TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Nagoya-Tokyo free day, part 3 (Gyoza cooking class!) posted
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Sat Feb 01, 2020 3:14 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:Great report! Congratulations for now ruining every single free spin in the United States. :lol:

I remember Ultra Twister having a brutal brake at the far end, but found it smooth otherwise.

the first one in the US (Batman at SFFT) still spins quite a bit - more than any other one in the USA I've been on . . but no where near as intensely as Arashi.

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby SharkTums » Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:11 pm

My four new favorite words came from Nagashima...FARM DE BANG BANG!!!

I honestly try to throw that in a conversation at least once a week.

Why do I still have a donkey title???
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:38 am

Nagashima Spaland continued. .
so we headed over to Park Restaurant to eat lunch, and found this charming little Halloween display out on the side patio
not really "scary" at all. . . more disturbingly cute - pumpkin people!

. . but I like how they are getting ready to have a ritual (with the spell books in the center of each table)
there were a lot of options at this restaurant, including a special promotion celebrating the newest attraction:

Hakugei (the White Whale)
William actually ordered this, and it surprisingly looked somewhat like the image they used to advertise it.

that's not something you often get in the USA.

it's adorable how they made the rice into a white whale.

the eyball is a pea, and the "spout" is a broccoli floret. LOL
William was excited to eat it, and said it was good.

I had the eel plate, and that also was really good.
Some of the best quality eel I've had, although I don't have a decent pic of the actual dish.
after we finished lunch, it had stopped raining completely. . . so we were gonna head over to Acrobat.

Common sense won out tho, so we decided to ride something a little more "mild" to let the food settle.

So a bunch of us hopped on the Star Flyer. Not everyone wanted to ride, so I believe I have Alex to thank for this set of pics of us on the ride :)
the look Allison is shooting him. . .BWAAAAA-HAAAAA-HAAAAA
and since we'd already don't something with heights, we went ahead and went to the Space Shot next.

while not the tallest tower ride I've been on, this one was fun - even if the length of the ride, compared to the wait time for the ride was not really a good calculation (it took them a while to ensure all seats were secure, and we had thumbs up to go. . .. I think in the middle of loading us, one of the crew took a smoke break too, so we sat there waiting while GIGANTIC drops of water fell from the top of the ride structure onto our heads from the morning's rain).

it was a fun ride tho, once we got going.
Alex and I were on the 2 seat side of the one tower they were operating today. Don't we look terrified? :P

and I think this pic is during the operator's break, which would explain why we are buckled in, but the ladies on our left are still not yet.
thru the trees while we were on Space Shot, we could see the tracks for Jet Coaster - a Togo "mine train" family coaster.

So we headed over to ride it. Brad and Erik were coming up to the ride, and snapped a pic of us on it (thanks Brad).

it was a nice, if uneventful ride. . most unique about it is how it's built in the center of a wooded section of the park.. so it really does feel as if you're moving around in the forest for portions of the ride.
there's a section of the ride (mainly the 1st and return 'drops') that are along side a bridge over the lake area (with the Water ace boats). . so we headed out to that bridge to watch Brad & Erik ride, and noticed some very large fish in the lake.
here's Brad & Erik in the 4th car, on their ride.
Turned out you could feed the fish, by purchasing pellets to throw into the water.

This picture does not do it justice, but the surface of the water turned into a piranha feeding frenzy the moment you dropped some pellets into the water.

seriously. . the fishies went NUTS going after these pellets. it was both awesome and frightening to watch!
a couple more pics of Jet Coaster thru the trees.
remember I noted that the park has 3 swinging ships called "Viking" ?

from the bridge where we were watching the fish, you can see all 3 of them: the two giant ones on the raised platform, and the smaller (but still big) version on the water.

none of these seemed to be operating most of the day, but as it got later, and the lights all came on? one of the giant ships did start operating, for at least the last 30 minutes the park was open.
a better view of the smaller "Viking" swinging ship. . but really, I took this pic because I spotted the Carousel in the kids area across the way there.
Lunch had settled, and since we were on this side of the park, we headed back to. . . Hakugei

I believe we used one of the 5 "any ride' skip the line passes we had here, to bypass the crowd, as it as after 1pm and the rain had seemingly stopped.

