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Discuss theme parks, roller coasters, and mules!
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Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:36 pm

^ Sweet! =)

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Wed Oct 30, 2019 2:33 pm

Seattle itself no longer has a proper amusement park, but there is a pier with a couple of rides on it, and that's kind of like an amusement park, right?

Miners Landing at Pier 57
(With special guest star, Goldballs!)
01 IMG_20191020_152938.jpg
Whatever you may have heard about Seattle's weather, this report will do nothing to refute.
03 55 IMG_20191020_145405.jpg

See, because it's a donkey.

And this website is about theme parks, roller coasters, and donkeys.

So we took a photo with the donkey.

Which represents us representing.
05 IMG_20191020_163606.jpg
Miners Landing has convenient parking.

Actually, it doesn't. Those cars are special. Like the owners or someone else who doesn't care about show. Parking in Seattle is terrible. Not for us, because we don't own a car. But for non-pier owning car owners, it's real bad.

09 IMG_20191020_151933.jpg
Tickets for the Seattle Great Wheel are $15. At least, that's the price for a regular ticket.

Regular as in normal, average, plain, uninteresting, common, dull. And we here at Erik & Smisty, Inc. are anything but regular. Evergreen Oddventures™ is a top shelf, VIP experience. And it just so happens, there's a VIP ticket. And you hold that ticket in your metaphorical hands simply by reading this thread! Whereas we had to actually pay for it.

Are you ready?


Because it's time for...VIP FERRIS WHEELING.

Also, there's a drink stand shaped like a lemon.
11 IMG_20191020_152144.jpg
The line that the plebs stand in.

Poor non-VIP bastards.
12 IMG_20191020_122953b.jpg
Do you see that car? The special one? The VIP gondola? That's where we're gonna be, as we skip the line, but then wait for that car to come back around. Because there's only one VIP gondola. That's what makes it special. Also because it's painted black and has a window in the floor.
13 IMG_20191020_123250.jpg
VIPs get free alcohol. Or rather, a drink is included. Which is the same thing as free.

I don't like alcohol. And I am good with money.

I ordered a Bellini. Because if I'm going to drink, it's going to be a girl drink.

I had one sip.

Either myself or the Seattle Great Wheel has no idea what a Bellini is.
15 IMG_20191020_125045.jpg
You know what the little people get? A bench on either side. And a regular floor. And no speakers. God, I pity them.

Okay, I'll stop.
18  IMG_20191020_124403.jpg
We certainly picked a lovely day for it!

Note that the pier in the foreground is the Seattle Aquarium.
21 IMG_20191020_123912b.jpg
The cool rich people get their own sound system. But only if they still own old iPhones.
23 IMG_20191020_124345.jpg
Glass bottom gondola! We get to look right down into the structure! Alright!
26 IMG_20191020_125131b.jpg
28 IMG_20191020_125310.jpg
This was interesting. If the upstairs food court is open, they make you exit up to it. But if that's closed, then they make you exit into the main part of the building.
30 IMG_20191020_125416.jpg
Okay, time for lunch! What shall it be? Shucky Muckers? No...?
33 IMG_20191020_145014g.jpg
How about The Crab Pot?

Nah, with my luck, I'd be the guy who ends up looking at the bowl butt during the food pour.
36 IMG_20191020_134310b.jpg
We settled on The Fisherman's Restaurant. Which was perfect thematically because they serve fish, and fishermen eat a lot of fish. Andrew got tacos because he has no idea what fishermen eat, but Fisherman's fooled him because they put fish in his tacos!
37 IMG_20191020_132545.jpg
Red velvet cake with red velvet ice cream and a vanilla-braised pineapple spear, plus Misty's ice cream because she just wanted the brownie and is weird.
40 IMG_20191020_152238.jpg
Just outside the Fisherman's Restaurant is this statue of a fish. But also there's room here for a wave swinger or swinging ship or something.
43 IMG_20191020_152708.jpg
Outside seating for the Crab Pot, which I'm sure brings in tons of money during the summer, but I could totally put in like an out and back Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster here.
44 IMG_20191020_162210.jpg
There are actually two ice cream parlors, but I'm just going to show you this one because I like the DEEP FRIED sign.
49 IMG_20191020_163355.jpg
Pirate's Plunder Gift Shop, where they apparently sell Big Foot poop and forget to paint pants on their pirates.
50 IMG_20191020_162958.jpg
I like that you can buy plush for one of their restaurants.
57 IMG_20191020_162438.jpg
Most of the inside of the main building is a long winding hallway that looks like this, with stores, restaurants, and attractions on either side.
58 IMG_20191020_144138.jpg
Pinball always wins you points with me.
62 IMG_20191020_144857.jpg
The Sourdough Bakery offers giant disappointing chocolate chip cookies. Dollywood this is not.
63 IMG_20191020_145818.jpg
This is a bench...maybe? Designed by Native Americans...? Who were really into Prince...?
64 IMG_20191020_143941.jpg
Half of the shooting gallery guns were broken, but the bear farts, so it all evens out.
65 IMG_20191020_143822.jpg
One of the carousel's rules is, "no horseplay."

