bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

8/22 first Covid trip - pics of new DareDevil Dive ride
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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby bert425 » Mon May 27, 2019 3:30 pm

took a trip down to SFFT Saturday, and despite being super crowded (of course, it's Memorial Day weekend so was expecting that), had a great time.

multiple rides were having issues, but most everything eventually came back up - only exception being Gully Washer (looked like the lift back into load/unload broke - there was a MASSIVE pileup of rafts stuck down below lift - as seen from the Iron Rattler break run. It took them a good 40 minutes to get everyone off the ride, and then it went down for rest of day - and it looked like they were draining it when I was leaving around 7:30. . so maybe to get under the lift mechanism to try to fix?

Bug's Whitewater Rapids flume is back open post refurb - and was pulling a 2hour line (so skipped that today), but the spitting dragon is back up and working again.

Wave Runner (the scrambler) is *still* down. . wonder what the heck is going on with that?

*super* windy today, but huge kudos to SFFT, in that several things never went down for wind all day (IR, Batman (!), and even Scream & Skyscreamer operated all day. Poltergeist and Goliath were up and down a few times, but they kept starting them back up again, and I was able to get rides on both with shortish lines.

as to Joker - photo update below

a little disappointed they still don't have any shows running in the theaters (only a couple of live music shows in the Los Festivales amphitheater). . .but, I guess it IS still May, so it's early yet.

on to pics:
I'm here again.

It was crowded as all hell, but I knew it would be due to the Holiday weekend. Still, most of the crowd was in the Waterpark, and all coasters were running at least 2 trains, which kept lines manageable (I'd say most were between 30minutes to an hour - tho SF is continuing to hold lines before Flash Pass merge points, so on some rides where the merge point is fairly far back from the load station (Iron Rattler, Superman, Batman, Pirates of the Deep Sea, Goliath), what looks like a long line, really isn't more than 15 minutes, there's just a large "hold" area they keep open in case any Flash Pass folks show up, and if not, then they let the line move every 5 minutes or so. It can add some time to waiting in the line, even if it doesn't really add any time to the ride wait - since once the standby line is released, you go all the way up to the stations.

they sold a TON of Flash Passes today, as I saw lots of folks using them. . tho I got by without any issues (course, I had the whole day, so didn't mind waiting in any lines).
they've done some decorating in Los Festivales since I was last there, including a nice (if generic), SFFT sign, and some pretty cool sun and flag decorations.
It was windy, but since I saw it operating on my walk in from parking lot? first stop was Iron Rattler.

even with Flash Pass operator holding line prior to the last two ramps up to station? Not much of a wait when I first arrived.
No sign of the Rattlesnake fountain/sculpture at the entrance to Iron Rattler either. .that's been gone for "Refub" for a while now too. . . but they otherwise are still keeping the theming on the ride queue, so that's nice.

the whole queue was set up, in preparation for the large holiday crowd - tho when I swung by for a re-ride post 5pm (after a lot of school groups had headed out), they had opened the bypass gates again, so the queue went directly from the entrance to the "ramps to station" without having to snake thru the rock gardens
I always get the pics now since i have the season photo pass
ChopSix had a way shorter line this time, and the Salad was nowhere near as fresh as it had been on my prior visit (soggy "crispy" noodles. . ew). . . but it was OK.
hopped on the train, to let lunch settle. . and it promptly shut down due to "mechanical issues"

they had it back up later in the afternoon, but after sitting for 10 minutes, decided just to walk over to Superman to get a ride.
Supes was running fantastic, and had a great ride.

two photo frame options for Supes now too.
noticed that Wonder Woman wasn't running tho, so instead wandered over to Batman, stopping to take some pics of Joker Construction along the way
looks like majority of ride is now on site, the supports -with a great Green/Purple color scheme. that is gonna look fantastic on the skyline. Can't wait to see what those LEDs are gonna look like at night!
looks like the fun-house queue has progressed really nicely (is that a "barrel of fun" entrance to the queue? . .hard to tell since it's so dark in there)
Tho the ride chassis itself was nowhere to be seen.
speaking of chassis - Whirlygig now has the chassis back on the foundation (instead of rusting in the grass by Batman's queue), and looked like some maintenance work is getting done on it. No sign of any of the covering wrap, or the chairs - and oddly, the "Whirlygig" sign is still in place at the ride entrance. Wonder if they tabled the re-theme for the moment, and just are going to reopen as is? no idea, but the thought did cross my mind.
I'm just happy to see something back on the pad
since I was over there, I went ahead and got in line for Batman (which due to the way they hold the line for Flash Pass, actually was filled out into the overflow queue - even tho it was only about a 20 minute wait).

this original S&S Freespin installation still packs a hell of a punch, and I flipped no less than 6 times during my ride. . it was GREAT (as long as you know how to ride: *tight* restraints, and push back into the seat so you flip with it, instead of bouncing in and out of the seat / restraint during the flips).
what's this I see over in the area off of Batman's queue? (over where they had been storing Whirligig's chassis)??

