Photo TR: Heide Park Soltau

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Photo TR: Heide Park Soltau

Postby roeterich » Fri Apr 01, 2005 6:17 am

So this is my first trip report ever, I hope you'll enjoy it ;) If you have any suggestions for me to improve my trip reports please post them.

On tuesday the 29th march me and three friends of mine started our trip to Heide Park Soltau at 6am in the wonderfull city of Elmpt (nobody has to know this :lol: )

At 10:30am we arrived at Heide Park after hours of drive through construction sites on the "Autobahn".

It was the hole day cloudy and rainy so the pics aren't the best ones and I took them all with my mobile. At least there were no crowds at all.

After we passed through the entranced we started our tour right around the lakes. Our first attraction was the "Mountain Rafting", wich is nice themed but not really wet.
After a few metres we saw something hiding behind the trees
But before we went on to our highlight of the day we stopped at the "Grottenblitz", a powered coaster with a little indoor section
So the next stop was "Colossos". This ride is awesome. Our first ride was a little painfull, because of the rain but we had the chance to ride it without pain later. I espacially like the first drop, the first turn and the bunny hill before the helix.
After "Colossos" we went on to the white-green coaster section of the park. Limit was closed in the morning but it opened later. I don't have to say that much about it^^ It was my fourth SLC and it wasn't better than the others.
Nest ride would be "Schweizer Bobbahn" if it would have been open the whole day, so I didn't get the chance to ride my first Mack bobsled.
Next coaster on our way was "Big Loop", wich was better than I expected. The corkscrews close over the water and under one of the two monorails are really cool.
After "Big Loop" we went on to "Scream!". It is really high and fast but I like "The High Fall" at "Movie Park" more.
Yeah! Dutch playgrounds rule ;)
We had a lot of fun on the playgrounds and the slides.
After a ride on the round up we finished our first lap around the lakes with the view on this nice carousel.
We had enough time to do a lot of other rides or for rerides, so we visited one of the two swinging ships. I don´t know what about Heide Park and their doubble rides. Maybe some kind of Schizophrenia^^
A view from out of the huss-park of Colossos. In the huss park they have a break-dance, arainbow, a top-spin, a flipper, a magic, a condor and an enterprise, all painted in green-white^^
Doesn't the pirate-ship from the pirate-show look like the pirate ships from Super Mario ;)
The green-white coaster section of the park from the other site of the big lake.
Did I mention that we had lots of fun on the WET playgrounds?
The obligatory "Colossos-from-over-the-lake" pic
Our group^^
I´m the guy at the right-bottom.
I think that is a happy-end and so I say goodbye and so on^^
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Postby EpcotLova » Fri Apr 01, 2005 6:40 am

Great trip report!

Sounds like an interesting park to visit! I like the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the lake. Ive always wanted to go to Europe and visit a lot of the parks!

Big Loop looks fun as well!

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Postby roeterich » Fri Apr 01, 2005 7:51 am

Thanks 8)

At Robb: Did you recognize that the pictures are in the wrong order when you use the preview-function? I had to type the whole trip report new so that the pics were in the right order :? This is pretty confusing

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Postby nemesis-storm » Fri Apr 01, 2005 10:51 am

Have they done anything to the large amount of land close to Colossos ?.
When I was there last September, they had large earth moving equipment flattening this land.

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Postby roeterich » Fri Apr 01, 2005 11:15 am

I saw some people measuring something. I think there is something coming to this land in the next few years and it's weird that there is lawn in the space under the track up to the little street and behind it there is only sand.
Maybe they really get the Intamin Aqua Trax that was rumored about. with the new investors and the soccer world cup in Germany next year, I think this is possible.

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Postby Hattuchili » Fri Apr 01, 2005 12:32 pm

Hey roeterich,
nice TR and great pictures. Was it your first trip to Heide Park? We are going on thursday the 14th april to Heide Park. I hope the weather will be much better on that day. :wink: After that trip I´ll post my TR with pictures.

--> from good old Germany and back in Orlando!

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Postby alpengeistdude321 » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:07 pm

Nice photos, I want to get to Heide Park really badly to ride Colossos! For now, I'm stuck with my sh*tty SFMM one.

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Postby SharkTums » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:19 pm

Great TR!

I love the boat ride you can see in your first picture! It had such weird figurines in it!

Elissa "Yay Limit!" Alvey

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Postby robbalvey » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:27 pm

Wrong order? Hmm...

They should display from the first photo you submit to the last.

Was that not the way it worked?

Nice TR by the way!


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Postby roeterich » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:47 pm

At Hattuchili: Yes it was my first trip to Heide Park.
At Robb: The first photo I submitted (the one with Colossos in the background) was the last photo when you watch them with the preview function, but when you post them and watch them again it is again the first one :?
I know this is confusing and I don't know if you understand me but I think the trip report is in the right order now and so it is unimportant to go on with discussing that.


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