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Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:55 pm

Went to the park yesterday, 3/24/19 and had a wonderful time.

figured it would be either slammed or dead, as it was the last day of "Spring Break" (they had been open daily the whole week).

started out overcast, and turned into a gorgeous day by about 3pm, but by then folks were already in the park or not. Ended up not being too crowded.

mostly will be photos this report, since I found a new spot to take pics from (under the flume near Lone Star Lil's exit), so got some interesting angles I'd not seen before.

I also made sure to get pics of the still nearly empty Bugs Whitewater Rapids queue, when walking thru. SO ODD that this, and Roadrunner Express are missing most of the Looney Tunes characters (that the rides are named after), tho the LT characters (including Pepe Le Pew, and Marvin Martian) were out and about in the park. so it's not a case of them phasing the characters out.

but here's what I posted yesterday in the SFFT thread:

bert425 wrote:took a visit to Fiesta today, and had a great time (Pepe LePew, and Marvin Martian were both out and about!).

I'll have a report up in the next couple of days, but some take-aways:

-- the fingerprint scanners are not being utilized at the front gates. they are now covered up with tarp, and they scan your Pass/membership with what looked like an iPad, then took a picture to tie face to the card.

I asked the staffer if they are no longer going to use fingerprints at all, and she said she thinks the scanners are going to be removed in the next few weeks. I asked if it was due to that "Mother didn't give consent for her child's fingerprint" lawsuit, and she said if she had to guess? that's the likely reason.

-- Chop Six is not open yet, but it looks like it's getting close. I suspect it will be open in the next week or so.

- apparently a change for 2019, but I JUST noticed it on this visit: Icees are now considered an option for "snack"
(so won't be standing in long A$$ lines at Johnny Rockets for shakes any more).

- they soft opened both the Train & Gully Washer, neither was planned to be back up until April from the maintenance
(I'm wondering if they opened those because Superman was down - was talking to a "Super"visor (LOL) at the ride entrance and he told me that it went down yesterday and they had fixed it but it was not opening today because they had to wait for an inspection. I told *him* Gully Washer was open, and he was surprised, but I showed him a pic I took of folks on it). Hurricane Force 5 was also down for some reason. With Hustler down for refurb, Whirlygig still in pieces for the retheme, and Joker not built yet?. . guess they needed to get more rides open ASAP)

everything else was operating.

(and the repaint on the Hustler "pool table" looks fantastic. no pool balls in sight, but the table, looked great.

anyways, on to pics:
day is starting off a little overcast, but it seems to be keeping the crowds away
new front gate operations - no fingerprint scanners anymore
"Six Flags Professional Pic". . and it came out. . not as good as the pics from my iPhone 8

too funny . .and he had a "real" camera.
when it's this light crowd wise? Head to iron Rattler first, even if Goliath looked like it had almost no wait.
yep. . pretty much a walk on.
my 2nd time thru. . still was only station wait, but the design of the station is simply so bad, I don't understand why the Six Flags staff isn't THERE directing people, instead of two ramps down, holding the line prior to Flash Pass.

if you've not been in this station, the queue dumps out in the MIDDLE of the station. so anyone who wants to wait for Front or Back rows (which have extended queue you can get into once you're in the main station), tends to then block at this choke point, backing the line up, when there is plenty of space in any row.

Seriously, less than 2 minutes after this picture? I was on the coaster in row 2 (granted, sharing an open seat with someone, but still. .less than 2 minutes for front car).
but hey. . they finally got picture frames for IR! Not sure what the heck that tower thing is, as it's nothing liek the design of the ride. . but hey, a picture frame. (this is back row)
TWO PICTURE FRAME options! (so did one for each ride, this is 2nd row)

At least this frame looks like the actual ride.

still. .pretty good, from zero options to two options.
holding camera over the fences for a peek at "Chop Six"

looks like it's just about ready, wont' surprise me if it opens next weekend.
Gully Washer was up and running, which was a pleasant surprise, as the website noted it was down for maintenance and wasn't supposed to be up until April.

Not many takers when I walked by (I didn't want to ride it either), but by mid afternoon? it was pulling a healthy line.
such a pretty park.
hey there
the Train was up and running too (yet another ride noted on the website as down for maintenance until April, but was up and running).

they were also running the little castaways teacups ride across from the Carousel. First time I've seen it staffed and running in a long, long time. (maybe because Hustler is down for refurb?)
take the tunnel !!!
IR doing it's thing, with that upcharge launched thing.

they were only charging $10 a person for both this, and $10 for the zipline over (the closed) Superman. Both of them had lines of customers when I passed by.
IR cresting the hill
Still overcast, but made for a nice pic of Skyscreamer
I actually rode Zoom Jets. . LOL. . all the times I've been in this park, and I've never gotten on it.

it's fun, but it's Dumbo/Batwing/Jasmine's Carpets.

I also considered for a moment, riding the park's Roller Skater, as I've never been on it, and there was no line. But ultimately decided I'm not enough of a credit whore to care about it, so even tho it's neat in that it's built over water? I didn't bother.
Zoom Jets sign
Was getting hungry, but on the way, swung into Bug's White Water Rapids, to see if the Looney Tunes figures were back in the queue.


and the TVs weren't playing the Singing Sword cartoon either :( (in fact, they were all turned off)

used to be a Yosemite Sam as knight figure in this 1st room.
Empty Throne.