A logo sign (2 of them, actually - so either one for ride entrance, or on either side of the top) for the new Joker Ride
another angle of the Joker supports from over by the Eagle zipline queue, but I noticed the train was now running again.
so. . since it was hard to get a pic of the Joker signs from the Batman queue, and they *were* right next to the train tracks. . . . I decided to walk back over to the train, to take a lap of the park
I noticed from the train, that SFFT now has fountains to make the area near the fireworks stuff a bit more interesting.

Bellagio fountains they aint. . but still, nice of them to try something a bit interesting. (there was piped in music and the water "danced" to it).
view of Joker from the train
close up of one of the supports, from the train
better view of the Joker signs from the train
I noticed while on the train, that Wonder Woman had started cycling empty trains, so got off in Spassburg and walked over to Wonder Woman, and was rewarded with almost a walk on - 2 train wait.

the Flash pass operator told me they had been down for mechanical issues, and just reopened.
So it really worked in my favor.

and of course, they placed me in back row (again). . LOL. I love it in the back on this coaster. .it just FLIES with massive ejector air, but the support is on the shoulders not the legs, so I don't mind it at all. it's a much wilder ride in the back.
I decided to get off and get right back in line, even tho in the short time I had been on my almost walk on ride, the line grew to over 30 minutes (but again, I was here for the day, so didn't mind).

here's what it looked like when I got right back in line. By the time I got to the short section to the station, the line was already stretching back up to the main entrance - at least an hour 1/2 wait by then. . so glad I got my rides in almost back to back.
was able to get some fun pics from the queue, and the sun hiding behind a cloud.
2nd ride, and yep, they placed me in the back.
after Wondy, headed over to Poltergeist (my favorite coaster in the park), which didn't have a large line, but due to the loading of these trains, even a short line *always* takes forever.

the restraints are just funky, and not forgiving at all of some body types - especially if a person has larger thighs, or a decent belly. (it's that side seatbelt connector that's the culprit). . so it always takes forever to load, as people always get walked after trying it out. wish this coaster would put in a test seat, to help with load times. . but oh well.

So this wait was about 35 minutes, but not too bad, since I had an Icee to sip on while waiting.
but when I finally got up to the station?

DENIED!.. ride down for wind.

waited it out, or at least planned to, since Goliath had gone down too, but after about 10 minutes, that one started cycling trains, and Poltergeist was still down. Another 5 minutes, and they announced they did not know when/if Poltergeist would re-open, but we were welcome to wait.

another 5, and the line completely cleared out, and since Goliath was now cycling with riders, I decided to go ahead and head over there to get a ride, and would try Poltergeist again later. ..
only about a 5 minute wait for Goliath, since they were cycling 2 trains, and it had just reopened (and it was near the front of the park, so unless you're on that side of park? you don't see it running).
the paint on this still looks fantastic from the repaint late last year, and it's still as forceful as ever. Great ride.
while in Queue for Goliath, I noticed the massive amounts of cars/buses leaving the parking lot.

it was close to 5:30, so decided I'd take a lap of the park (gotta get my steps in :)) and check out what kind of line Iron Rattler had now.

it was actually shorter than it had been earlier in the day (and as noted prior, they had opened up all the queue gates, so I was able to go all the way up the 3rd ramp in the queue). So only about a 10 minute wait.
worth it. . I always go for the back car on this coaster, the dive from the canyon wall into the tunnel is so much more intense in the back. . as is the barrel roll over the drop.
shoulda sad on the left to get a better picture tho.
I continued my way around the park, and a quick check on Wonder Woman showed a pretty full queue still. So since I had ridden twice, decided not to be greedy, and went to the boardwalk, and over to Pirates.

only one other person was in the line outside. . it looked closed, so I actually asked the flash pass guy if it was? he told me that they were open, and feel free to get in line.

so. . . yeah. no one in line, but he was holding if for flash pass (oy). it's a shame, really, because they spent so much effort on the fantastic queue for this ride, but because of where they hold it? once he let us in? walked right past all the theming, and right onto the loading platform, with no time to even glance at the queue theming, unless you make an effort to stop to look.