So Hakugei did have a little bit of a line by this point. Why wait in the line if we had the skip passes, right?
a pic that I believe came from Joey? (or maybe Brad) as the Hakugei train zoomed by.
although I did ride the ferris wheel and took a ton of pics myself, I have these in my phone, so I must have asked Brad (these look like pics he would have taken) if I could get them air-dropped to me.

so here are some pics of Hakugei from the Aurora Ferris Wheel
look how incredible this is.. could look at pics of this coaster all day!
all the old footers from White Cyclones large helixes that were removed when the ride was RMCed into Hakugei
looking out towards Steel Dragon 2000, you also get most of Acrobat's track here, as well as a peek of Looping Star (lower center of pic) and Corkscrew (lower right)
we'd put it off long enough, and had heard reports it had started cycling. . so we made our way across the park, and headed to Acrobat.

to get to Acrobat (a Manta clone), you pass underneath Steel Dragon 2000. . . and you can get a great view of the smiling faces as the train hits the bunny hops headed back to the station.
Ride Sign for Larry, if he doesn't have it already.
and a test seat.

as noted, Acrobat is a clone of Manta at Seaworld Orlando (tho maybe not an exact copy, as this one pulls 4.1 G).

there was a bit of a line on this one too (maybe 20 minutes or so) - likely because it hadn't been operating in the morning drizzle. I didn't mind waiting in the line, but Zach (correctly) made the argument that if more rain came in, it was going to shut down, so we should NOT waste any time standing in a line, regardless of how short it may have looked.

and we *had* been given the skip the line passes if we wanted to use them. . . so we used them here and got onto the very next train.

as noted above, this one pulls 4.1G and I did not care for it. in the dive onto your back? I seriously almost blacked out. This hadn't happened at SWO when I rode Manta, and I guess it could have been due to where in the train I was riding. . but I did not enjoy this coaster at all. (which again, is odd, since I loved Manta).

I just couldnt' wait for the remainder of the ride to finish, and I got off it with wobbly legs.

could be age, could be where I was on the train, could be that I hadn't been drinking enough fluid? but I didn't want to ride it again.

can't recall if others did, but I did not.

i'm guessing from the fact that I have a lot of pics of the train zooming by, that I hung out by the ride while others went back to re-ride it. . could be wrong tho.
Acrobat looks amazing, but was just a bit too intense for me.

at least today.
but wow does it look amazing.
the money shot on this coaster. . .

know how I said that Zach was correct in his suggestion to use the skip the line pass on Acrobat? yeah, because as we were walking back from this section (and hoping that *maybe* it would dry out enough for Bobkarts to open - sadly it never did). . . it started to drizzle again.

and for the 2nd time we just barely missed getting a ride on Looping Star (again, the queue blocked off just as we walked up to it).

but surprise surprise, Free Fall had started operations! and it was running in the rain so we got in line for it, surprised and pleased that we were going to get to ride something that we had expected to be closed.

but it was up and operating - at least until we got up to the station.

They had closed the queue off at the entrance, but they seemed to be allowing the queue to clear out before shutting it down due to weather. but when we got to the station, maybe 3-4 cars away from loading, they shut it down due to the rain. While a little disappointing, I completely understood. And they told us we could wait out the rain, so since we were in the covered part of the station, we decided to hang out for a little bit.

then a manager (i think) told the operators to clear the queue, so we had to go back out into the drizzle. . but all was good, as the operators gave those of us that had been hanging out a skip the line for Freefall to come back later.

So we thanked him profusely, and headed towards the Aurora Ferris Wheel, as that one was operating regardless of weather.
Not everyone wanted to ride the ferris wheel, so some folks took off in search of shopping, while some of us hopped on the giant wheel for a humid, but scenic (if moist) 15 minute ride.

there are 5 coasters, and 4 flats in this picture. . two flats (Giant Frisbee & Waver Swinger are operating in the drizzle). . you can see how empty the park got, as this latest drizzle really drove people indoors to the shopping areas.
going a little bit higher, as we enjoy the overview of the park.
what's out the other side of the wheel?

oh yeah. . this beauty.
which was operating in the light rain :)
going into that amazing mid-course stall that I really loved.
looking back out the side towards the park:

the kiddie rides section (with a few adult rides mixed in) is on the left there.

