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Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:33 pm

Hey Guys

About two weeks ago on Thursday August 2nd I started a vacation with my mom to Denmark, but mostly Sweden. It all started in Switzerland, we flew from Basel to Copenhagen with Easyjet. After the landing we went to our Hotel and then to Tivoli Copenhagen. We arrived at the Tivoli at around 6:30pm, but it was open until 11pm. I choosed to go on this day since we already had to leave the next day at 3pm by train...
So we went in and first I took a ride on their old woodie with a brakeman, Rutschebanen. Man this ride is very good for it's age! Smooth, good theming, cool ride ops and some great airtime, especially in the front seat. :airtime: The line for Rutschebanen was full, but it has very good operations, so it was just about 5-10mins.
Next up we went on Daemonen, it is a small but good B&M floorless. But ONE thing annoyed me there a lot! The veeeeeryy long dispath times due to the VR! While all other rows were ready to dispatch, they were just starting on getting out the VR goggles for the few VR riders. But this is a problem of the VR and not of the park, but it still annoys that they need like 3-4mins per VR train while they could get a non VR train ready in 1min.
Continuing the circuit I rode the kiddie coaster for the count, and this thing just makes 7 laps, oh and it has like crazy airtime in the backrow! :lmao:
The sun started going down and we went to eat something. I had some fried fish fillets, where you just tasted the crust, but not the fish. But one thing made it probably the best food in this trip, the fries! Man I couldn't belive that fries can be sooo good. Crunchy outside, but soft inside, and a perfect taste! :lover:
With a satisfied stomach I went on riding Rutschebanen again. Then continued with the Starflyer, the powered coaster and then we wanted to ride Daemonen again, but we were too late, they closed the line at 10:15pm. So I then went quickly to Rutschebanen to get another ride on it. They then closed this line as well while I was riding it, so that every ride was closed and empty by 10:30pm. It was a short but still nice day at Tivoli Copenhagen.

On Friday we made some sightseeing and then took the train at 3pm to go to sweden. We went to a friend of my mom who has a little restaurant in the woodlands of sweden. There we stayed for two nights before our journey continued on Sunday evening, where we took the train to Göteborg. :b

Enough of talking, here are some photos I made:
In the train in Switzerland from my hometown to the airport in Basel.
That's my flight
Flying over Germany
Arrived at Tivoli Copenhagen
It is right in front of the central station
Their under construction mondial shake
Daemonen, this drop was neat, first a helix and then the drop
And a pretty small but fun zero-g-roll
Sweet ride
Suspended flying carpet
And the powered coaster over a kiddie ride
The landscape in the park is just beautiful
Especially in the sunset
Some more Rutschebanen, and it's getting dark
And a quick shot of the powered coaster from the Starflyer Q
Smørebrød (translated it means butter bread)
Bus through the woodlands of Sweden (and yes this is around rush hour)
And at Juvengard in Sweden, they had a beautiful lake there, where we went swimming.

The first few days were nice, but the big things are just about to come up, so stay tuned. :D

End of part one.
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Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:39 pm

Nice report! Tivoli Gardens really does look beautiful. That's too bad about VR on Daemonen, but those dispatch times sadly sound pretty good for VR. :?r

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Tue Aug 14, 2018 3:10 pm

Great awesome start to your report! And I absolutely, f***ing adore :lover: :lover: :lover: Tivoli.

Been there two times with TPR, and it was such an amazing in-the-city park.
And they still kept room for wonderful landscaping, as well as in the park, too!

Great photos too. I love all the "Jules Verne/H.G. Wells tech theming" on the newer flats.

Looking forward to more of your trip! :airtimer:

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Wed Aug 15, 2018 3:05 am

Great report to the point :)

But holy :wtf: The theming on that new Shake ride?

