Raging Spirits an Indy clone?

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Postby gisco » Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:02 pm

Yes, if your refering to Indy in Paris Disneyland

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Postby CycloneMan » Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:06 pm

Yes, the themeing looks better!

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Postby gisco » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:06 pm

Friday, September 9th.
This was our last full day in Tokyo with the tour. The first stop was Nasu Highland. It was a nice park with 7 coasters built on a hill. This was one of the few parks that let us in early before opening to the public. You enter at the top and all but one of the coasters is towards the bottom of the hill.
First up was Panic Drive, a wild mouse. It was at the top of the hill and we decided to get the credit out of the way sense most of the group headed for the bottom of the hill were the bigger coasters were. It is in a kid’s section and there was also a powered coaster there that we rode. We didn’t do anything else in this section because we wanted to get to the other coasters before the park opened to the public.
On the way to the bottom of the hill we passed a guy selling fish on a stick. The whole fish, head and all. I passed on the fish. I had already eaten something that I think was chicken on a stick earlier when we stopped at a rest stop. The park kind of has a fifties theme. They have old cars parked in the plaza and the fake movie house is playing “Rebel with out a Cause”.
There are five big coasters at the bottom of the hill; one is SBNO. It looked fine so I have no idea why they don’t open it any more. We rode Spin-Turn, the train is something like eight cars long and each car spins. Pretty fun, we rode it several times. Track is yellow in the pictures. Thunder Coaster is a corkscrew. No smoother then any other corkscrew I have been on, ouch! The track is green. Camel Coaster, a nonlooper. It has a few humps and I guess that is why it’s called Camel. Big Boom is a looping Meisho. It has a nice first drop and that is the only thing I found good about the coaster. The rest of the ride and the single loop were rough. The odd thing about the ride was the lift hill. I have never been on a slower lift in my life. I’m not kidding, you spend more time going up the left then the rest of the ride. It seems like it takes a minute to go up that hill.
We started back up the hill to catch the 2 coasters that were not open earlier. I rode Batflyer next the first one of this type I have rode and my 100th coaster. Each car can hold 2 people but there was no way you were going to get 2 big Acers on these things. You have to kind of contort yourself to get in and out of these things. I must say the ride ops were very patient and turned no one away.
The last coaster of the park was my favorite, Fright Flight. It’s a Vekoma SLC. I actually like SLC’s. We rode the log ride and there raft ride and went up in the Wheel to get some pictures. Got some lunch, thought I was getting chicken and ended up with pork. Glad I’m not a picky eater. By this time we had to go because we had another park to hit. It would have been nice to have a little more time to reride some more of the coasters.
After leaving Nasu Highlands we headed for Tobu Zoo. We got there pretty late in the day and didn’t have a lot of time. They have a zoo, which we didn’t really see at all, and 3 coasters. The kiddie coaster was a credit. The mouse was not a normal mouse. This one has a loop to it. It was kind of interesting in the station for the mouse. There was nothing stopping you from getting out of either side of the car when you were loading or unloading. On one side was the platform and the other a 10-foot drop. Safety hazards everywhere. On some of the rides in Japan you can easily stick out your hands and hit the structure or scenery. The last ride of the park was the woodie, Regina. This was the 2nd best woodie of the trip. We ended up getting some ERT after the park closed on it.
We did the drop tower, rode the wheel. Got some pictures of another SBNO coaster. And headed back to the hotel. A long day and 10 for 10 on credits
Panic Drive
Camel Coaster
Me in Batflyer
Fright Flight
2 fish please
kiddie coaster Tobu Zoo
on ride photo
Crazy Mouse
High tech controls for the toilet in the hotel

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Postby Hattuchili » Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:40 am

Nice update! There is a lego section, that is cool. There are a few good coasters, I think so! I hope we visit this park on the TPR trip in a few years!? However, fish on a stick??? :shock: I am sure I wouldn´t taste that!

--> from good old Germany and back in Orlando!

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Postby zaneymon » Fri Dec 16, 2005 2:56 am

God i miss Tobu Zoo park
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Postby gisco » Fri Dec 16, 2005 10:55 pm