Straight back is the waterpark/ spa-land section (that wasn't open today)

also in the pic, the "wooded area" where Jet Coaster is set (you can kinda see the brown tracks there if you squint), surrounded by the yellow tracks for the Peter Rabbit Skyliner

Just to the right of Space Shot towers, is the loop from Shuttle Loop (the Schwarzkopf that we knew was going to be down for maintenance during our visit)
coming back down the "return" side of the Ferris Wheel. . can one really have too many pictures of Hakugei?

it was still drizzly and a bit "moist". . so we headed into one of the arcade areas, to check out some of the claw machines.

the poop emoji stuff is still just as popular as it's been for a while (and I still don't get it). but this machine made me laugh, since they had set up a cardboard toilet to make it CLEAR what these little plushies are that you are trying to grab with the claw.
this particular arcade was attached to the digital experience area. . where at one end was FARM de BANG BANG. . .so I stuck my head in to take a peek at the "Nagashima Tsuri Spirits" - which bills itself as the Worlds Biggest Digital Fishing Arcade.

it was very interesting, and if you're curious, there is some live video posted on youtube of it in action (just search for nagashima tsuri spirits).

but here's a still picture of it. it was quite interesting.
some of the artwork on the outside of the building.

Absolutely LOVE how they incorporated the lantern into the image of the Lantern Fish.

brilliant idea here.
a photo op in the Aurora Ferris Wheel (with Arashi in the background)?

why yes, please!
why yes, I AM here at Nagashima Spaland. . and I'm having a wonderful time!
another fun photo op area, this time headed into the Kiddieland section.

this one specifically themed to Halloween time. And I totally would have squatted inside for a pic, if it hadn't been all "moist"
I think this was an upcharge activity, that you could decorate a gourd.

not a whole lot of folks doing it (I think I saw two only), but on a light day when it's drizzly? yeah the outdoor stuff seemed to be suffering from lack of popularity today. The indoor stuff was drawing crowds tho, as you'll see.
a viking, showing off nipples, at the base of the giant swinging boats (with the normal sized boat - again, ALSO called "Viking" - in the background)

but why had we come into kiddie land area?
you have to ask?

I wasn't sure if we'd be allowed to ride, as there was no one else on the ride, and several of the other rides in this area had no-adults notices posted. . . . but we got the thumbs up from the operator, and so hopped on!

(and a couple of other folks did come on after we got on, so at least we weren't the only ones on. . a la my ride a Yomiuriland)

the horses were an interesting design, and appeared to be made of pressed plastic.

so by no means a "classic carousel"..but hey, it's a Carousel, so I was happy to get to ride it.
look. . David and William are happy to ride too.
Jon didn't ride, but he took a pic of me on it as we went by.

the drizzle had started up again, so we headed into the store behind me in this pic after our ride.
it turned out this was a store that Elissa had notified the group about earlier, that had some adult size T-shirts in it (of course, the one store with the most adult size shirts available is in the kiddie land area. . LOL).

she had also mentioned that the park had offered some ERT for us after park close on Steel Dragon 2000 ! so that was a wonderful surprise. . but of course, it would depend on what the weather did.

but for now, we got out of the drizzle and browsed the store in kiddieland.

where in addition to rows and rows of capsule machines, they sold giant size novelties.
tho it was still wet, the rain actually had stopped. . and it was almost time for the Zombies to come out/ Zombie Dance Party

this was supposed to be an outdoor thing, I believe, but due to the weather, it was being held inside the Nagashima Spa Dome indoor area, near the main gate entrance.

we were still a little bit too early for the zombies to come out, so we headed past it, to the front gate gift shop, and browsed there (tho didn't find anything to buy, as I had already purchased my shirt & magnet at the store in the kiddy area).

But I did get this nice pic of the closed for maintenance Shuttle Loop, with Steel Dragon 2000 behind it on the lift hill. . so the coasters had started back up after the rain, which was good news for our possible post-closing ERT on SD2K.

love the carved pumpkin near the entrance gates too. . it says "Happy Halloween"
it was getting close to Zombie time, so we headed back over to the entrance to the Nagashima Spa Dome, and were greeted by these two. . who worked very hard to stay in character. .and were great and willing to pose for pictures without "lunging" at you.
inside the Nagashima Spa Dome - which had been converted into "Zombie Island" complete with stage for the dance party.

this was a zombie zone, and with the alarms blaring? the zombies started pouring out into the arena
some people shrieked and ran, while most of the crowd politely sat and waited for the presentation on the stage to start. . .. gawd I love Japan. . LOL
IMG_1141 Yasuyo.JPG
while i was snapping pics, this lovely lady came over and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I was visiting with TPR (I guess Jon and i stood out :P ).

we told her yes, and she introduced herself at Yasuyo, and asked us to please say hello to Robb for her.

