Swamp Cove (RCT2)

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Swamp Cove (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:49 am

Good Rainy Morning TPR! I had a okay birthday because it was cold, & rainy but I was happy anyways! I have a green watery scenario to show you which you might recognize!

And the RCT Corkscrew Follies Scenario is Swamp Cove with the two dueling prebuilt B&M Inverters that were about to see!

Opened in 1999 near a river valley in Spokane Washington (State) as one of the definite replacements of older parks from the older centuries!

I looked, & took this scenario under the inspiration of Universal Orlando but mostly Island's of Adventure! But also there is more to this park!

Here is the Dueling B&M Inverters that was already built at the beginning of this scenario in which I kept because of Dueling Dragon from IOA!

Named Dueling Robots Dexter & Sinster in 1999 as the World's Only & One of the Kind! I did modify the ride some so It can be popular! Right next to it is a Arrow Pre Selected Wild Mouse named Fungicide in 1999!

On a small island there is a Pre Selected Reverchon Spinning Mouse named Mutant Mouse in 1999, & a B&M Dive Machine made by my own as Space Diver in 1999 as both of these rides look pure fun!

Also another B&M Dueler is an Flying Coaster named Secret Weapon Blaze & Blitz in 2001 which was mostly inspired by a RCT2 Park named Magic Realms Resort! I only did this for fun but guess what Swamp Cove is the only theme park with two dueling B&M Coasters!

And I think you may know what this B&M Launched Sitting Coaster is inspired by???????? It's name is Attack on Mars in 1999 as I built it for my love for Incredible Hulk from IOA!

On a hillside slop is an Custom Premier LIM made by my own as Rocket in 2001, & I hear this ride is intense as a Rocket! DEF LEPPARD ROCKET!!!!!

Around a small square in the middle of a small lake there is an Zierer Tivoli named Green Slime in 1999 as I would ride, also another part is an medium sized lake with a water slide that contains an Mack Powered Train as the Orbit in 1999!

Inside of a tall hill In & Out is a Tall Togo Heartline named Glow Worm as the last final togo coaster built in 1999! Also it glows at night!

Inside a hilly forest area there is a Hidden Mack Terrain Water Coaster named Wasteland Disposal in 2010 as one of the best themed water rides ever built in which I used all sorts of scenery I had! Also it's impossible to see this ride when you're in the park or out of the park!

Just for fun a small S&S inspired by Castaway Cove New Jersey's Gale Force as Blue Wing in 2016!

Around most of the park is a Morgan Custom Out & Back Hyper named Star Blaster in 2004 as one of the longest Hyper Coasters ever built with extreme airtime as you can tell! Also it's inspired by SF Mexico's Superman which at the front has a fun hilly drops before a chainlift then airtime hills! I would love to ride this!

Also from a closed park a few years ago a relocated Vekoma Flying Dutchman came as the Air Force Base in 2007 as this park has two different flying coaster A B&M Flyer, & a Vekoma Laydown Flyer!

Out in the Hills there are two new coasters built a Custom RMC Terrain like Kolmardens Wildfire as The Ooze which was a name I heard long ago in 2014, & a B&M Wing Rider which is a Sitting Coaster named Battery in 2013 inspired by CPs Gate Keeper, & I think both of these rides are two hard choices for me!

On a hilly mountain is a Last Final Arrow Dynamics Mine Train named Meteor Train in 1999 as a terrain at the beginning, & a out & back at the end! Well this park was meant for space theming but it wasnt selected so I used what ever scenery I had to!

Swamp Cove.SV6
Here's the file if you like to take a look!
(1.9 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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Re: Swamp Cove (RCT2)

Postby hillflyer » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:08 am

Again, beautiful! How can you be so prolific? I'd work on one park for months. It'd have so much going on, it took forever for the rides to move.

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Re: Swamp Cove (RCT2)

Postby historyfreak92 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 11:45 am

Hello TPR! How have you been! Me i been so busy with life lately but again i have something very magnificent to show you! Something out in the empty spaces of Swamp Cove has been taken over by two one of worlds most kind of racing coasters in 2020!

Wow the overview of Swamp Cove looks very different!

Wow what is this?

It has really changed! It looks so different than back then!

Hmmm whats this? Some unknown built 4 racing coaster named 4X4! Looks interesting!

Its seems like an Out & Back Hyper Wooden Coaster! Very Fun & interesting!

My my my! Look at this Giant Racing RMC Wooden Hybrid Coaster! It looks so marvelous!

It is named the X5 Rainbow! Wow the world's only of its kind as a long wooden hybrid five tracked dueling coaster with many inversions as the tallest & fastest wooden coaster in the northeast!

X5 Rainbow looks very ultimately exciting that i would so love to ride this! Well actually this was an inspiration from an Youtube RCT Player named Fox Master and i saw his videos and it inspired me and i made one! Well this is the last screen of swamp cove! It has changed with many new rides since its opening in 1999!

Swamp Cove.SV6
Well which one would you ride the 4X4 or X5? Heres the new file to find out!
(2.13 MiB) Not downloaded yet

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