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Thu Aug 23, 2018 2:10 pm

After a while I continue with part 2 of this trip report:

August 6th: Liseberg

After arriving in Göteborg in the evening of August 5th, we took the tram from the train station to our hotel and went directly past Liseberg, in fact, our hotel was almost next to Liseberg, just on the other side of the highway.
The next morning we went to the supermarket for breakfast and had a great view of the park. With a satisfied stomach we then headed for Liseberg. After getting our wristbands, we headed to the back of the park for Balder, because the park was already open for 30mins by the time we got there and the major rides in the front had some decent Q's. After about a 10-15 min wait we sat in the train. The ride was good, but nothing spectacular. Don't get me wrong, I like Balder and its great airtime, but that's it, there is just nothing else there, just the airtime, and the boring curves, it is just so repetitive.
We then took the rear escalator up to Aerospin and rode it, since it was a walk-on. My Mum made a gently view flight and I, well, everyone knows :lmao: Unfortunately the flip-counter wasn't working, but I'd guess around 10 flips, I still wanted my stomach to get through the other rides.
We went over to Helix, but decided to do the Gyro Drop first, since the Q for Helix was around 50mins. Atmosfear looks very impressive with it's height and theming, but it's just your standard Intamin Gyro Drop. After a great Burger from MAX we went down to ride Lisebergbanen, a fun, tall, long and smooth Schwarzkopf classic. I love how it interacts with the terrain and the other rides.
We continued to the back, heading for Valkyria. It was now doing a lot of test runs and there went a train over the track like every minute. But on this day it kept closed for public, since the opening was on 10th and here it was the 6th. It's sad, but the ride still looks impressive, especially the overbank. Here I made a video of a test run.
By now I hadn't made Helix, so it was time to ride it. The board said 20-30mis by now, but it still was a 45min wait we later realized, but it was worth it. Probably the wrong displayed Q was due to the new seat belts, which had slowed the operations down. At least you could hear the phenomenal music from IMAscore, which sounds even better in the q-line than if you listen to it at home. And now, let's take a ride.
The ride starts right out of the station into a corckscrew. After a long turn you reach the first launch, or how I like to call it: straight uphill track with constant speed. It's so weak, probably your standard everyday car accelerates better than the launches of Helix. Well, then you hit some more inversions, two camelbacks with some nice air, and you twist down into an helix. After the second straight uphill track with constant speed you get to the highest point of the ride, the inverted top hat with some good hangtime. After that comes my favorite element, the 3rd camelback with some insane airtime :airtime: . After a rather pointless s-curve you get to the finale with a good Mack heartline-roll. It is a very good Mack coaster and also ranking high under my ridden coasters, but sorry, Taron is just better.
After some more rides on Helix my mother went back to the hotel, since she got tired. I then made the kiddie credits, made some more rides on Balder and Lisebergbanen and finally some Helix nightrides until the park closes. While the line for Helix closed around 20mins earlier, I then made 2 more rides on Atmosfear after my last Helix ride to end the day.

It was a great day, even though it was raining a little and Valkyria wasn't open, but I had my fun. :D
On the way to the supermarket
And Valkyria
Looks good
Station of Valkyria
Straight uphill track with constant speed :P
And a Schwarzkopf classic
Well here I don't need to write which ride this is
Helix Q
I see some wheels on a transfer track
And some more Q. To be honest, even though the Q is mostly steel an concrete with lights, it feels good with the music from IMAscore
Bye you guys, have a great ride.
And here comes my train
And this small and peacful looking camelback in the back delivers you some insane airtime <3
Oh and I almost forgot the kiddie credits
And Valkyria looks so epic with it's colors in the grey clouds
And so does Helix
Goodnight Liseberg, I had a very pleasant day and I will come back some time in the future.

End of part 2, soon I'll continue with the next park on this trip. A small hint, even though probably all know it already. It is in number of rides the smallest park, but the most anticipated one for me.