Yasuyo is related to (and works with) park management, and we had a lovely conversation while waiting for the dance party to start. She told us some wonderful stories about how the park decides on what rides to bring in, and how to make the guest experience great.

I noted how nice it was that the zombies would pose for pictures as I'd had a hard time getting clear pictures at HHN at USJ. Yasuyo thanked me for noticiing, and said that is a specific request that they make of them.. because they know how at some other places, the zombies like to "attack" and it makes it hard to get a clear picture (oh. . Japanese shade. . how I love it. . hehe)
I really liked a lot of the makeups on display. . and how into it the actors got.
as the dance party was about to get going, and we were thanking Yasuyo for the conversation - and the hospitality, we spotted a few more of our TPR travelers had come in to watch the event, and so I introduced them all to Yasuyo, and we all posed for a picture with her.

(Alex is in this picture too, he just becomes a shadow when a flash is used :p )
and then the lights went down, the music came up, the fog creeped out (and some iphones lit up to record - tho their owners stayed seated, and kept the phones at their level so as not to block anyone behind them.. gotta love Japan). . and the Zombie Dance party started.
These were like America's Best Dance Crew groups. . highly choreographed, and super entertaining.
there did seem to be some sort of "story" going on, but I wasn't able to follow it.

besides, we were all giddy over this jaw dropping moment: the music was playing loudly on speakers not only within the Spa-Dome, but also on speakers outside (which makes sense if the event was supposed to be in the "streets" with the zombies roaming.

the songs they were dancing to were high energy "rap" / "dance" songs. . in English.

the crowd watching was mostly younger... so I was kinda shocked when they broke out Lil Jon's "Put Your F@@@ing Hands Up!". . . .. but uncensored, and booming thru the arena.

we were besides ourselves in shock and giggles, and it actually led to a conversation among us if "that word" translates to Japanese as a "curse word" or if it's just an American word. . . it made for an interesting cultural experience, as most of the crowd didn't even bat an eye and we gasped at each other with open mouths.

we didn't stay for the whole dance party, as we had gotten a message that FreeFall was running, and we headed over that way - first stopping at Looping Star, and finally getting on the ride without the queue being chained off :)

we went directly from there to FreeFall, and using our skip the line passes they had given us earlier, were on the next car that was sent.

woot woot!
it was getting late (maybe ~5:15, and we knew we had to be at Steel Dragon 2000 at close, for the evening rides. . .but that was more than enough time to head back to:
yay! We had intended to use Skip the line passes, to get at least one more ride in, but were surprised to see not much of a line this late in the day (and only about 40 minutes prior to close), so I think we didn't need them at all.

we put our stuff in the cubbies, and less than 10 minutes later were on Hakugei for another lap!
last pic I got before putting the phone away in the cubby under the station.

the ride was so good, and it was starting to get dark so quickly, that we didn't even take out stuff out of the cubbies after our ride! Checking that there was still really no line? Instead, we just kept the cubby keys on our wrists, and walked back around to get in line and grabbed one more ride on this fantastic coaster - basically a "night" ride, even tho it wasn't full dark - but it was getting dark, so it counts!

if you ever get a chance to go to Nagashima Spaland? well worth the trip just for this coaster - with added benefits of SD2K, Arashi, Acrobat (which I didn't like, but others did), TWO Schwarzkopf's and some awesome flats scattered thru the park.
after a fantastic final ride on Hakukei, we were cutting it a little close - we had about 15 minutes to get across the park to get to Steel Dragon 2000's entrance.

But the park was starting to light up. . . and it was kinda spooky how empty and "moist" it was at night.

THIS would have been perfect setting for zombies to be roaming about (tho they were really over on the other side of the park only, near the entrance in the Spa Dome area).

