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bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:44 pm

This was a GREAT trip, and I rode 71 different Roller Coasters (at least once, many multiple times), as well as at least 100 different flat rides during the ~2 week trip.

And lots of firsts for me: 1st Top Spin (the Crypt at KD), 1st Round Up (Riddle Me This at SFA), 1st Super Round Up (Knoebel’s), 1st Stand up coaster (Georgia Scorcher at SFoG), 1st Euro Fighter (DDD at SFoG), 1st ARM drop tower (StratosFear at Knoebel’s), 1st Vekoma Flying coaster (Nighthawk at Carrowinds), 1st B&M Flyer (Superman at SFoG), 1st Intamin Hypecoaster (Superman at SFA) 1st SLC suspended coaster since Astroworld (MindEraser at SFA), 1st Justice Leage Dark Ride (SFoG), and picked up my missing flat credits at CP . . . had a simply fantastic time, despite developing some issues with my leg later in the trip (I blame the RMC restraints, tho Skyrush was the final nail :p ).

Anyways, although I absolutely adore roller coasters, another thing I fixate on are Carousels – and I was thrilled to discover that another on the TPR trip (Hi Laura!) also loves them as much as I do.

So since I went out of my way to make sure I got rides on Carousels at every park, I thought it would be fun to do a Trip Report that talked about those (and other things), rather than just Roller Coasters (tho I'll talk about those too a bit) – after all, the official thread Robb has going has lots of pics of the group enjoying those!

Oh, I guess I should mention that I love, love, LOVE meeting up with the costume characters at parks – as you may have seen in prior Trip Reports from me – and I guess it goes with the love of Carousels that I very much enjoy climbing up on / hanging on to photo-op cutouts/standees in parks).

So what did I get up to when not with the whole group for ERT or meet ups?
Let’s see :)
up bright and early and ready to head to the Airport on Sunday, 7/22
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Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:46 pm

Yay - looking forward to your report, Bert!

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:57 pm

Oh awesome! I've seen your posts here and there referencing this trip, and it sounds like you had an outstanding time. Looking forward to the full report.

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:55 pm

I flew into Atlanta a day early before the official start of the TPR trip, to meet up with friends, since I have a lot of them in Atlanta.

My flight got in really early (by 9am) and I was at the hotel by 9:40. Despite asking for early check in, they didn't have a room available for me yet - as there was a large Church group that was just checking out.

How do I know they were a Church group? 35 or so elderly black women in giant hats, dressed to the nines, wearing TONS of perfume - and apparently I look like I need to be saved, as at least 3 of them attempted to give me Church literature. (HA)

I politely declined, tipped the desk agent 'if there's anything he could do to get a room ready for me as quickly as possible', and then just hung out in the lobby with the strong perfume smell for about an hour until they buzzed me that they had a room ready for me. Actually ended up perfect, since my friends didn't come to pick me up until ~11:30, so by then I was already in a room, and changed and ready to go for the day.

Mike and Lisa picked me up at the hotel and took me to a fantastic local dive/fast food place called "Martin's". . best chili dog I've had in years, and we met up with Mike's brother Chip - who also is a friend of mine.

Despite having been to Atlanta 23+ times in the last 25 years for Dragon*Con, I’ve never actually taken time away from Con to go to SFoG, so was really excited that we would be going there on the TPR trip.

So of COURSE, where did my friends and I decide we would go for the day? Yep. We went with their kiddo, so really it was more about wandering around with my friends and them showing me the park / layout – tho we did sit down to watch an “entertaining” (?) comedy gunfight show called “ShenanniGuns”. . . it was so brutally awful, that we stayed and watched the whole thing :p

We mainly wandered around, riding a few of the smaller coasters, basically whatever the kiddo wanted to get on, so the Swings, Monster Mansion, Skybuckets, and once I found out Lisa had never been on a LarsonLoop, we got in the short wait for the Joker “chaos coaster” – short wait, HA. . with Six Flags operations, what should have been a 5 minute wait stretched out to almost a ½ hour. . in the sun. Oh they had the posts, with the eyehooks, for the hanging cloth covering over the queue, but nothing was there! So we stood in the sun sweating, while the ops chatted on their phones, talked to each other, and occasionally just stared at the line of people without getting up from their chairs to check restraints.

At least my friends loved the ride, and it was fun (and we got to watch someone lose their phone during the ride. . wonder how long it will be until cell phones are banned from all rides, because people are just too stupid and ruin it for everyone).

they tricked me into riding Blue Hawk, since the kiddo wanted to ride, and they claimed they had ridden it so much that I should take her. Dang liars, it hurt. . . (it’s just Ninja with a paint job, and signs everywhere CLAIMING it's a smoother ride). Stinky friends. :devil:

I also got to experience ZERO airtime on the Great American Scream Machine – which seemed to be due to the trains they were running with – although it did seem to be running faster, and got a little air on my ride two days later with TPR).

I did spot a really cool souvenir from the Justice League gift shop, that I picked up the next trip to the park (a Harley Quinn Santeria candle). We didn’t’ ride the ride (line was too long), just went into the gift shop, I made them go in as penance for them tricking me into Blue Hawk.