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Sat Nov 17, 2018 5:36 pm

August 7th: Kolmården

The day started early in the morning in Götheborg. After a short night we packed our stuff and went to the train station, where we took the train to go to Kolmården. I was very excited for this day since I could ride my first RMC, but also that it was on my birthday. The train departured on time, but stopped about two miles after we have left the station, because the train was broken! So we were sitting around for almost an hour until the train started moving very slowly, but it only went as far as another mile to the next station, where we had to get off and take the next train. So finally with not getting our connecting trains at the stations we had to change, we finally arrived at Kolmården at 1pm instead of 11am. And unlike the other scandinavian parks, Kolmården closes at 6pm and the rides at 5:30pm, so it was even more annoying that I had 2 hours less to spend there, but in the end I still had a great day.

So after arriving we put our luggage in the fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo and started by getting up the escalator. We then approached the first kids area, where I quickly got the credit and then continued right on. Since my mum also wanted to watch the animals, we split up and I headed of course directly to Wildfire. After about 10mins of quick walking a not so tall wooden coaster appeared. But after walking the path down the hill, the coaster looked taller and taller and finally you are standing in front of it's entrance and look very excited at this sign: WILDFIRE. I walked underneath it and then had to wait 4 trains for my turn. They were just running one train, which would have been fine, but the operations were slow, so it took them 15-20mins to dispatch 4 trains. One problem was that the lapbars only opened after pushing them down and you had to push quite hard to open them. And the combination of a seatbelt around the waist and a lapbar costs time as well. But now enough of the grumble, let's ride it.
I could choose my row, so of course I headed directly to the back row. The ride started with a turn and then you climb up this giant lifthill. At the top you take a 270 degree turn to the right which pumps you up with maximum excitement :br , and then you drop. Well you get pulled down the drop and out of your seat. :airtimer: After the drop down over the rocks you fly up into the zero-g-stall, my new favorite element. It is so weird but awesome being upside-down, but feeling 0g! After that you continue with a wrong banked turn which I really liked as well. After rushing through a tiny and fog filled shed the ride continues with several airtime hills, some twists and turns and two rolls. In the last third the ride looses a bit of it's momentum and misses a great finale. But it is still a very good coaster and I really enjoyed riding it. After some rides I went down to the other kiddie area and got the last credit and something to eat. Then I met with my mum and we made a ride on Wildfire together and she loved the ride as well. She then continued with watching the animals and I got some more rides until the park closed. In the end I got 7 rides on Wildfire.
To end the day we ate a Pizza in the town and then took the train to Stockholm, our last stop on this trip.

And now the photos from this day and my POV of Wildfire:

Finally I am here
Just getting the credit, nothing more to see here
Ahh look at this
Going up the lifthill
And into the brakes
Another lifthill shot from the Q
And the station from the outside
And from the inside
Yep Backrow :P
Some facts
And now the other kiddie credit
But you can't miss Wildfire from there
I wish I was riding this coaster right now (no I don't mean the one with the dolphin on the frontcar)
And (afternoon) lunch with Wildfire
We are on the lifthill....
This ride looks soo massive and beautiful as well :D
Onride photo of my mother and me. (I'm the one with the Expedition GeForce T-shirt and the wristbands) :p
I have no idea which park will be next on this trip, do you have any idea?

End of this part. I am sorry it took me so long to continue with this photo TR, but this late summer/autumn has been very busy for me. But I still hope you enjoy reading this photo TR.

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:31 pm

Great report! Wildfire really is one photogenic coaster.

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:04 pm

Great report! Sweden is at the top of my list for places to go in Europe for sure.

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Mon Nov 19, 2018 5:43 am

Excellent report! I really enjoyed Kolmarden, and not just for Wildfire. Their animal exhibits were very well done, and I liked their "aerial safari" tram ride.

Re: Photo TR: A Swiss in Sweden and Denmark

Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:00 am

Looks like a great trip and it's awesome you got to spend time doing fun things with your mom!
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