I did snap this pic specifically since one of the giant ships - that had not been operating all day - started swinging. Yep, 15 minutes before park closed, and they got it up and operating, which I thought was fantastic!
Walking across the park to get to SD2K. .

there are SIX coasters in this picture (not counting Freefall as a coaster), can you spot them all?

another pic of the Viking giant ship mid swing, and the Giant Frisbee loading up a couple of guests for a final ride
Steel Dragon 2000, going up the lift hill for one of it's last laps while park is open

(including one of the very few pics I got of Corkscrew's track (white, w/ Blue supports). since it lays so close to the ground between Looping Star and Steel Dragon 2K.
possibly my favorite picture from Nagashima Spaland. . . I love the lights reflecting off the clouds, the wet ground also reflecting the lights, and the lack of people in the image, just making the park look so deserted.

i mean, it was less than 10 minutes to close, so it wasn't busy. . but it looks completely deserted here in this pic.
up and over the 1st drop
here's Steel Dragon 2000's 2nd drop. . which is still over 200ft - taller than most other coasters anyways.
and Arashi's yellow car zoomed by as we were passing, so snapped a pic.

that blur in the middle track? that's the car spinning :)

continued in the final installment below.

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:40 am

Nagashima Spaland closing out the day. . .
the park had closed, and night set in, but park reps met us at the Steel Dragon 2000 entrance.

We handed them back the skip the line passes we had not used (I returned 3, having only used 2 of them during the day for Acrobat and Hakugei once each - since the skip the line we used for Freefall had been given to us at Freefall).

then they walked us along with some TPR fans Robb had met thruout the day (some from Australia who, funnily enough, we had talked to earlier in the day while in line for Space Shot) who had been invited by Robb to join our group for the ERT) up to the coaster for 30 minutes ERT at the end of the evening.

the weather had cooperated perfectly, and it had stayed dry after a late afternoon storm. . . so we were ready to do this!

we thanked the park reps for the special gift, and got ready to do a 4-5 run marathon -- as much riding as we could get in during the ~30 minutes ERT they had gifted us.

here's a shot of the train after we had stored our stuff in the cubbies, but before the group spread out on it.
Alex and I went for the back row for our 1st ride.
and wow, was this thing incredible in the back. The night time ride really added to the ride too (tho the coaster is really well lit at night, so there are a ton of lights shining up at you. . . and it was super neat to go by the outlet mall in the helixes, and see the people watching from the stores and waving at us on the coaster as we zoomed by).

I'm not sure if it was running faster, due to it being the end of the day and it had warmed up a bit. Or maybe it was running a bit faster due to the tracks being slick from the off/on rain all day.

or maybe it just *felt* faster, since we were in the very back seats. But this thing was hauling, and I absolutely loved it.

This 1st night time ride in the back was the best ride I had all day on Steel Dragon 2000.

since we had the ride to ourselves, we were encouraged to move around where we wanted to during this bonus ERT, so I swapped to with those that had been in the front seat (encouraging folks to give the very back a try), and took a couple of rides mid-train. Ending the night with a final ride in the back row again.

i do believe I got five rides on SD2K at the end of the night, making for a total of 7 rides on it during this day
(and I believe 9 rides total on Hakugei).

this was a fantastic day at Nagashima Spaland. . . and we again thanked the representatives (and Robb & Elissa) profusely for the fantastic day we had all had in the park.
as they walked us towards the main gate, I was able to look back and take some wonderful pics of Steel Dragon 2000 all lit up in the evening darkness.

So beautiful.
it was only ~6:45, but it had been a long day and felt much later.

but look how alert I look here.. and how happy. it really had been a fantastic day.
While waiting for the Taxis to arrive to pick us up and bring us back to the train station. . we basically were standing right underneath Acrobat.

the park was closed, so no trains cycling, but man does this coaster also look great at night.
also while waiting, we got this pic (courtesy of Robb) of TPR and the new friends, and Nagashima Park Rep, that had closed out the day with us.

if we all look like we had a great time? it's because we did.

I loved this park, and will happily return if I ever get the chance again.

I realize that could be a different experience on a more crowded day, but despite the rainy weather? this day had been a really great one.

the taxis arrived, and we went off in small groups to meet back at the train station.

our taxi did something funky, and dropped David, Trent and myself off in an alley, close to an elevator that the cabbie told us to take up to the station. So we did, didn't see anyone, and after checking group message, headed to the platform. . . where shortly after the rest of the group arrived (they had been waiting for us at the main entrance, which we had missed since we got dropped off in an alley on the side. . whoops!!). It all worked out tho, and before long we were on the train headed back to Nagoya.
we arrived in Nagoya a little after 7:30pm, and tho it was still pretty early - it was a Monday night, and the big electronics store was closed already

(darn . . I had an opportunity to go there tomorrow, but I had already made plans with Jon to do some Godzilla sightseeing/purchasing, and hanging about in Nagoya for a store to open just wasn't really on the schedule). . anyways, so the stores were mostly closed, but the restaurants were still very open.

a few of us decided that we wanted to try a dumpling place that was recommended and in the mall above the Nagoya station.