anyways, got my best score ever on it. . not bad, and well above the "high" score needed :)
Pandemonium also had no line, so although I don't often ride this spinning coaster (typically only when visiting with my spouse), I hopped in the short line.

and it promptly went down for mechanical issue.

not sure what was going on, a few folks left the line, but I decided to give it 10 minutes or so. Never saw any maintenance guys come over, or anyone come talk to the operator at the panel.. . but after sitting with nothing moving? the ride just started moving again, and they started loaded cars, and we were off.

so, yeah. . that was weird.

it was nice to see them back up to 6 cars on this tho, as last time we rode it? they were only cycling 4 cars.

had a fun ride, tho not all that much spinning. but still fun.
it was getting close to 7, so figured I'd hit the Carousel and head out.

on the way back to the main gates, noticed Poltergeist was running again -- and the line was only to the bottom of the station stairs (so maybe a 15 minute wait?). . so hopped in line for that, and got to ride my park favorite.
then it was Carousel time.

and, yay, got to ride on my multi-colored eyes, white rabbit.

so ended the day on a great note.
as noted . . didn't ride Bugs, since with Gully Washer down, the other water ride really had a long line.

but they fixed the spraying dragon.. so stopped on way to front to take some pics of folks getting sprayed :)
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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby Nrthwnd » Mon May 27, 2019 3:47 pm

Great re-visit, Bert! And although I have been "pushing" for an El Loco to come to Playland, the Wonder Woman single rail coaster would be an a-may-zing alternative, LOL! Or maybe...both!

Thanks for sharing the visit. :airtime:
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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby bert425 » Tue May 28, 2019 9:13 am

thanks Bill.

yeah, Wonder Woman packs a hell of a punch, in such a fairly small footprint.

start lobbying Playland to get one :)

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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby Canobie Coaster » Tue Jun 04, 2019 11:35 am

Great report! I guess I've been lucky during my visits as wind has never been an issue.
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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby bert425 » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:09 pm

^ thanks.

and someone posted on the TPR facebook group, that they have started the "wrapping" on the Whirlygig with the DC villains, so apparently the overlay has now started happening.

it looks great thus far, and can't wait to get back in a couple of weeks to see the progress on that!

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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby bert425 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:45 pm

wanted to get my photo TR report up from last Friday before too much time passes - since they are apparently already starting to test Joker.

this is mainly gonna be pictures, since not a whole lot to add detail wise from what I noted on the SFFT thread the other day:

bert425 wrote:-- Joker is looking fantastic. (no other signage other than "the Joker". . so wonder if they are just going with THAT name instead of "Carnival of Chaos" ?) edit: they are still referring to it as "Joker: Carnival of Chaos" on the Fiesta Texas website.
*They were testing lighting package yesterday afternoon. . some really nice red,yellow,green lights.
*It changes the skyline of the park and is visible from Loop 1604 (now I understand why they put the logo on both sides of the top - it's gonna be visible at night from the freeway/loop).
*the funhouse queue? the front is along the lines of what SFA did for Joker's Jinx. . really well done thus far, can't wait to see what's inside (and tho hard to see in the pic? the traditional version of "Joker" is on the wall just inside the mouth).
*water dummies were on the ride pad (if not on the ride itself), so they are close to starting testing.
*looks like other than testing, the only other things still needed is concrete pours in the queue. Was told they are targeting "early July" opening. . . I'll bet they are trying for in 2 weeks - 4th of July weekend.

-- Whirlygig re-theme is about 2/3rds done, and they even have the new ride sign up (DC Supervillain Swing).
*not GREAT name, I do wish they had just gone with "Crime Wave" as SFOG did. . . but it looks great thus far

-- Several Rides having issues
* Wave Runner (Scrambler) is still down. no movement, still just a sign in front of it

* Spinsanity (next gen tilt a whirl) down. Someone was standing by the ride when I walked by both times, so might just be a mechanical issue that was just for yesterda

*Pandemonium is back to only running 4 cars (or maybe they just had 4 on yesterday)

*Wonder Woman is running one train. Ride Techs were working on a 2nd train in the storage area, but the 3rd train appeared to be in pieces and in the middle of major refurb. (wonder if that's the train that had 3 seats roped off on my last visit). They have a sign out front noting, but 8 seats / 1 train? made for longest line in the park. . skipped it this trip.

