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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Wed Apr 04, 2018 5:00 pm

Thanks for the comments!

Canobie Coaster wrote:Sky Streak/Titan always intrigued me. It looked like that ride could give some nice air.

Oh, it does, but it's a little strange because it's like the hills aren't shaped quite right. :p That will be in the next update!

djcoastermark wrote:Oh, the boot looking wheel ride was a Chance Sky Diver.

bert425 wrote:that "rotating boot" wheel is a classic carnival midway ride!

Chance Skydiver

Thanks guys! That ride is a definite "no" from me! :lmao:

DirkFunk wrote:The trip over to Boblo is still definitely possible - you jump on a small car ferry in Amherstburg, ON and it's a 5 minute ride over to the dock for the residential area. As a non-resident, you sign a release form, turn left at the Anchor statue, and you'll be in the old park in a few minutes. Lots of wacky stuff is left from the old power house to the big docks to the Observation Tower (!).

I might just have to do this some day. Maybe a Windsor/Amherstburg/Boblo day trip if I'm home in Michigan!

Day 5 -- Selva Mágica

Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:39 pm

Day 5 -- Selva Mágica
Thursday, March 26, 2015


Bullet (x12)
Titan (x3)
-- Lunch --
Bullet (x2)
Los Troncos

The Report:

Heading northbound from downtown Guadalajara, we found our way to the next theme park on our agenda -- Selva Mágica. Translating roughly to "magic jungle" or "magic forest," the park is one of several underneath the Ventura Entertainment umbrella, which also includes La Feria in Mexico City. The two parks have some similarities -- both are relatively small, and both have an assortment of oddball flats and relocated coasters. As we'd find, however, Selva Mágica's better operations and relaxed feel were much more to our liking.

We started the day with film sessions on the park's three operating coasters, beginning with a lengthy run on Bullet. When TPR visited Selva Mágica in 2013, Bullet's track and trains had just arrived -- presumably from its former home in the UK. In 2015, the one-of-a-kind ride was up and running!

From there, we headed to another relocated coaster -- the one teased very heavily in the preceding Boblo Island post. Formerly known as Sky Streak, the coaster now known as Titan provided some rather interesting rides. We finished the coaster run on Tornado, another Schwarzkopf with an interesting history. I'll get into that a bit more in the ride reviews below.

After riding the three coasters -- and noting that the park's other two coasters were not going to be operating -- we made our way to our group lunch. Once that was finished, we had a date with Alicia! Perhaps the most famous theme park attraction in all of Mexico, Alicia opened herself up to us, and we headed in. How was the experience? Read on to find out!

We checked out a few more attractions along the way, including Cataratas (giant bouncy slide) and Los Troncos (log flume). Finishing off with a few more rides on Bullet and Titan, we left the park in the mid-afternoon.

If I'd had another hour or two, I would have loved to check out the adjacent Guadalajara Zoo, which looks like a really nice zoo by any standard! The zoo was much busier than Selva Mágica -- we didn't really run into any waits throughout our day.

After we left the park, we did some more exploring around downtown, which was covered in the last full trip report segment. That ended our time in Guadalajara!

Overall Impressions:

It's always a huge plus when a park just seems to have their stuff together, especially with regards to the details surrounding a visit by a group like ours. Selva Mágica did great, which was a huge contrast to La Feria, which was a bit of a cluster. We had plenty of time for filming and other activities in a well-structured day, and even got a private group tour through the innards of Alicia!

Selva Mágica has an interesting assortment of attractions, though there certainly isn't one huge star attraction to drive a visit to the park by itself. Bullet's the best, and it's more than just a curiosity -- it's a legitimately good coaster. Overall, though, the coaster collection is more remarkable for its quirkiness than for its aptitude. There's some odd flats, much like at La Feria and Six Flags Mexico -- a Nao de China looping boat, a magic carpet, a log flume, and the nigh-impossible bouncy slide. There's also some of the other Mexican park staples -- a dolphin show, a wacky shack, and a year-round haunt. Since our visit, Selva Mágica has added a ropes course (which looks really nice) and VR on Titan (which, well, yeah). I have to preface my one complaint about our visit by noting that we were there during what was obviously not the peak season for the park. With that said, there were several attractions that weren't operating, in various states of repair. Certainly more than you'd like to see.

In a non-TPR-group setting, this is probably a fun half-day park. Unlike the stressful environment at La Feria, though, you'd actually enjoy that half day quite a bit! What do you do with the other half of the day? If I'm ever back there, I'm hopping over to the zoo. That's a pretty impressive one-two punch of major attractions on the north end of Guadalajara.