While walking around the park, we did bump into both Sylvester (no Tweety tho, which was odd), and Bugs Bunny, who nodded “yes” when I asked if I could rub the bunny’s tummy” resulting in a hysterical picture set that we laughed about for the rest of the night.

So I got my fill of meeting a costumed character, even tho we didn’t make it to the Carousel. It was great seeing my friends, and it gave me a nice idea of the layout of the park.

After meeting up with Brianna and gabbing dinner at a great local hole in the wall, called Eat's (right up the street from the famous Tea Room) that had some wonderful down home south and Cajun food, they dropped me back at the hotel, just in time to meet up with James – my roomie for the night whom had just flown in from England.

We went down to the main sports bar to grab a drink and bumped into Michael – my roomie for the TPR trip, who happened to be staying in the same hotel. .and we hung out and visited for a bit, before giving in and crashing for the evening.
in the Austin airport pre dawn ready for my non-stop flight on Southwest to ATL!

fun fact! since it was 7/22, and Southwest stopped serving peanuts on flights as of 8/1, they were trying desperately to get rid of peanuts. so I ended up with at lest 12 packs of peanuts from my flight! the Stewards just kept coming by with them. LOL
after an hour in "Church" I'm finally in my hotel room for the night, and ready to meet up with my friends.
the landscaping is lovely outside the Hotel
but it is awful close to the airport. (couldn't hear the planes at all in the room tho, thank goodness for double soundproof glass)
yay! my friends love me enough to come pick me up at the airport from where they live, way North of Atlanta in a suburb
eating at Martin's with Mike. it's a hole in the wall, and very basic fast food, but dang was it good!
we're here at SFoG. it's a lovely day, tho a bit hot (it was 111 in Austin that day, so I wasn't complaining).
Fairly busy too. . felt bad Mike paid for parking tho, since my pass included free parking.
the Joker "Chaos Coaster" in the Gotham section. . is it a coaster?
nope. .it's a Larson Loop.

it was fun tho. .but NO shade in the queue
the Gotham Crime Wave is, I think, my favorite theming of a wave swinger that I've ever seen. LOVED this.
of course they wanted to take me on Monster Mansion, and I went in knowing nothing, and came out knowing even less.

tho the kiddo "explained" the storyline to me: "they are having a picnic"

yeah, it's a total WTF, and I loved it.
why, yes, we DID sit thru "ShenanniGuns". . . and, why, yes. . .it really was full of terrible puns.
proof we sat and watched it. . LOL (despite having lunch before going to the park, we also took the opportunity to feed the kiddo who declared she was hungry and would NOT accept fries, or chicken fingers. . so Mike went to get Pizza).

what are you gonna do? kids.
I was informed, that the locals call the Great American Scream Machine -- 'GASM

So here is Mike and I making our 'gasm faces, with a very unimpressed person behind us in line.
it LOOKS like it should have a ton of airtime, but it didn't. think it was the trains being used.

that's the evil Blue Hawk behind it.
Touch the Bunny!
Touch it!
still touching
still touching
wait. . too much touching?

Sylvester has no F's to give. . . no DC heroes in the park today, so he'll pose like Superman
Mindbender doing it's thing as we are headed out
this awesome Harley Quinn Santeria candle is something I'd never seen before. I eyeballed it quite a bit on Sunday, but didn't grab it until 2 days later (when Phil let me use his Platinum Membership to get it for 50% off).

then I schlepped it around for 2 weeks while on the trip.
was worth it. . how cool is this??

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:29 pm

Nice little "preview day"! You totally got the Atlanta welcome wagon. :lol:

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:00 pm

Love that candle! :) Great Pre-TPR... TR! Looking forward to more, Bert.

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 5:52 pm

Hip hip hooray, it's the start of your summer TPR trip report!! The name Crime Wave for swings themed to criminals is genius and your Monster Mansion bit has me sitting here chuckling, especially since I've never been to SFOG and have no idea what MM is like. Thankfully I am now informed that the monsters are having a picnic - kids always make things seem super obvious - so I will file that info for future use!

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 6:37 pm

thanks Andrew, Bill, and Liz.

glad y'all are enjoying so far. . tho I got a little bit ahead on the writing before starting to post, I think it's still gonna take me a while to get all the parks up.

and isn't that candle great? (it's already in "it's place" on a bookshelf in the comics room).


surprised no one commented (yet) on the expression on Bug's face/body language, or our "O" face at 'gasm. . . .LOL

Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:02 pm

Hey Bert. My face looked like that after riding Great American Scream Machine on the TPR USA 2018 trip. It meant never again. The back seat was a bit 'rough'. (Or is that an Australian double meaning!!??)


Re: bert joins TPR on the 2018 USA trip

Sat Aug 18, 2018 7:28 pm

UA991 wrote:Hey Bert. My face looked like that after riding Great American Scream Machine on the TPR USA 2018 trip. It meant never again. The back seat was a bit 'rough'. (Or is that an Australian double meaning!!??)


*this* face, Darryl?

:Pr :Pr :lol: :lol:
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