*Bug's Whitewater Rapids queue is hot (A/C is out?) and most all of the show scenes now don't even have the lights on anymore! The only two scenes even lit were the Bugs jack in the box in the opening room (near a posted sign noting
"pardon our dust, improvements are happening"), and the sleeping dragon - which was lit *and* still had the audio of it snoring.
The TVs in the queue (the ones that were on) are no longer showing the "Singing Sword" cartoon and were just showing DC Superhero trivia.
The "Spitting Dragon" on the ride itself? no longer working, tho it was running just the other day. (Course, if it's connected to whatever electrical issues are going on with the A/C in the queue?. . maybe that's why?)

Wonder if there's a retheme about to happen here? Did Six Flags decide to stop using the Looney Tunes characters? (figures nowhere to be seen on Roadrunner anymore. . and 2nd visit where I didn't see any costumed characters out).

*Pirates of Deep Sea many of the fantastic "guns" on the ride, are already gone - and replaced with the old Scooby Doo Ghostblasters guns. I asked about it, as it totally ruins what they were trying to do with the theme. and was told that guests keep breaking the guns, and they needed guns that works, so that's what they had to put in :(

*Poltergeist was only running 1 train (again). Tho to be honest, the restraints on this one are so weird, that if they were running 2, they'd be stacking and leaving folks sitting out in the sun on the brake run. so maybe that's why only 1 train?

but, really not complaining - just informing. Still had a great day.

Superman & Goliath were hauling butt. Iron Rattler is running fantastic - tho I did notice the back car has developed a slight "rattle". . .it was weird riding an RMC that's not completely smooth - but in this case? it's really slight, and didn't bother me at all. and it works with the theme of the ride.

They've started the nightly fireworks / canyon projection show, and it looks great!

the heat kept most people in the waterpark - and made for short waits on the dry areas of the park. Gully Washer refurb was great, and they had the waterfall on - made for a soaking good ride.

got my favorite picture so far this year, on Bugs'. I noticed when downloading, that if I take the frame off, the camera actually caught Screaming Eagle Zipline in the background of the picture. Love it.

Look at all those cars!

luckily most everyone was in waterpark. really light lines on any "dry" rides in the park.
Iron Rattler back seat was 1 train wait. . so even tho was hungry for lunch, 1st stop was IR.
wow.. what a difference a few weeks post opening makes. never seen a line this short at Chop Six since it came to the park.
the cold Chicken salad is still good tho, and has become my "go to" lunch on the meal plan.
they did a great job converting the area next to Chop Six as seating for the restaurant (both under umbrella d tables, and under a covered barn structure).

get some good views of Iron Rattler's Barrel Roll from here too while eating.
decided that since it was a light day, would just go around riding pretty much everything I like.. so went back to Roadrunner for a walk on ride.
Followed by another stop at Iron Rattler. .this time next to last row, which took maybe 8 minutes wait.
Haven't been on Gully Washer since maybe 2017, and not since they finished the Re-furb, so even tho it was probably a 20 minute wait (water ride) decided to go for it (I had brought a plastic bag for my stuff in case the waterfall was on)
Lovely queue
with some nice views of the "short-ish" but wet ride
I be chillin. . was advertising some Ice Cream or something, I think, with a cut out to put ones face in. . .I just stood in front.
really nice thing about the Gully Washer line? Some GREAT views of Iron Rattler.
dive off the canyon into the tunnel
turnaround from 1st drop, into the Barrel Roll.
yep.. the waterfall was on!
see? (you can't really see it from the entrance line, but sure can see it from the exit)
Joker really changes the skyline of the park, from both outside, and from inside.
from the Skyscreamer queue. Joker was testing the lights, but wasn't able to get a good pic, since it was so bright today.
the funhouse queue for Joker pendulum ride
the ride is complete. . looks like they are pretty much done with assembly, just working on the concrete / queue area still.
a bit dark, but in the mouth is the classic version of the Joker painted on the wall
Loop de Loop!
the re-theme of Whirlygig to DC Supervillains Swing is coming along quickly now too.

they have the sign up.
and a lot of work done on it already.

tho I think they still have some more design to add on the "stalk"
lots of bad guys represented here
water dummies are out. . looks like they are gonna start testing soon (I've heard they have since started).
since everything was pulling short lines, went to check out Wonder Woman, and found this sign out front.

I mean, at least they are telling people, if not being specific. The line looked really short, but there was a steady flow of folks coming OUT the entrance. So I went in, and saw that two of the trains were in the maintenance shed - one in pieces, and one being worked on by people. so the ride only was running 1 train. hence the short line, was moving REALLY slowly.

