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Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:40 pm

^We didn't make the move to the fancy toilet, but we did order a rice cooker! Japan always inspires!

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:51 pm

"Trainers" for chopsticks? I still need them. :lol:
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Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Mon Nov 04, 2019 1:17 pm

cfc wrote:"Trainers" for chopsticks? I still need them. :lol:


(I do have a couple of extra pairs if you want some, tho you can likely get them from most local Japanese Restaurants) :)

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:14 am

Yay it's bert's Japan trip report! Looking forward to reliving the great trip, I know you took tons of great photos. :mickey: :br

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:58 pm

PKI Jizzman wrote:Yay it's bert's Japan trip report! Looking forward to reliving the great trip, I know you took tons of great photos. :mickey: :br

aw, thanks!

everyone took some great photos (the ones you/Allison/Alex have been posting on FB have been fantastic!).

Working on La Qua, and hope to have it up in the next hour or so.

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Tue Nov 05, 2019 6:36 pm

After a great night's sleep (well, at least 7-8 hours of it, since I had gone to bed early due to exhaustion. .but I woke up feeling super refreshed) I was wide awake by 6am.

If I had Jet-Lag on the trip, I didn't notice it really affecting me other than my waking up fairly early every morning. I had prepared to really be dragging, but the strong/bitter coffee in Japan really did keep me really perky, and not once on the trip did I need to take an afternoon nap.

Those of us who were at the Hotel already were going to start off the "Theme Park" portion of a TPR trip this morning at La Qua - Tokyo Dome. A place I knew mainly for "Thunder Dolphin" and the iconic dive thru the cut out on the top of the building in central Tokyo. I also knew that Japan parks seemed to have really strict weather policies, and if the rain came? things were going to shut down.

The weather was acting like it wasn't gonna be cooperating, but I crossed my fingers and said a little affirmation and prayer for someone I had been really worried about, and was ready to kick off my day.

The Hotel offered a great breakfast buffet, so I got dressed, and headed down to the lobby to meet up with friends whom had arrived after I had turned in last night.
Remember I said the Shinagawa Prince Hotel reminded me of a Vegas Hotel?

well, that comparison is reinforced by the lobby art - such as this impressive Stained Glass art display.
and the free-hanging sculpture over the main lounge area near check in.

not sure it photographed as impressive as it was in person, but it was just lovely.
the breakfast was included, and we had our choice of at least 6 restaurants in the Hotel Complex. . but following Elissa's recommendation from the night before - and more specifically her big thumbs up on the French Toast offered there - I think most all of us ended up eating at the buffet offered in the restaurant off the main lobby:

Luxe Dining Hapuna

It was so good, I never tried any other breakfast place. Hapuna offered a very large variety of both traditional Japanese, and more American fare (such as eggs, pasta, meatballs (consistently on every breakfast buffet I tried), and the mentioned French Toast, which was AMAZING. Kudos for the suggestion, Elissa!

I am a pretty adventurous eater regardless, but being in Japan? I was wide open to try pretty much anything, and did a lot of sampling of different options. Most all of them excellent to very good.

In this pic, there's a fine assortment on the left of Japanese options, and on the left, the lower part of the tray is L-R: French Toast, Chocolate Croissant, and Meatballs. Top row of tray has dumplings, and eggplant & Pickled vegetables (super popular side dishes in Japan, and always very, very good).

and I fell in love with the Melon Cola, which was offered here, and had quite a bit of it during our stay, tho it's not in this picture.

what IS in this picture, is the 1st of the two things I noted that I tried during my trip to Japan that I did NOT care for.

that's the upper left of the picture - the two "cubes" with the brown sauce

this were on the Desert Station, and they seemed to be super popular, so I tried it.
with a "black syrup" to pour over the top of them.

um. . . I knew from the moment I popped it in my mouth that it was a "no"

but I wasn't about to spit it out (besides, there really weren't a lot of napkins supplied - mainly just a wetnap to rinse one's hands is supplied at each meal). Jon could tell from my face that I didn't care for it. . LOL. . and he asked me what it tasted like?