The Attractions:

Bullet: Selva Mágica's star attraction is a coaster that's way more fun than it deserves to be. Bullet's a strange little thing -- sort of like if a standard Schwarzkopf shuttle loop got twisted up into a knot. You've got the banked track through the station, the intense vertical loop around the station, and two drive-tire spikes at either end of the circuit. What simply doesn't make sense to me is this -- why is there only one version of Bullet, when there are literally dozens of vastly inferior Vekoma boomerangs? I will never understand. Bullet's one issue is the rather uncomfortable accordion-style shoulder restraints, but that didn't stop me from riding 14 times. Click here for Robb's video from our filming session.

Bullet has had a storied history. Built in the early 80s, it started out at Wiener Prater in Austria, then went to Boardwalk and Baseball in Florida, then into the European fair circuit. It found a home at Flamingo Land in the UK from 1991 to 2005, and was finally installed in its new home at Selva Mágica in 2013.

Titan: Finally, that whole Boblo Island post should make sense to everybody! I saw this coaster with my own eyes when I visited Boblo in the late 80s, but was much too young to ride. Crazy to think that over 25 years later, I'd finally get to try it out, and I'd have to go to Mexico to do it. This coaster was built at Boblo Island in 1973, and re-installed at Selva Mágica in 1994, shortly after Boblo's closing. The ride was made by Sansei Yusoki, a company who is now more well-known as majority owner of S&S (and now Vekoma as well). Yep, they built a coaster well before those alliances were formed!

As for the ride, Titan uses an almost laughably simple out-and-back layout, but it's the hills that make the experience. I really don't know how else to describe it, but it's like the contours of the hills weren't designed with any sort of mathematical principles in mind. Depending on where you're sitting in the train, it makes for some very uneven and unexpected airtime. It's like it's good for the wrong reasons! Oh, and we all enjoyed the epic "straight bit" near the end of the ride, which has seemingly no reason to exist. My Boblo pictures prove that this wasn't part of a themed tunnel or anything. It was just as baffling in Canada as it is in Mexico.

Tornado: Yet another Schwarzkopf that's been around the block. It'd take a coaster veteran to have seen this one in its original home at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, where it opened in 1975 as Glissade. When it moved south, it actually opened first at La Feria, before heading west to Selva Mágica in 2002. It's one of only three Schwarzkopf spiral lift rides still operating in North America, along with Whizzer (SFGAm) and Jet Star 2 (Lagoon). It can't compare to Whizzer, which is much longer, but it's still a pretty fun ride (with a pretty awkward seating arrangement).

Cataratas: These bouncy slides are evil. They are not as easy as they look, and they don't even look particularly easy. Good luck getting down without embarrassing yourself. The good news (or bad news) was that unlike the one at La Feria, adults were allowed here!

Los Troncos: This is actually a decent little log flume! Just ... be very, very careful with how you sit in the boats, especially on the big drop. I'll share the story of my mishap in the captions. Robb, do you have pictures of this? :lmao:

Alicia En Sus Años De Juventud: Oh my, how do you describe a walk-through attraction that explores the insides of a young pregnant woman? Well, I guess that'll do. Anyone who isn't familiar with Alicia should go watch TPR's video from 2013, like, yesterday. I will say that Alicia was in somewhat a state of disrepair during our visit -- some signs of wear (poor girl) and a few effects not working properly. Looked like she could use to have the cobwebs cleaned out. Still didn't keep it from being one of the most bizarre theme park attractions I've ever seen. I guess it's supposed to be educational, but to my eyes and immature sensibilities, it's just too weird to accept at face value!
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:39 pm