I decided I'll just ride it next time and moved onto the boardwalk.
sad face. . one of the replacement guns on Pirates of the Deep Sea
sadder face - really? one of the Old Scooby Doo
Poltergeist line was lengthy enough that i skipped it for now, so after walk on rides on Pandemonium, Scream, Hustler, and Fireball, I went over to the Carousel.

despite there literally being only 5 other people in line? one of the teenagers hopped on the white bunny with the two different color eyes that I always ride here.

So I just went to the Brown Bunny.
not really anyone else riding. but hey, they didn't know that i try to always ride the Bowie Bunny
at least got to ride by a bear.
still no line when our cycle ended, so walked around, got back on, and got to ride the White Bunny.
Went into Sangerfest Halle to get a drink, and noticed the murals on the walls by the restroom.

I'd never noticed these before, and got a chuckle out of the police man pointing to the mens room (shades of George Michael!!!).
and the "lady of the evening" hanging out by the Womens.

just what is Six Flags trying to say here? LOL
the A/C seemed to be out in Bugs Bunny Whitewater Rapids, and they have this sign in the main entrance way (not sure if it's just for the AC, or if they are re-doing the scenes? or if pulling them out).
this room is lit up, at least, but nothing Bugs Bunny figure-wise in it.

Water ride, so a bit of a line here.
at least they still (currently) have Yosemite riding the dragon at the start of the flume itself.
I see you Screaming Eagle.
Decided to ride Superman next, so crossed the bridge, and into a 10 minute (maybe) wait.
Get a good view of the park/Joker from the stairs up.
and the Joker Ride itself from the exit ramps.
after a few more rides here and there, I headed towards Iron Rattler for another lap (terrible pic this time, so didn't get) and then took the train to get some more pics of Joker.
this is the side that faces the 1604 Loop. . gonna look great at night.
got off at the Spassburg station, and headed back to Poltergeist. It was a short line, but still took a bit, since Poltergeist has such oddball restraints.

I was talking to the folks behind me in line, who were noting how slow the line was moving and i said to them that the loading takes so long because the restraints don't consistently restrict only certain body types. I went on to note that i had never been on the ride, where at least 1 person had to be walked from the train.

we finally got into the station, and we got the back two rows. The train that was loading took a long time as they were checking restraints. .and sure enough, a girl with large thighs (a slim girl tho), had to leave the train as the restraint wouldn't lock. Once it finally launched and cycled back, we were on. and our train had TWO folks that had to walk: a slim, but very tall guy, and a guy that had a big beer belly.

I really wish they would put a test seat out front, but then again? we all know it would make no difference, as folks would just walk right by it and still have the same issues. Maybe the trains just need a re-design?

Still my favorite ride in the park tho.
peeked into Goliath's line and found complete walk on, so grabbed a couple of laps.
Once again, I've still never had a funnel cake - despite being willing to get one!
Because this was the line at the stand in Los Festivales.

LOL. .almost the longest line I saw all day (I had a roasted ear of corn instead).

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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby Nrthwnd » Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:15 pm

Great TR, Bert! You have such a nice home park. I still enjoy seeing that cliff area that has the coaster running over and back up onto it. And the train that runs through a bit of it, of course.

And of those three on-ride pix of the Rapids.... that third one I like the best, The rainbow person looks like they're going to hurl.....and the two behind you, look like they already are. Hurling. And then there's that zip line rider just passing by, lol.

Thanks for sharing your recent visit there. :smile:
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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby bert425 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 7:13 pm

^ thanks Bill.

it really is a great park.

wonder what's up this week tho? when I went to look to see if they are calling Joker, "Joker: Carnival of Chaos" on the website, I noticed they have a bunch of rides listed as "Temporarily not operating" (including Wonder Woman & Spinsanity, among others)... that's crazy that they have so much down.

still, a LOT of people go just for the waterpark area, and it's always a great time just to walk around there.

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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby prozach626 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:53 am

wrong thread.

Does Jeff Johnson count this donkey as a credit?
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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Postby appel » Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:46 am

Hi Bert,
thanks for posting regular updates of your park visits.
We will visit Fiesta Texas in August and we are wondering if Wonder Woman has reopened?
The website still says temporarily closed, but lists it as open.
When I contacted Six Flags via Email regarding the status of Bug's Rapids earlier, they told me that it is open, despite their website saying temporarily closed. So I assume they don't update the website too often?
Any info from you appreciated.
Thank you.
Greetings from Germany, Boris.


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