My honest assessment, and I just got a PTSD flashback of the flavor thinking of it:

Dirt. with worms in it.

yeah. . did NOT care for this. at. all.

but I didn't spit it out. I forced myself to swallow, and was thankful that I still had the chocolate croissant and the melon soda to help rinse the taste out.

No, I did *not* eat the other piece I had taken (if you look at the prior picture, you can see I took two of them). . LOL
Even tho I had tried to cleanse my palate, I was still tasting the Warabimochi, so I was happy that we still had a few moments before heading out so I could pop upstairs and brush my teeth. LOL

was able to snap this pic in the mirror before heading back down too.
We walked across the street to the Shinagawa Station, and used our Suica cards (basically Metro cards to swipe in and out from the different lines in all the stations - since many stations have multiple lines running thru them and they all "charge" separately) to go thru the main gates for the Yamanote line, which is the big "loop" line that connects most of the major stations in Tokoy. So from the major stations, you can swipe out from one line, and swipe into a different line that connects to get all over the City - which is HUGE.

the train maps were incredibly overwhelming when we looked at them, but seriously, once we started using them it started to make a lot of sense, and became way less scary to travel around via train system.

(tho I fully admit that some of the connections from line to line, were like a scavenger hunt - searching for yellow signs that point to the line, and following them down deep hallways to come out in another hub area to search for the sign of where to go). I had it much easier, as was traveling with TPR for most cases. . so it was more a case of "don't lose Elissa" or one of the taller folks who had been to Japan before.

I loved the queuing format for the trains in Japan, and even tho it wasn't super crowded on this Sunday morning? on Workday mornings when the stations were packed? it's really impressive to see hundreds of people getting off the trains, and hundreds of people getting on the trains. .all in less than (it seemed) 30 seconds! People are polite and stand in horizontal queues on either side of the doors, so when the train stops, the folks exiting come out the middle of the space - and then immediately the horizontal queues drain INTO the train for those getting on.

quick, efficient, and no American-style "rush the doors as soon as the train stops blocking those from getting out" as I've seen in Atlanta, Washington, and New York when using the trains there.

here's Allison and Myself on that first morning (and this a rare pic of Allison, as there's not a Tokyo local sleeping on her, in this pic) :p
During a transfer of trains, looking up at some of the cool architecture in this particular station, as we walked thru it to another line.
Love Yourself banner in one of the trains. (to my eye, looked like a drag queen in the ad, so snapped a pic)

lots of advertising banners hanging in most all trains - along the walls, and down the center aisle too.

but also lots of very clear maps, and electronic signs advising of upcoming stops (both in English and Japanese). Super impressive how well oiled all these moving parts work and I think we only had one train delay the whole trip - and that was after the Typhoon, and still only running 10-15 minutes late.
not 100%, but pretty sure this was a poster in the Tokyo Dome Station, warning folks *not* to try to jump between the closing train doors to make the train.
and I'm here. . . someplace I'd only ever seen pictures of, or read trip reports on TPR about.

Tokyo Dome!
The sky is looking pretty overcast, and the coaster is not running yet - since we are here before opening - but that didn't stop me from getting chills (no really) from my first look at "Thunder Dolphin"
it looks so big with the buildings surrounding it.
better shot from the bridge crossing over the street.
the Long Walkway that goes under the lift-hill and drop for Thunder Dolphin, so one could not have to walk thru the La Qua park area, if one wanted to head to Tokyo Dome proper.
Pic courtesy of Robb. . the group getting excited upon arrival at La Qua Tokyo Dome
my first look at the interior of the park, with the other famous part of Thunder Dolphin - the pass thru the hub-less Ferris Wheel, "the Big O" (the world's 1st)

tho honestly, I probably took this pic for the Carousel. . LOL
yep, since here's the more focused on lift hill/drop pic of Thunder Dolphin going thru the Big O
I really can't believe I'm here. .I usually don't look this happy unless I'm on a Carousel.