Let that sink in.
68 IMG_20191020_141325.jpg
The Sad and Desperate Fisherman Gift Shop
69 IMG_20191020_150314.jpg
I squatch my family.
70 86 IMG_20191020_143633b.jpg
Peak Miners Landing
72 IMG_20191020_164111.jpg
Mark's Arks was closed, possibly due to the weather, but seems to be a Native American wood carving shop, which would make sense based on much of the decorations around Miners Landing.
73 IMG_20191020_164025.jpg
Sure, the Ferris Wheel is cool and all, but this is the star attraction as far as Smisty and I are concerned.
75 IMG_20191020_141554f.jpg
We've been on a few different "flying rides" now--both US Soarin' installations, FlyOver Canada in Vancouver, FlyOver America in Minnesota, This is Holland in Amsterdam--but Wings Over Washington is our favorite.
77 IMG_3521.JPG
It certainly has the best preshow, featuring a clueless park ranger on his (natch) "first day on the job," and Tiki Room/Country Bear style animal masks on the walls.
81 IMG_3531.JPG
Mechanically, Wings Over Washington is a bit different, as the floor tilts to vertical to raise the rows up to the screen. The films itself uses wipes and fades rather than smash cuts and features a mystical eagle that helps tie the various locations together a bit.
84 IMG_20191020_143513.jpg
The exit isn't as good as the cool "here's where you've been" gift shops of This is Holland or FlyOver America, but I guess you can't have everything.
92 i-HpcQrrq-X3b.jpg
So, should you visit Miners Landing if you're near Seattle? Yes. Wings Over Washington is awesome.

Should you spring for the VIP experience on the Seattle Great Wheel? No, of course not. That's what you have us for.

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Wed Oct 30, 2019 4:13 pm

Miner's Landing looks great if you're unto kitsch. Which I am. So it looks great.

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Thu Oct 31, 2019 10:55 am

It seems like the place screams 'tourist trap', but in a slightly less creepy terrible way.

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Thu Oct 31, 2019 5:40 pm

Another awesome trip report!


Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:42 pm

SharkTums wrote:It seems like the place screams 'tourist trap', but in a slightly less creepy terrible way.

I prefer the term, "Oddventure Opportunity." :p

Miners Landing is a bit odd, but I really like Wings Over Washington.

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Sun Nov 03, 2019 7:50 am

Did you use you Player's Club card to get that VIP gondola?
3f530g.jpg (193.87 KiB) Viewed 1320 times

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:30 am

fantastic update, love that one VIP gondola.

Did you have to share with any others, or were y'all the VIP-i-est?

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:31 pm

bert425 wrote:Did you have to share with any others, or were y'all the VIP-i-est?

Oh, the VIPpiest of VIPs. Of course, there were three of us, and there's only four seats in it anyway. But I believe that even on your own, you get the private cabin, free/included photo, t-shirt, and adult beverage, and are escorted passed the line. Of course, it's $50 per person, but you can't put a price on experience, right?

Or, rather, you can, and it's $50. :p

Re: Erik & Smisty's Evergreen Oddventures

Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:01 pm

How long was the "round trip" on the Wheel? I did The Eye in London with TPR, but I can't remember how long that took for a full circle flight. Hmmm. The Japanese ferris wheels Ive ridden, were usually somewhere between 15-20 minutes, but that's those wheels. This was obviously a much longer time spent on it.
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