Day 5 -- The Pictures (Part 1)
Welcome to Selva Mágica!
Sadly, we were two days early for the start of the lucha libre event.
20150326_0010.jpg (375 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
Selva Mágica has an interesting ticketing system, where attractions are available in different tiers based on which type of entrance ticket you purchase.
A place to buy the tickets...
...and the colorful stairway to walk up to enter the park.
We were very quickly acquainted with this unique red coaster, whose back spike rises well above the trees.
This is Bullet, a Schwarzkopf coaster with a very storied history.
A close-up of the Bullet ride sign.
20150326_0064.jpg (227.04 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
So, let's head up to the station and get a dozen rides in!
You'll notice two things from this picture. First, the "accordion" shoulder restraints, which are a bit uncomfortable. Second, the way the train is actually tilted as it's parked in the station.
Yep, the front and back edges of the track in the station are tilted, as those are part of transitions into the tight elements this coaster runs through.
Here's another look at the accordion-style restraints, which clamp down from the top.
The back of the Bullet train.
Drive tires, which send the coaster up the back spike, before accelerating it forward through the course.
A closer view of the tires, because I'm sure somebody here will be interested in seeing it.
Sitting instructions for riders with Lego-hands.
20150326_0075.jpg (303.48 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
In a seismically active area, evacuation plans are important. But we're gonna take a look at the coaster just behind the sign...
Here's Titan, formerly known as Sky Streak at Boblo Island!
Pink Floyd is cool.
Riders on Titan wave hi to their friends, or perhaps their foes...
Heading out of the station and through a very random arctic-looking tunnel.
Don't look so excited, it's just the lift hill!
Climbing to the top on this strange, strange coaster.
Another train of Titan riders approaches the top of the lift.
Cresting the hill and heading down!
20150326_0104.jpg (266.71 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
Oh, here it is -- the epic "straight bit" near the end of the ride.
The train pulls into the brake run...
...and I think they all had fun.
But enough pictures from off-ride -- how about a bunch from on-ride? It's time for some (completely permitted) POV photography.
Rounding the first curve on the way to the lift hill.
Yep, we're gonna take the tunnel.
Preparing to make the climb -- and finally riding a coaster I'd first seen with my own eyes in the late 80s!
Gaining some elevation near the top.
Looks like some rust on that track, but we'll be OK.
20150326_0126.jpg (300.85 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
The view from the crest of the lift -- and away we go.
Awkward airtime is this coaster's calling card, and it's a bit of a challenge to capture with a camera!
I think it's brilliant that this turnaround is obviously not banked at all.
A few more hills on the return leg of the ride...
...and the straight bit! Yay for the straight bit!
20150326_0127e.jpg (565.55 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
Finally, we return to the station.
A look down at the station from the lift hill.
There's Bullet, just behind Titan's lift.
A wider view of Bullet and the skycoaster, which sadly wasn't operating during our visit.
A few flat rides near Titan's station.
There's our next coaster -- Tornado, another Schwarzkopf creation.
Meanwhile, the little Pinfari -- Jubilé -- was out of service.
Jubilé was having work done on it, and I don't think it was intended to be a long-term outage.
Some interesting views from Titan, looking over the north end of Guadalajara.
Here's a look back across the coaster's infield.
High-rise buildings and mountains off in the distance.
A go-kart track and the log flume both pass near Titan's back stretch.
Some nice scenery too, with mountains...
...and the Guadalajara Zoo right next door.
Couldn't see any animals, but we were moving pretty fast.
More views of the city, including a huge cliff face just to the north.
A pretty impressive geographic feature.
More views off to the northeast...
...and to the east.
And hey, you can buy a car when you're in the area.
20150326_0190.jpg (396.25 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
Moving on to the next coaster, we've got another Schwarzkopf.
This is Tornado, operating at Selva Mágica since 2002.
And any weather person is going to love this ride sign!
The ride starts with a spiral lift...
...before heading into a drop and a sweeping curve.
Another group of riders on the first drop.
This picture gives a good look at the awkward seating. I'd only recommend trying to fit six in a car if you're with people you're really, really comfortable with.
Enjoying a ride on one of Tornado's big turns.
More happy faces on a fun coaster.
20150326_0284.jpg (385.71 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
Another train heads down the drop.
Even a little bit of hairtime on one of the uphill segments.
Everybody's either smiling or screaming, but it's a good time had by all.
Might as well hang on and enjoy the ride!
As mentioned, here's the Pinfari, which was down for the count.
No reason to be too disappointed to miss this one, though.
The Jubilé ride sign, with Titan's turnaround in the background.
One more coaster -- this is Catarina.
It had been down for a while when we visited in 2015, but the ride has since re-opened.
Next on the agenda was lunch, and I have to say, the apple sodas that are readily available in Mexico are really awesome!
I didn't try the Chorizo Chipotle Fritos or the Queso Ruffles, though.
After lunch, it was time for our group tour of the one, the only, the famous Alicia!
Alicia's entrance is at the left side of her very yellow hair.
Alicia's exit is behind her feet, through the leg of her pants.
From up close, she looks a little creepy.
At this proximity, it's almost nightmare fuel.
Alicia is not recommended for people who are pregnant, which is really ironic, given that Alicia herself is pregnant.
Anyway, let's head inside.
Alicia's neon uvula.
Alicia's teeth, one of which on the right side could use some dentistry.
Alicia's heart, which is dangerously disconnected from the rest of her bloodstream!
Alicia's spine and rib cage, which appear to be in reasonably good alignment.
Alicia's controls! Should we switch off the pancreas? Maybe toggle the intestino grueso?
Alicia's femur, with a whole bunch of leg muscle behind it.
Oh, and here it is! Alicia's fetus!
The glowing creepy fetus child, as lovingly demonstrated by Ryan and Nozzy!
20150326_0395.jpg (337.46 KiB) Viewed 2974 times
Heading on down the line, past the rest of the leg bones...
...and exiting near the feet.
Oh, and here's the transformer that powers Alicia, in case you were wondering what turns her on.
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Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:39 pm