I loved all the little "quirky" elements around the main levels of this shopping/restaurant area. Those weird little balls holding up the railing are so alien.
and the park directory, in a "water droplet" . . I think?

(and if you zoom, you can see all the smiling faces reflected back in the glass - I see me, Trent, Allison, Jon, & Elissa).

for being in the center of a city, the Tokyo Dome City area is much bigger than I was expecting. We're in the "blue" area - where the flume,Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Coaster, and a couple of dark rides/ haunts are located. across the bridge in the Pink area are lots more shops/restaurants, an indoor coaster, 4D theater, lots more rides, including a Parachute drop, a swinging ship, and several gigantic indoor arcades.
we had a bit of time before the ticket booths opened so we wandered around the "mall" area looking at the shops and restaurants.

this was my first experience seeing the "plastic food" which many restaurants thruout the trip, had on display in the windows.

It's hard to decide what you want to eat when everything looks so good, and it can be a little overwhelming when shop after shop has windows full of the food examples. But man, did it all look SO good!

I'd think that if a place didn't invest in good looking food examples, it would cause folks to not want to eat there, so the level of detail on some of these was astounding. truly works of art in plastic.
coming around the far side of the 2nd level shops, I get a view of the Iconic "dive thru the building" hole from Thunder Dolphin.

No train on track yet, but despite the overcast, there was movement in the station, so we had hopes it would open as scheduled.
Escalator down to lower level, near the ticket booths, which are supposed to be opening shortly. . so we'll hang around this area.

which lets me get a "great" - up-the-nose shot of Thunder Dolphin's lift hill.
what's this? La Qua has a Moomin Cafe ??

Oh my. . but I was still so full from breakfast, and wasn't craving a coffee at all. I was thisclose to getting one anyways, but decided against it. Everything looked and smelled delicious tho.

they even were making Moomin-family designs in the foam on the Lattes
and a photo op.

It's hard for me to pass up a photo-op... but particularly one where I'm familiar with/a fan of the source material.

oddly, this was the only time I saw anything Moomin related while in Japan.

but I got my memory via this pic, even if I didn't get a Latte.
it's starting to lightly drizzle - just before the park opens. . .but what's this?

Thunder Dolphin is starting to test?


well, if it hadn't been a train full of employees, they would have been yelling "wheeee"

the ticket booth opened, Elissa handed out our wristbands, and I think *everyone* went straight here.

this is the main reason to visit La Qua for most of us, so while it's NOT raining, let's get a ride!

it took a little bit of time to load us into the train (actually to even get us to the station) as we were asked multiple times to empty our pockets, or to pat our pockets to prove we had nothing in them. Allison was asked to remove her earrings too.

They are serious about nothing in pockets. Not even park maps.

We weren't patted down or wanded (something that happened at some other parks) but we were asked multiple times to ensure nothing in pockets - and once actually on the station, places were provided to store your things while riding.
interestingly, the photo op is in the station *before* the train leaves for the lift hill (done via 3 cameras).

They had us all look towards the cameras and be excited. It wasn't really acting for me, I was super excited even tho we hadn't even moved yet.

wasn't really *planning* on buying the pic, but once I saw it? (and the THRILLED face of the non TPR rider in front of us?). . yeah, easy sell.

especially since it was only ~$10.

and I love that "Wooooooow!!" on it. . . LOL
pic courtesy of Hanno (I think). . and what's so funny to me is that the guy in front of us?

on the actual ride, was hands up, having a blast!
What did I think of the ride? the 1st drop is amazing, as is the dive thru the "building hole" on a banked turn.

but the rest of the coaster kinda just meanders - in particular the "trick track" that is on the top of the building the 2nd time it goes around. . . the trick track is not 'bad'. . but it IS rather pointless, and it seems they could have done something a little more exciting there.

But that drop!