"Din Tai Fung" was the name of it (thanks William, for your good memory)

Luke, who had eaten there the night before said it was very good, but that he had to wait a good while the prior night to be seated.

we figured it would be a little easier tonight, since it was a "work night" so maybe wouldn't be too crowded, and so headed up a few floors in the mall to find the restaurant.

it was a little "fancier" than we had eaten thus far, but our gamble paid off, as we were seated so quickly, we didn't even have time to look at the menu (which you're supposed to look at and choose your options to hand to the hostess as they bring you to the table). So we took the menus to the table and then had to walk the order back to the hostess . . at least we were able to claim "tourist" so we didn't look too bad.

Really, we were trying to look at the menu and fill out the order sheet - they just sat us too quickly.

the only real issue was that because we were late on a Monday evening, they were actually out of a few things that sounded very good / were house specials. So it did take a couple of tries to order things they still had available.

but eventually we got orders placed, and fantastic food came out.

these here were a spicy pork dumpling. and were my main course, but I also had a warm soup with it that was good too.
we ordered several varieties of steamed buns, that we shared among the table too..and I can't recall which these were - tho I think the larger one was pickled plum & bean paste? The smaller might have been some sort of pork or beef?

they were good tho, and came in a stack of bamboo steamers that were presented at the table with a lot of fanfare.

we stayed in the restaurant until about 9pm, (we had a great view out the floor to ceiling windows overlooking Nagoya, even tho we weren't at a table right next to the windows) .. . then after some brief window shopping in the mall, we headed back to our hotel across the street from the station.

a call home, a long shower, and then I crashed hard. I was out cold without even turning on the Television to check any news (hey, I was on vacation, I didn't need to know what was going on anyways).

a very fun, full, and satisfying day.

and there was still much more to come on this trip! Tomorrow night? we'd end our day at Disney Complex. .and I could not wait for that.

but that excitement didn't keep me up. . I was out very quickly, and dreamed of riding Hakugei.

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 10:42 am

SharkTums wrote:My four new favorite words came from Nagashima...FARM DE BANG BANG!!!

I honestly try to throw that in a conversation at least once a week.


HAHAHA. . I actually do that too, but not quite as often (since none of my friend here have a clue what I'm talking about)

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby SharkTums » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:14 am

^That makes it even more amusing!

Also, I want to point out another big difference between the US and Japanese parks was quite evident this day and Bert pointed it out. With a forecast and weather like this most US parks would have closed early, or at least sent many of their part time staff home which means no chance of opening rides later in the day if the weather improves. In Japan with full time employment at most of their parks they were all there working, trying to get rides open, even 15min before the park closed with less than 100 people still in the park!

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby Canobie Coaster » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:50 am

^ This is one of the many reasons why I love going to parks in Japan (and Europe).

Great report! I love the aerial shots of Hakugai. Shows just how big that wooden structure is.
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby bert425 » Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:46 pm

^^ yeah. . I do get a laugh from the confused faces when I just blast out "FARM de BANG BANG!!!". . . usually with finger guns, when out in public.

^ thanks. Yeah, I had probably 75 pics of it from the ferris wheel, tho cut way back for the photo TR :p

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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby PKI Jizzman » Tue Feb 04, 2020 10:55 am

Another great chapter to the report! So many awesome photos from the ferris wheel, around the park, and of some things I forgot about! That ERT that Robb and Elissa secured for us was so helpful and made for such a memorable day. The park looked nice at night and the rain wasn't much of a bother since the weather was very mild.

Nagashima has a very good collection of coasters and happy to see they're giving at strong supporting cast with the edition of Farm de Bang Bang! That was seriously fun but I would have liked to have been able to ride it more, maybe they will take it off the upcharge list in the future.
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Re: TR- bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Postby SharkTums » Tue Feb 04, 2020 12:58 pm

PKI Jizzman wrote:Nagashima has a very good collection of coasters and happy to see they're giving at strong supporting cast with the edition of Farm de Bang Bang! That was seriously fun but I would have liked to have been able to ride it more, maybe they will take it off the upcharge list in the future.

I'm really hoping to see it included in the next year or two.


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