Day 5 -- The Pictures (Part 2)
After our meeting with Alicia, we tried out the evil bouncy slide, Cataratas.
Calling it a "slide" is generous because whatever material it's made out of, it's not easy to get down.
First, a walk up the stairway to the top.
It's a nice view over the north end of Selva Mágica's property!
But, it's a tough go to get down, and those drop-offs are steeper than you'd think.
Pretty sure those at the ground are laughing at us still on the way.
Well, I have to say, it was an interesting experience.
Now, let's take a walk and see what else Selva Mágica has to offer. I like this dolphin fountain near the main entrance!
Trees blooming all over the park.
A gathering point for earthquake threats, presumably far enough away from anything that might topple over.
A marble-rolling game that looks almost like a low-tech version of Fascination.
The park has a selection of flat rides, and like La Feria and Six Flags Mexico, some of them are a little bit out of the ordinary. This one is a Downdraft or something similar.
Here's a standard swinging pirate ship.
A spinny flat ride in the kids area.
A few more low-key flats in the kids area at the north end of the park.
Nao de China, a looping boat ride, basically identical to the one at La Feria.
Sadly, the Huss Megadance was pretty much disassembled in 2015. I no longer see the ride on the park's website, so I think it's gone.
Some, uh, interesting artwork on the Megadance.
This park also has a year-round haunt -- La Casa del Terror de Freddy. Presumably Krueger, but I didn't go in, so I don't know for sure.
La Casa del Terror was described as small, but dark and entertaining!
Hey, how about some more coaster pics? Let's head back to Bullet!
Bullet starts out on the back spike.
Guests in the front car, waiting for the start of the ride.
20150326_0466.jpg (260.43 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
After going through the station, Bullet makes a big turn...
...before completing a vertical loop /over/ the station! Find me another coaster that does that!
20150326_0470.jpg (332.79 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
The train then heads up the back spike...
...where it slows for just a moment before doing the entire thing again in reverse.
Up at the top of Bullet's double-spike.
Drive tires! Yay!
This might not be the most advantageous location to build a nest...
A fun look at just how tilted the train is as it leaves the station.
Rounding the curve...
...and heading into the vertical loop.
Again, I ask, why are there not more of these? Why did this /not/ get cloned when Boomerangs did?
Heading out of the inversion.
A quick spin underneath the station.
20150326_0509.jpg (370.69 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
Zooming past the palm trees.
20150326_0518.jpg (471.62 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
Shoot the moon.
Round the curve.
Behind the spike. Bullet's a pretty great ride.
Next up, a run on the park's log flume -- Los Troncos.
It's a pretty standard flume -- a decent ground-level run through the woods, followed by a single lift and drop.
The splashes were not overly large, but still made for some good pictures.
And everyone ends up smiling at the end anyway.
A wider look at the drop on Los Troncos.
20150326_0544.jpg (463.46 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
Hm, maybe that is a good bit of water. Am I sure I want to ride this myself?
They look a little wet.
About to make impact.
Kicking up water at the bottom.
The boat is in there somewhere!
Log #3 checks in.
20150326_0552.jpg (457.98 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
Log #8 laughs.
Log #2 is kind of damp.
Log #7 is in disbelief!
Our next contestants on Los Troncos ... Nozzy and Caesar!
Doing a little photography on the way to the lift hill.
A bit of grit-your-teeth excitement...
That looks kind of uncomfortable, actually.
Yeah, hold your nose.
Hoping they didn't swallow any.
And now it's just funny!
Thanks guys for testing the thing out for me!