SO good. . .and so while several folks broke off to head to the back part of the Tokyo Dome City, a handful of us got back in line for Thunder Dolphin to ride again.

there was a delay in getting the train loaded, as the staff were using hand towels to wipe down the seats & headrests from the prior ride (recall, it had been drizzing), so I took this picture from the queue line for the back row while waiting - with the attendant's permission, since I had to take my phone out to snap the pic.

by the time they were done wiping down tho, it had started to rain a bit harder, and they announced that they were going to be closing the coaster down, and please exit.

I certainly couldn't be too upset, as we HAD gotten a ride on it, and there were several other things in the place that we could go on, even in the rain.. so we headed out, and asked if the Ferris Wheel still operated in the rain. (it was raining just a bit too much to brave walking across the open bridge to get to the back of the rides area.. although it turned out that there IS a tunnel so we wouldn't have had to take the open bridge)

the answer was yes, so we headed across the way to the staircase that led to the Big O for a revolution in the rain.
it turned out that pretty much everyone that had been in the Thunder Dolphin line when they shut it down had the same idea, and so there were maybe 30 folks in queue in front of us at the Big O.

it turns out that on this Ferris wheel? you can sing Karaoke. And everyone was in line for those cars.
The non-singing cars were walk on, and since no one was really feeling it (I would think if it were later in the day and we had some drinks in us, we woulda been all in!), we just went for a walk on for a non-singing car.

tho some on the trip, including Robb, *did* sing, and had a blast doing so.

We shoulda sung, I think. . but we're just too lame so early in the day. LOL

Jon is not a fan of heights, but was willing to ride this one with us. So here we are LtR: Me, Jon, Allison, & David in a steamy moist Big O Ferris Wheel car, NOT singing Karaoke.
even tho it was raining, and it had started raining fairly hard by this point? We still got some great views from the Big O.

tho it did get a bit steamy in the smallish car with four folks inside :)
very grey, but I still really like these pics
and Tokyo is still beautiful, even covered with drizzle and clouds
still get some great views of Thunder Dolphin's track from the wheel too.

by the time we got off the wheel, the rain had slowed down to a light drizzle, but we knew the Coaster wouldn't reopen if raining at all, so we headed across to the back section via the bridge.
Doctor Who?

in Japan!

this made me giggle, so of course I stopped and snapped a pic.
we found our way inside one of the giant arcades, full of claw machines - including these machines where you can win a gigantic can of Pringles (or I'm too stupid to spell the word Apocalypse) or many other boxed goodies, and dioramas.

Not that I thought I *would* win, but didn't even want to try it in case I did win. . didn't want to carry around a giant can of Pringles all day! LOL
remember what I said about photo ops? La Qua Tokyo Dome City had one that I stumbled across.
They were decorated for Halloween.

No, i have no idea why a Cucumber and an Eggplant have Jack-o-Lantern faces.
nor do I really know why the Eggplant appears to have been circumcised.

But oh, Japan, I am fully in love with your weirdness already.
we all got in on the photo, and the ladies manning the booth were thrilled to take the picture for us and encouraged us to be excited.

after the photo, we hit the stores down in this section, where I picked up a few gifts for co-workers (2020 Olympics related) and then we were ready to head down to the indoor coaster.
"Panic Coaster Back Daaan!!"

this one is hard to describe, as it's a shuttle coaster, that goes both forwards and backwards, some in the dark, some in disco-party mode, and it's got gigantic LED screens that show explosions, or bombs, or maybe disco balls? I was very confused, but I really liked it.

one of the confusing things was the bag they handed us when we got in the queue. It's a big canvas bag that you are to put all your stuff/bags into. and then you just leave the canvas bag between your legs while riding. You don't leave it in the station, you take it with you.

so yes, it's a bag for your bags. Weird, but in a fun way.
and although the pain looks a bit orange here, it was actually more of a pepto-neon pink in person. They keep you standing outside the doors, that swing open when it's time to load the next train of people.

you can kind of see one of the giant LED screens thru the doors on the opposite side of the track.

