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Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Fri Aug 09, 2019 6:21 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:Great report! Sounds like Walibi Belgium has some nice dark rides.

I should have also stated that with the re-theming of rides since my last visit, there is a nice flow to the distinct sections of the park. Overall the park is above average for families with kids up to their early teenage years, but not a full day park for coaster enthusiasts.

805Andrew wrote:
The Great Zo wrote:Great start, Larry. Now that I've seen a lot of the Netherlands I hope to spend some time in Belgium in the future, so I'm enjoying the view of Ghent and looking forward to seeing Bruges.

Same here. I've dipped my toes in Belgium with Bobbejaanland so I would like to see more of what the country has to offer and especially Bruges. Looking forward to seeing more of your TR Larry.

I can't believe I almost skipped going to Bruges, as I was considering taking the train to Luxembourg City for a new country credit. Friends had told me Bruges is the best city in Europe to walk around, I hope my photos do it justice. I'm always hesitant to act too much like a tourist and even though it seemed as if everyone walking around Bruges was a tourist I was hesitant and didn't take nearly as many photos as I should have.

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:16 am

I'm only here for the eventual trip report from the Walibi Holland VR experience!


Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Sun Aug 11, 2019 11:58 am

SharkTums wrote:I'm only here for the eventual trip report from the Walibi Holland VR experience!

I feel like there's nothing Larry can tell me about that he hasn't already.

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:40 pm

I'm wondering why Walibi Holland didn't hire him on the spot as their new pitchman.

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:20 pm

Those of you itching to hear about NeuroGen again, and those who will hear for the first time will just have to wait, because while others are already talking about Holland in teir PTRs I still have three installments from Belgium.

Bellewaerde - an amusement park and zoo. It was easy to get to Ypres (Ieper) from Ghent by train, one train no connections, but the train station is a few miles from the the park. I know the bus I needed to take, but can not find anyplace to buy bus ticket around the tiny train station, therefore I was at the end off a very long line of day tripping families and teens. I serious wondered if we would all fit on the bus, I was the 103rd person and last to squeeze on to the bus. Any more people and someone would have had to train a top the train like in India. At the drive three attempts to close the doors to secure our safe passage, but since I entered through the side door, there was no way to pay the fare.

The bus runs every hour and arrived at the park for park opening. While there is nothing standout about Bellewaerde; there are quite a few combo amusement park/zoos in Europe, but this one has a larger number of rides. The park is fairly spread out in order to include the animal exhibits. Again it was an overcast day so while most of the Eastern United States was experiencing 100 degree weather it was 65 degrees and you will notice many people in the pictures wearing sweatshirts.
Luckily the Nacht Winkel sold munchies in bulk. Great for breakfast and snacks. I bought a ten pack for of these waffles for about $4 that lasted until I got to Amsterdam.
My first order of business was to check out how dual mountain coasters operated in an amusement park with such low capacity.
As you can see int this picture the sleds go up the lift hill on their own and riders have to make the 10 minute walk up long inclined ramps up to the loading platform.
Riders were dispatched every 16 seconds. These mountain coasters had tradition brake handles, however they did not work, therefore they never had to worry about vehciles bunching up.
View of the Camp Niagara Splash Boat from the loading platform.
Screaming Eagle Drop Tower is located only 100 feet from the Dawson Duel entrance. As you can see the park is extremely well shaded.
There is plenty of foliage surrounding the Bengali River Rapids.
This was my favorite thing part the park, Doodshoofdapen Singes Siamiris, but what the hell is it?
Spider Monkeys
The building on the left in the back housed the spider monkey but they had free reign inside the enclosed area. There plenty of signs telling guests not the touch or feed to monkeys. However, even though some people think those outside the US re superior, I saw plenty of child who had difficulty following the rules. However, the offending children were dealt in a stern manner instead of being coddled.
After momma monkey decided to explore the ropes course it encouraged the youngsters.
Then the offspring decided to come out and play.
I dared not test if the sign was true or not.
The wet dry slide is so well hidden you don't even see it until you are right in front of it.
River Splash is also well hidden from the viewing public until the drop.
Who has scene this creepy screen shot before?
A fully themed Houdini mad house, same as SFGAdv and SFNE.
Jungle Mission = Jungle Cruise without the schtick
OMG an operating Topple Tower
El Toro breakdance. I remember when SFGAdv made the mistake of taking out their breakdance for El Toro. No reason it should not have stayed in the park.
Play structure of death
Huracan is the park's signature coaster.
But scary stone face forbids all riders to speak of the experience.
Gift shop entrance
There was a train ride to many more animals, but I didn't have time.
The park was strongly pushing the Lumberjack show with actors being driven around the park drumming up excitement, but alas I had no time if I wished to explore Bruges.
I spent about 15 minutes watching this guy. he just looked so happy (I have no idea is he very was happy, but he appeared to have a smile on his face) As you might see he has a tree branch in his trunk.
He kept launching the branches into the sky. But he was calculated in what he was doing. He always did it in one of two spots and was trying to get the branch to land in the tree. When he accomplished this he would strut around making making his trumpeting sounds like as if trying to announce his accomplishment. he would then pick up another branch (which were clearly placed there by zookeepers) and try it again.
Overall is was a fun day at Bellewaerde, and the empty bus ride back to the train was much less eventful, but I did find out you could pay the bus driver when boarding the bus.