September 10th
Today was the day we left Tokyo for Osaka via the bullet train. The train goes 120mph+ and the ride is incredibly smooth. You don’t realize how fast your going until another train passes you going the opposite direction. The 3-hour trip went by real fast. Spent most of the time looking out the window and watching the scenery go flying by.
Once in Osaka we boarded busses again for a short ride to Expoland. The park was already open by the time we got there but was not to crowded. We just circled the park and rode the coasters. Not much of a wait on any of them. For the most part there was nothing special about the coasters except for 2 of them, Fujin-Raigin II and Daidarasaurus. These 2 were not special in a good way.
Fujin-Raigin II is a TOGO standup nonlooper. I don’t like stand-up coasters to begin with and this one by far is the worst I have ever ridden. It was rough and it really bashed my head around. I just didn’t like this one at all and it ranks as one of the worst on the trip.
Daidarasaurus used to be a twin-racing coaster. I’m sure at best when it was a racing coaster it was a below average ride. Some genius had the bright idea to join the tracks and make one long ride. This only made it twice as bad. You go up the lift hill and go thru the circuit, cross over before entering the station, go up the lift hill on the other side and repeat the circuit again. It takes a train about 8 minutes to complete the cycle. It is a coaster that you quickly get board with and just seems to go on and on.
They have Wild Mouse which is a mouse and Space Salamander which is an Arrow corkscrew. Both these were better then the first 2. The Mini coaster was ok and the family coaster was a credit. The family coaster was actually a little embarrassing to ride. I was waiting in line. They had already loaded the train with mostly our group. There were 2 rather large guys in the cars and the poor female Japanese op could not get the lap bar to click down. She pushed and pushed but they were just too portly. The line started to get long with all these Japanese kids looking puzzled as to why these fat Americans would even want to ride this little coaster. Finally a guy from our group got out of line, walked over to the car and just forced it down. We all cheered. Credit whores we are!
The best ride of the trip so far for me was Orochi. I’m a fan of inverted coasters and this is a standard B&M.
After the coasters we did this dark walk thru thing. They gave you a globe that flashed a color and when you found the right location in the walk thru the globe flashed multi colors. That allowed you to open the exit and get out. You then got a paper written in Japanese with a score on it. We didn’t have a clue as to what we were doing.
The icehouse was real cool and I mean cool, -30C. It was hot out and I was sweating, by the time I got thru the icehouse I was shivering. This was the best icehouse on the trip because it was free! A lot of the other ones you had to pay extra to go thru.
We left the park around dinnertime and headed for the hotel we would be staying for the next couple of nights in Osaka. We were on our own when we got back to the hotel. A few of us headed out to Festival Gate to ride Delphis. It was a short subway trip there. This place has seen better times and I would be surprised if this coaster remained open much longer. Festival Gate is a 5 story mini mall that has the coaster and other attractions scattered over the different floors. We got there before 7:00 on a Saturday night. There were a couple of small stores open on the bottom level and Delphis was running. That was it. There was almost no one around. It was 1000 yen to ride and only a couple people wanted to ride a second time.
We had an excellent Japanese dinner at a place near by and then wondered into a Pachinko Palace. Pachinko is a gambling game, something like a vertical pinball machine. You shoot these little silver balls into the machine and they bounce off these little pins and hopefully land in certain slots, which get you more, little silver balls. Since gambling for money is illegal in Japan, you trade these silver balls in for prizes. You can then take these prizes and turn them in for money outside the Pachinko Palace. One of the guys put in 1000 yen and started playing. We had no idea what we were doing but before long he had a lot more silver balls then he started with. He then redeemed the balls for what looked like watchbands. But the gal indicated we were to go out the front door turn left, turn left again and then left again. We went out the front door, turned left and then left again. We were now going down this dark alley. We came to a street and took the final left. The street was empty except for 2 of the ugliest hookers I have ever seen. We knew we missed something in her directions. When we turned around to retrace our steps a Japanese guy came walking by. He saw us holding these watchband thingies and he said something in Japanese and motioned us to follow him. We went back up the dark alley and turned down an even darker alley. Half way down there was a small window. He motioned for us to put the things thru the window. A person on the other side took the things and passed back about 4000 yen. The guy smiled and left. We went searching for the subway and back to our hotel.
8 out of 7 credits today. We picked up the bonus credit, Delphis that wasn’t on the itinerary.
I think every park has a wheel
Either the Japanese are cloaked or no one wants to ride this boring coaster
Space Salamander
on ride pov
Daidarasaurus is Japanese for boring
The cross over that made this a really long boring coaster
kiddie coaster
poor japanese ride op trying to get the lap bar down
Fujin-Raigin II is Japanese for this is going to hurt!
yeap, -30C
These guys never had a chance!
The Pachinko Palace
Playing Pachinko
I leave you with one last look at boring coaster with angry guy in background

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Postby Mind Eraser » Fri Dec 16, 2005 11:03 pm

Thanks for your posts and pictures! I've wanted to go to Japan for so long, and I bet I won't get there for at least 5 years. :cry:

I'm so interested in that stand up, Fuijin Raijin II, even though it's said to be.... not that comfortable :twisted:. It has such a nifty layout.

Orochi is crazy beautiful. That Daidarasaurus makes me laugh.

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Postby DerekRx » Sat Dec 17, 2005 10:22 am

As much as I look forward to visiting Japan someday, the coasters don't seem very "incredible", mainly weird and unique. That said, the thing that makes me really want to visit Japan was the dinner picture.

The kiddie coaster debacle sounds just like typical ACE behavior...if the lapbar won't click, push harder. No one would ever think, "I'm too freakin' fat to be riding this apparently!"
All clear....

Dispatch, enjoy your ride.


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Postby SharkTums » Sat Dec 17, 2005 11:41 am

Yeah, seriously, the coasters are by no means amazing, it's just that the parks, country, and people are so great you'll want to go back over and over again!


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