Certainly recommend a ride on it if you visit, it was certainly worth seeking out in the back section of the park.
Next door to "Panic Coaster Back Daaan!!" was the 4D theater which is also a shooting ride.
They had a number of offerings playing, from kid friendly, to this one, "Carnival" which was considered the scariest.

Allison said she wanted to do this one, before realizing it's scary (since she's not a fan of scary things), and then tried to get us to change our minds when we all quickly agreed! LOL

Actually, the timing just worked out that this one was about to start when we walked over to the theaters. but what a hoot listening to her in the next seat shrieking every time an evil clown or undead corpse popped out on the screen and tried to grab us before we could shoot it.

really, really well done ride/shooting game, with some great movement in the theater to match the motions on the screen as we rode decaying virtual roller coaster, and rotting carousels & tilt a whirls.
in our 3D glasses with kewl guns (me and Allison)
and the other side (David and Me).

this ride is where I discovered that Jon is a shooting game shark. . like a pool shark, but with shooting games.

he SMOKED us here (and did again later the submarine shooting ride, the animal poacher shooting ride at Yomuriland, the boy band shooting coaster at Joypolis, the Barnyard shooting ride at Nagashima Spaland, and at Toystory Mania!. . . no I'm not bitter. I'm just jealous).
there are cool little features all over the parks in Japan, such as these light up steps coming back up from the coaster/movie, and haunt walk thru.
there was a cosplay meetup going on here today. Not 100% sure if it was related to Halloween (it was only 10/6) or if it was just a group that had a meet up at the park.

but there were several groups of folks in full costumes, posing for pictures with each other, and wandering around. A couple of them did NOT want pictures taken - which seems odd, why come out in costume if you don't want pictures taken. . but I think it's a cultural thing. They didn't want pictures taken by someone they don't know (or maybe a Visitor to their Country).
coming up from the indoor stuff, we spotting this interesting Teacups type ride.

With unique cars, and lots of LED lighting, I'll bet this looks fantastic in the evenings.
so of course we rode it!

Jon and I got this thing spinning like crazy, and had a grand time on it. David and Allison also got theirs spinning pretty good too.

Good thing we hadn't yet stopped for lunch.
Some of the Cosplayers I mentioned also got in on the spinning fun.
it was after we got off the ride, when I spotted the "rules" sign - which was posted on the back of the controller's booth, after you exit the ride.

(where ELSE would it be located? :p)

I was happy to see the "Please take care not to spin too much" bullet point fell under the "request" section rather than the "rules" section. . as we hadn't seen the sign prior to getting on the ride.

but the reason I took the pic was because the rule about not giving piggyback rides. That still makes me giggle.. I love Japan.

the typo regarding "brining your umbrella" is adorable too
this was the first, but not the last, time I saw a stand selling these little bear shaped donut cakes.

the booths are all very similar, so they must be franchised out to multiple places in Japan. Got to try them in Tobu Zoo when Leia bought a bag and shared.

as I discovered the prior evening when eating a donut - not too sweet, but these were quite good when I got to try it (in particular the Honey flavor).
and what is this that we stumbled across?

why, it's a Cathedral themed Himalaya! Complete with a back section that had a disco ball and lights.

so yep, we went to disco-church. . and I loved it.

it didn't go backwards, but the forwards cycle was pretty forceful, and it was hella fun.
this was apparently also a "ride". . but it was a water shooting carnival type game - with no prizes, just scores to brag about.

we didn't stop for this as it only had 4 seats, and with about 10 people in line, it was simply too long to wait.

we were on a time limit here, as we were going to head to Cosmoworld in a couple of hours for the afternoon, and we still wanted to eat lunch.

so tho took a picture, didn't participate here. I did get to shoot water cannons to "put out fires" at Yomuriland tho. . while wearing a firehat :)
We headed back over to the main section of La Qua, this time finding and taking the tunnel (even tho the rain had pretty much stopped), and browsed the restaurants to decide where to eat.

