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Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:31 pm

I've been sitting on this report for a while--a somewhat longer "while" than I'd planned.

It was August 2018, and I was busily working on my Japan Trip Report--sorting through the photos (which took quite a long while, indeed) and writing the intro copy and the captions for each section. (Sometimes I plan ahead, but other times I just let it fly.) I'd met TPR at Cedar Point and fully intended to post this report between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but, as it often does, life got in the way; that is, a trip to WDW in September and a few Virginia park media days and holiday events got in the way. Before I knew it, Thanksgiving slipped into Christmas, which then slipped into New Year's Day.

Then again, I do enjoy delayed gratification. Whether you will is your affair. Let's get back on point, shall we?

This was only my second visit to Ohio's Coaster Mecca on Lake Erie, and the first time I'd met TPR there, which made the second visit all the better (and the first one was great). I shared a "lakefront cottage" with Eric and Larry, and our wake-up cal was Steel Vengeance's lift hill. You could set your watch by that thing.

Speaking of CP's new RMC hotness, Steel Vengeance was excellent--an unrelenting airtime machine that doesn't let up from first drop until the end. It was crazy fun to ride during our nighttime ERT sessions (thanks for this, Robb and Elissa). To say that Steel Vengeance is better than its predecessor, Mean Streak, is to say the filet mignon makes a better meal the cheapest ground beef at Food Lion or that Beaujolais is better than Ripple. There is simply no comparison.

That being said, I still slightly prefer Maverick to Steel Vengeance. Why? Because the latter is almost too much. I can marathon Maverick, but I have to take a periodic break from the relentless air of Steel Vengeance--probably because I'm getting older. That's life.

Valravn was new to me, too. While I like Dive Machines in general, I'm not a big fan of this one (my least favorite of the ones I've ridden--Griffon is much more enjoyable).

Here's a look at a great couple of days. Be sure you have your Fast Lane Plus!

Thanks, again, for letting me join the group, Robb and Elissa!
Steel Vengeance was the greatest “wake-up call” ever. Each morning, at around 8:00, they’d fire up the world’s loudest lift hill, . . .
. . . which we couldn’t help but hear from our cottage in the campground.
Everyone got their bearings? I find CP a bit tricky to navigate. It helps to use Top Thrill Dragster as a focal point.
Looks like these folks need a Steel Vengeance wake-up call.
To say this is a step up from Mean Streak is to damn with faint praise.
Steel Vengeance is in an entirely different universe than its predecessor, as you can tell by this photo. The blur is from the train phasing into another dimension!
It is, indeed, worthy of its own gift shop.
Of course, the shop staff is a bit shady.
Top Thrill Dragster is my favorite of the “one-trick pony” Intamin launched coasters.
I hear that the VR version of Steel Dragon was pretty good, but we didn’t ride it, which was OK by me. The ride’s operations were painfully slow.
We skipped Corkscrew, too, but it did look nice screwing over the midway.
It’s good to be the King--the King of the Whole Damn World!
I’m a fan of Dive Machines, and I wanted to like Valravn more than I did.
I think it’s the vest restraints, which squeezed the breath out of me. I prefer the old OTSRs (as on Griffon). Losing some weight might help.
The structure shakes quite a bit on the mid-course brake run, too. Seems a bit odd.
It is considerably better than Rougarou.
I much prefer Millennium Force.
While it lacks the crazy airtime of GeForce at Holiday Park . . .
. . . it compensates with sheer speed.
Maverick and Steel Vengeance are better, . . .
. . . but MF holds its own, and justifies its continued popularity.
I mentioned losing weight earlier.
Dining at Melt does not lend itself to that.
But they do make a good grilled-cheese sammich.
I’m not a huge flat-ride fan, but I liked this one.
And it’s Larry approved.
Canadians like it, too.
Gatekeeper has its fans. I am not one of them.
Raptor, however, is a great invert.
I rode Maxx Air a few years ago. That was enough.
There are those who enjoy it, though. More to come.

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:22 pm

Moving right along . . .
“Hi! Show going on over here! Watch us dance! Hello?”
They did a nice job sprucing up the beach by the Hotel Breakers.
Thumbs up, Hotel Breakers!
I was a bit confused by the “Silent Disco.” So, people listen to music on headphones while having a drug-free rave? Is that it? (Personally, I think the best disco music is silent disco music.)
Dragster through the buildings! You’re welcome.
As clunky and rough as it is, I have a soft spot for Magnum. I think it’s on my right thigh, or perhaps on one of my shattered kneecaps.
Magnum doesn’t have “airtime” as much as it has “throw time”; that is, you’re violently thrown out of your seat at certain times as the train lurches about.
We spent some time hanging out in front of our cabin, drinking a beer and enjoying the view. Sandusky looks better from a distance.
Besides, Lusty Lil’s was booked up that day.
Still the park's main star.
I think it’s just crazy enough for my tastes.
Word has it here in Frontier Town that this feller Stillman is not what he appears to be.
Folks say that he also goes by the name of “Heisenberg,” and that he and Maverick have been in cahoots to peddle illegal “Crystal Rock” . . .
. . . by smuggling it to Albuquerque in emu eggs. ‘Course, that’s just a rumor. Or a TV series on AMC. People often get ‘em mixed up. It's all that there binge watching.
OK, I’m going to admit something.
I like posting pictures of Maverick.
This is a problem I’m grappling with.
So here’s the last one.
By George, I think Larry has discovered something. ("George! Did you see that?")
OMG! RMC is going to make over Mean Streak . . . wait a minute.
As you can tell, I am totally riding Gemini in this photo.
I like Cedar Point’s museum. It’s good that the park has a sense of its history.
Here’s where “Heisenberg” and Maverick deal their “Crystal Rock.”
I did ride Gemini during this visit. It was a bit painful.
Time for some night shots.
Twilight becomes Steel Vengeance.
The sign looks even more threatening after dark.
Corkscrew looks so pretty you almost want to ride it. Almost.
Linus is an eight o’clock kind of person.
Having ridden both Mantis and Rougarou, I can say conclusively that both versions suck equally.
Millennium Force looks particularly cool at night . . .
. . . as does the park’s fort.
All good things come to an end . . .
. . . but at least LaGuardia had this Biergarten and this nice soup and pretzel bread. Thanks for reading.

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:33 pm

Great report! The Steel Vengeance ERT session must have been incredible.

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:59 pm

Great pics Chuck.

and how funny! I didn't realize you and Larry had been there all day, I thought you just came up to meet around the end of day, as the ERT is the first time I saw y'all at CP. (but it's a BIG park).

just made me laugh seeing Jon in Tiki Twirl, 'cause I was like. . hmmm. . wonder where I was at that time? :)

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:42 pm

Great TR Chuck...but...what the heck is Larry's t-shirt all about?

"Reunion" of...what? Who? Where? When, I already know. :wink:

And I too, wish that more parks had some kind of museum in them.
It's a really nice way to learn more about the park, cool off, rest a bit, etc etc.

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:35 pm

Awesome report! =) =) =) It just brings back so many memories when I visited the park for the first time in 2013, and I really had a great time. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! :b

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:25 am

Great TR as usual, Chuck!

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:50 am

Great stuff as always Chuck! No such thing as too much Maverick!

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Thu Jan 03, 2019 6:37 pm

How did you like the Cabin? I really would like to stay in one once.

Re: Chuck's Long Delayed Cedar Point Trip Report

Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:02 pm

Great writing, great photos, as usual! Fun read.
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