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:38 pm

This was my favorite thing part the park, Doodshoofdapen Singes Siamiris, but what the hell is it?

I was kind of hoping you were going to answer this question.

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:40 am

"Don't worry about the brakes. We ain't got none." :lol: Hey, if it's designed to run at full speed, as those mountain coasters usually are, it's fine. Would love to see one run like you've described.

This park looks fantastic, rides and aminals and all. Great photos!

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Sat Aug 17, 2019 12:06 pm

Plopsa de Panne

The next morning was my last day before riding the train up to Amsterdam for the TPR trip. On this day I visited Plopsa de Panne in the town of de Panne. I knew this park had built Heidi and Anubis over the past few years, but really never paid much attention to it. However, as I started looking into traveling around Belgium I realized this park had a little more to offer than just a kiddie park.

The park was easy to get to with the train station only 5 minutes from the entrance gate. The entrance plaza is spacious and gorgeous, the park is beautifully landscaped, the themed areas are very well done and I had my first encounter with poffertjes. Lines moved quickly for all the rides except the indoor dark ride and the Disco.
The morning started the same is the previous day, so I'll use the same picture to show my breakfast.
Get off the train and just walk down this path to the Plopsa dePanne, it's that easy.
Just another parking lot coaster
Walking to the front gate, I walked through the giant book in search of knowledge.
Off to the right there Plopsa is building a hotel, things they would not teach me of in college.
As you can see it is not done yet
This beautiful arcade lead to a spacious entry plaza.
well manicured
and water to keep kids occupied
That parking lot coaster has a dark ride section
The Dragon powered coaster gives you two laps, unlike in the US many powered in Europe are longer in length, more powerful and well themed
a unique carousel for the kids
They also have a proper carousel
When not resting in their pens, the farm animals roam around the Tractor ride.
The park has the best themed roller skater, themed to a female pop trio that sometimes roller skates.
ROX Flyer
at an amusement park???????
The poffertjes are more my style
Some areas of the park are picturesque
Covered tea cups
not a coaster
Anubis is a great coaster put into a very tight footprint. Extremely reridable and enjoyable
I can't figure out why this had a 45 minute wait. I can't figure out why a waited 45 minutes.
Why did you wait 45 minutes for a Disk-o?
Dino Island had a delayed opening. I did not ride as the line got very long and I did not know if the ride had an acceptable level of wetness. I did not want to leave the park partially wet and walk around Bruges in chaffing mode.
Pasta in a box
I try to steer clear of Unofficial Bicky dealers, very unsavory rogues.
Nothing unofficial here
I'm glad I waited out the long line for the dark ride and its cute ride boats
We passed a bunch of trolls going through their daily routines
The highlight was the gift shop items
The park also has an indoor kid's area right off the entrance plaza
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Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:58 am

Great reports!

I didn't realize there was still an operating topple tower out there. I'm glad I rode the one at Marineland to say I've done one, but I don't remember it being all that good.

Disko coasters always seem to have long lines in my experience.

Re: Photo TR: Larrygator returns to Europe with TPR

Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:37 pm

*I completely forgot Bellewaerde even had a topple tower. None of the are /were very good. I've never seen long lines for Disk-o (more than 3 cycles to ride before)
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