I wasn't super hungry, since was still kinda full from breakfast. But was eager to try as much Japanese centric food as I could.

we ended up going to this place here, which seemed to be a cheese based restaurant, where most of the dishes came in a bowl with melted cheese on top, and an open flame below to keep everything gooey.
They had a special Halloween Menu, tho even tho the posters said "Halloween Menu" in English, everything else on the poster was in Japanese - and it was not included in the English version of the menu.

I took a gamble that it was gonna be pumpkin based and ordered the top one anyways.
and yep, success - it was pumpkin based.

It was also very good - tho it would have been better with maybe a sprinkling of salt. I didn't ask for any, as when combined with the cheese and rice, the pumpkin chunks were just about right salt wise.

I didn't have to use my trainers, since most all of the "flaming bowl" dishes all came with standard spoons.
a side shot of the plating of how the food came to the table.

probably never in America, as not only an open flame there, but the metal dishes were piping hot, and had to be careful not to touch them while eating.
we finished our meal - think everyone really enjoyed what we each got, and headed back out to see a few brave (and wet) souls no riding the flume - that had been running empty boats earlier.

Jon, David, and Allison weren't really feeling it, tho I had ALMOST convinced Allison to ride with me, when we watched a car go down the drop and absolutely *drench* those riding. So she said "nope" LOL

I didn't want to ride alone, and besides, knew we were going to be going to Cosmoworld this afternoon, home of the famous "Screaming Flume". . so would get my flume fix for the day in a little later.

we were getting to the last hour left and I had my sights set on something more important to me.

the Carousel.

which is on a pedestal that is OVER a portion of the log flume. a rather cool touch, I thought.
There weren't many riders today, as the showers earlier had driven most of the kids away (or to the indoor portions), so I think we may have been the only ones on it.

but Carousels are my happy place, and this was a just lovely one.
see how happy?

I rode a frog!
with a duck on it's butt.

no, I *don't* know why the frog has a duck on it's butt. but I love it regardless! just look at that smile.
Everyone looks happy!
some lovely details on this Carousel too, and it appears to be really well maintained.

Not a large Carousel diameter wise, but not a lot of peeling paint, and the little cherub faces on the interior watching the riders are adorable.
Mr Frog. . happy to have bert's fat butt off of him.

But he still has a duck on *his* butt, so HA.
we were considering heading back to the back section of the park, or maybe doing one of the walkthru Haunts, as Brad had told us about one he and Leia had done involving Moths, that was kinda terrifying. . when we noticed there was a dark shooting ride right across from the Carousel called : the Dive
you ride standing up in "underwater" dive bells, and shoot at creatures, and animatronics in scenes to get points.

not really sure what the storyline was, but it was odd, and fun at the same time.

here's a pic of the vehicle coming back into the station.
I think those are David's arms sticking out holding the gun, in the bell behind us.

you can see some of the targets in this ride here too.
Doesn't Allison look thrilled? LOL

Jon smoked me points wise on this one too.. but I wasn't really good with the two handed aiming, and had no idea what I was supposed to be shooting at. . so was shooting at everything.

all in all, it was a fun, if bizarre, dark ride.
we had about 40 minutes until it was time to meet up at the Train Station, and Elissa texted the group telling us there was activity going on at Thunder Dolphin's station.

within a few moments, all of the TPR folks were standing near Thunder Dolphin's entrance, and employees went up and down the steps and it looked like they were getting ready to reopen the ride, now that all the rain had passed. As we stood by and watched & waited, more folks joined us outside the queue eager to ride the coaster once it opened.

Sure enough, after about 20 minutes, an employee came and opened the photo purchase booth, and started letting us into the queue line.

we went thru the "check to make sure your pockets are empty" screening a couple of times, and then we were let up onto the platform.

other than the front row (a couple had bought skip the line, so bypassed the rest of us) the whole front end of the train was TPR.

it was a perfect way to end our visit at La Qua before heading out. . a final Ride on Thunder Dolphin. So we had started out our day at the park on the Coaster, and ended on the Coaster. perfect.

it seemed to be running about the same as it had been in the morning - so no real "warming up" thruout the day, but let's look at it realistically: it hadn't run most of the morning due to the weather, so it didn't have a chance to warm up.