So, here's what happened. I decided to go on as a solo rider, hoping a light boat would keep the splash at a manageable level, as I wasn't particularly interested in a mid-day shower. I had my feet kicked up against the sides of the boat, trying to avoid the water sloshing around at the bottom. Unfortunately, I didn't account for the lack of friction that would provide once I hit the bottom of the drop, and I wasn't holding on very tight. Once the boat hit the splash and started to slow down, my unrestrained self flew from the back of the boat to the front of the boat, my head ramming on the padding attached to the front of the seating area. I actually scraped up my knee pretty good on the bottom of the boat, too. Thankfully, I had Elissa there ready to go with first aid, as I was all about disinfecting whatever was trying to enter my bloodstream from that Guadalajara log flume water! Several TPR people saw the incident, and there may even be pictures, but I haven't seen them!
20150326_0621.jpg (318.46 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
Alright, back to the pictures, and what's going on at the turnaround on Titan?
Looks like a quick break for some maintenance.
Thankfully, Titan was up and running in no time.
Before we left, Nozzy got a few more rides on Bullet, and I was there to capture the fun.
That's some excitement.
Nozzy enters the loop...
...Nozzy rounds the loop...
...Nozzy exits the loop.
Looking for a spot for some quick aerial photography before we took off, I hobbled my way back up the bouncy slide, taking in this side view of Bullet from the top.
Oh, and there's Titan not far away.
Looking down into the park, there's a scrambler and a pirate ship...
...a carousel...
...and Freddy's house of terror!
Meanwhile, Alicia's still just kind of laying there.
Had to take in the view over the city as well.
This is mainly a residential area west of the park.
That's a lot of satellite dishes.
More Guadalajara homes, heading up the hill.
Views up on a distant hillside to the northeast.
Mexico is a hilly place, and Guadalajara is no exception.
This is the most interesting geographic feature in the area, though.
These huge cliffs stand at the edge of La Barranca de Oblatos -- a huge canyon carved by the Río Grande de Santiago.
The canyon is out of view, well below those cliff faces.
In some places, the canyon is as much as 2,000 feet deep! There are hiking trails through the area, and if I ever make it back to Guadalajara, I might want to check it out.
An interesting vehicle seen on the way out of Selva Mágica.
Here's a mural that stands near the entrances to Selva Mágica and the Guadalajara Zoo.
It's not very peaceful.
I didn't get into the zoo, but I got a picture of the sign on the wall!
This fountain outside the zoo is pretty awesome.
All of the water elements are animal heads, carved in stone.
Snails and fish are also represented!
I guess I did get one animal picture. A nice little bird.
20150326_0751.jpg (352.34 KiB) Viewed 2972 times
Seen on the way back to the city -- a torch to commemorate Mexico's 1968 Summer Olympics.
Another colorful, historic church on the way home.
OK, one last picture of Bullet eclipsing the sun. That's it for Selva Mágica, and that's it for Guadalajara!

Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:45 am

Great photos and report, Andy. As for your log-flume story, a similar thing happened to myself and a friend of mine on the Log Jammer at Mariott's Great America in California when we were in high school. We didn't injure ourselves, but it scared the crap out of us.

Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:21 pm

Great photos!

That jumbo bouncy slide looks impossible, but so unique I'd still want to give it a try. It'll be frustrating to see the one at La Feria in a few weeks and not be able to ride it since my understanding is that La Feria's is only for kids.

Also that straight track section... :lmao: And I thought it seemed out of place on Ride of Steel.

Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:14 am

I see a brace position @ bullet.

Beautiful pictures.

Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:41 pm

Your camera makes my head look big! Great shots, that was an awesome trip!

Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:34 am

Great photos and report! It surprised me how nice of a park Selva Mágica actually is.

By the way, Alicia has been removed. They seem to be overhauling the kiddie land, and Alicia was nowhere to be found during my visit at the end of 2017. Too bad! But it's always good that there is a lot of maintenance going on.

Re: Photo TR: Andy's 2015 Trip -- Un Viaje a México con TPR

Thu Apr 19, 2018 4:27 am

cfc wrote:Great photos and report, Andy. As for your log-flume story, a similar thing happened to myself and a friend of mine on the Log Jammer at Mariott's Great America in California when we were in high school. We didn't injure ourselves, but it scared the crap out of us.

That's the fun of having a ride with no restraints -- if you aren't careful you'll take it in the chin! :lmao:

Canobie Coaster wrote:It'll be frustrating to see the one at La Feria in a few weeks and not be able to ride it since my understanding is that La Feria's is only for kids.

Yep, unfortunately that was the case in 2015. Can't hurt to try if you're gonna be there, though.

fatdaddy wrote:Your camera makes my head look big! Great shots, that was an awesome trip!

Hahaha. But the camera doesn't lie!

Itachi wrote:By the way, Alicia has been removed. They seem to be overhauling the kiddie land, and Alicia was nowhere to be found during my visit at the end of 2017. Too bad! But it's always good that there is a lot of maintenance going on.

This isn't overly surprising, but sad to hear it's true. There was a little bit of talk about that possibility during our 2015 visit, but I didn't want to mention it since I wasn't sure if it was just speculation or not. She wasn't in the greatest shape 3 years ago, but still, it was one of the most unique (and strange) theme park attractions I've ever seen.
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