Six Flags theming
Empty corner
well. .at least they kind of fixed this figure (last time I went thru, he was broken at the waist and leaning at an odd angle in a chair). looks like they simply propped him up
sad, empty space for where Bugs should be fighting Sam
Empty Jewelry room, TV off, and no figures.
pretty much the only theming left in the ride queue (tho the course itself still has Bugs, Sam, the Dragon on it).
and hey. . they fixed the camera!

(met these girls in line and we all rode together to get some weight in the log, so we'd get a bigger splash. . tho no one wanted the front row).
oh. . Six Flags has updated the signage for Joker, to reflect "Carnival of Chaos"!
my lunch (from the dining plan). . it was an overcooked Chimichanga & chips w/ queso. . the inside was good tho.
Bugs and Marvin were out doing meet and greets.

wow. .that Marvin outfit is NOT forgiving. . .LOL
of course, after eating, had to ride the Carousel
surprisingly, some of the paint seems to be chipping already. . .still looks beautiful tho!
and I got to ride on "my" white rabbit (with the two different colored eyes)
also remembered this time to get a picture of the organ in the center of the Carousel
Construction seems to have started full tilt on the Joker: Carnival of Chaos.

they were starting to lay down the base/foundation supports
(pic over the construction fencing)
slightly different angle
From the front of the "ride" area
virtually no movement on the Whirlygig retheme (which seems to still be getting called "Crime Wave" (but not "Gotham City Crime Wave").
the Chassis is still sitting over by Batman queue, tho now there are weeds starting to grow thru it.
ah, a smaller sign is also updated to reflect the "Carnival of Chaos" name
but directly across from it is the giant billboard by the construction site -- that refers to it as "Joker's Wild Card"

oh. . .Six Flags. . you are so. . .. Six Flags
No balls in sight, but the base of Hustler is looking fantastic.

this repaint was really needed, and very happy they are putting some $$ into the ride.
Pepe & Sylvester were out!
not the most flattering angle, but hey, it's Pepe Le Pew!
I discovered this walkway behind the bumper cars that I'd never seen before. really liked some of the pics I could take from over here, and with the sun now out, was turning into a beautiful, if warm, day
the backside of water!

(wait. . wrong company)
angle of Skyscreamer I'd not seen before
same with Iron Rattler
even Boomerang looks good from over here
Wonder Woman. .and of course, ended up in the back seat (not that I minded)
it was starting to get hot, so went ahead and hopped on the train for a lap of the park.
whee. . . . train was pretty crowded, which was surprising, as most other rides had turned into Walk Ons
for example: Goliath.

wasn't planning to ride, but on the way out, peeked over to see the line - and it was non-existent around 6pm.

I ended up getting front row to myself as walk on, so went for center to get a decent picture
and like Iron Rattler, Goliath is now offering two photo frames. . from the left. .
and darker, but from the right
I was surprised to see two cameras when riding. .but it is rather cool.
all alone, on Goliath. . front row. . .
Back row of IR, without the photo frame
Bug's WhiteWater Rapids without the Photo frame
Iron Rattler row 2, no photo frame
thanks for reading!

it was a fun afternoon.

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:12 pm

Great shots of your afternoon, Bert! <sighs> Wishing Playland(PNE) was like THIS as a home park, heh.

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:13 pm

Nrthwnd wrote:Great shots of your afternoon, Bert! <sighs> Wishing Playland(PNE) was like THIS as a home park, heh.

it looks like i'm photoshopped in, in the pics at the end.


Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:15 pm

^ Isn't technology wonderful? :lol:

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:20 pm

Great report! Fiesta Texas is the shining example of what a Six Flags park can be.

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 4:23 pm

^ This, and I would like to add Six Flags:Mexico, too. Whatta great SF park, that was. :airtime:

HA! Just realized the Mexico park and this one (and the other SF:Texas park) would make
a great (pardon) Six Flags:Tex-Mex Tour? :smile:

EDIT: Start in Arlington, fly to Mexico(City), then fly back to San Antonio. :airtime:

I have nothing to do, in 2020 or 2021.

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:29 pm

Looks like you had a great time! Still bummed that I missed out on Wonder Woman by about a week, but just an excuse to come back at some point. Just got to come up with some other excuse to travel for work!

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:00 pm

michaellynn4 wrote:Looks like you had a great time! Still bummed that I missed out on Wonder Woman by about a week, but just an excuse to come back at some point. Just got to come up with some other excuse to travel for work!


you'll have Joker, Pirates, Refurbed Carousel, re-painted Hustler, and re-themed Swings as a reason to come back too :)

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Wed Mar 27, 2019 8:45 am

ytterbiumanalyst wrote:Great report! Fiesta Texas is the shining example of what a Six Flags park can be.

even with multiple rides out (and Superman closed all day), it was still a great visit.

they even have started putting in some of the live shows, before the "summer" daily openings.

I stopped in Los Festivales to watch part of the 80's "icons" band. They were pretty good, tho for someone performing Madonna, I was surprised to hear a song that was from the 2000's ("Hung Up") since she was dressed as 80's "boy toy" Madonna. . but I guess as long as she stayed in character. . .LOL

Re: bert goes to Texas Theme Parks (mega thread)

Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:30 pm

Yeah, I don't really expect any Six Flags park to be at 100% this early in the season. And lol at Madonna.... Six Flags always seems to treat shows as an afterthought anyway, so I'm just impressed they got that much right.
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