Still.. excellent 1st drop, and dive thru the building. really liked it and so glad I got to ride it not just once, but twice during our visit.
pic by Hanno, who got us having a blast in rows 2-6 pm Thunder Dolphin!

what a great morning.

and after this ride, we all headed to the Train Station as a group, to go to the 2nd park of the day: Yokohama Cosmoworld.

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Tue Nov 05, 2019 9:45 pm

Great report! I didn't spend too much time at Tokyo Dome City last year, but I remember Thunder Dolphin's drop being wonderful. And that setting is super unique.

I also love how the food you receive in Japan matches exactly what you see in the displays.

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:05 am

I visited Tokyo Dome City with my host family during my first visit to Japan and like you described, rain was a factor that shuts down much of the complex. For this reason, most of the outdoor, uncovered attractions were closed including Thunder Dolphin. We rode Big O and Geo Panic along with a spinning coaster they used to have...

Based on your report it looks like there was more to LaQua than I realized. I'm also very interested to understand how much of the Panic Coaster uses of the former Geo Panic/MagiQuest space.

Thanks for sharing this great update!

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:31 pm

Really enjoying reading this trip report. It's making me remember all the good memories of my first japan trip. Now I want to find some chocolate croissants. Look forward to reading more updates to your report.

Re: TR- Bert has a Spooktacular time with TPR in Japan!

Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:09 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:Great report! I didn't spend too much time at Tokyo Dome City last year, but I remember Thunder Dolphin's drop being wonderful. And that setting is super unique.

I also love how the food you receive in Japan matches exactly what you see in the displays.

yeah, if I had any extra room in the suitcase, I probably would have picked up a few of the plastic food displays to take home. They were so neat to see. (William won a spoon full of noodles keychain (from a claw machine), that looked totally edible.

jedimaster1227 wrote:I visited Tokyo Dome City with my host family during my first visit to Japan and like you described, rain was a factor that shuts down much of the complex. For this reason, most of the outdoor, uncovered attractions were closed including Thunder Dolphin. We rode Big O and Geo Panic along with a spinning coaster they used to have...

Based on your report it looks like there was more to LaQua than I realized. I'm also very interested to understand how much of the Panic Coaster uses of the former Geo Panic/MagiQuest space.

Thanks for sharing this great update!

you're welcome, and glad it's "reading" well. There really is quite a bit to do at La Qua/Tokyo Dome. . it could be a most of the day visit, if you wanted to spend time in the arcades, shopping, and ride EVERYTHING (including the Parachutes, the flats, and the walk thrus - there were at least two haunts, but not sure if those are year round or just for Halloween season. one of them looked pretty permanent). But it was perfect for a few hours in the morning visit for us, since many of us were mainly focused just on Thunder Dolphin, Panic Coaster Back Daaan!!!, and the Ferris Wheel.

Since it was my 1st time ever in Japan (and to Tokyo Dome City), I can't really answer how much space is being used for the coaster - or if it's even in the same space as the prior one was. If it IS in the same space tho, the 4D theaters are right next door, so it would be logical to think that those used some of the space.

the Coaster seemed to be a pretty good size - even tho it was a single rail.. .but it was hard to tell, since much of the forward launch is in complete darkness. It was really fun tho!

Mrlittle wrote:Really enjoying reading this trip report. It's making me remember all the good memories of my first japan trip. Now I want to find some chocolate croissants. Look forward to reading more updates to your report.

you could always dip a hot dog bun in Hershey Syrup? :p

seriously, tho the croissants were great, I didn't discover until after Halloween when I got into the Disney Chocolate Crunch, what my *favorite* treat from Japan is. I didn't buy near enough of it!

goals for a future trip.
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