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Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:32 pm

First off let me apologize for some of the pictures, as the sun was not cooperating.

A quick recap of today's presentation:

-Shoot the Rapids is officially confirmed to be removed and scrapped (will not be relocated)
-Go-Karts and Skyscraper are also being removed. Ripcord is staying, but it's unclear if it'll be relocated from its current spot.
-Chick-Fil-A is being replaced with Frontier Inn, serving chicken tenders, salads, etc.
-Hurricane Hannah's is being replaced with a Coca-Cola Station
-New pre-opening backstage tour of Valravn
-New Ride Warriors Club that "will provide exclusive experiences thought the season" Membership is $120 and is limited to 1000 members
-Coasting for Kids will not return at Cedar Fair parks. Instead, each park will find and support local charities. CP will be hosting a Give Kids the World "reunion" at the park.

Most of the new additions have already been mentioned, so lets just move on to what most of you came to see....the pictures!
CPwinter2016 008.JPG
CPwinter2016 011.JPG
The rest of the track for valravin is sitting in the marina lot.
CPwinter2016 012.JPG
One things for sure...the skyline looks much differant this year.
CPwinter2016 354.JPG
CPwinter2016 351.JPG
This summer, this will be transformed into a coke oasis. They are even going to have bubbles coming out of the building.
CPwinter2016 019.JPG
There are also some new food offerings here as well.
CPwinter2016 348.JPG
The fries are getting a makeover as well. There is also going to be more coke freestyle machines taking over the gift shop here.
CPwinter2016 028.JPG
Sexy new paint on raptor
CPwinter2016 032.JPG
Awesome view down the midway
CPwinter2016 033.JPG
CPwinter2016 038.JPG
And now lets check out some valravin greatness!
CPwinter2016 039.JPG
Platform to help with the chain instalation.
CPwinter2016 051.JPG
Gift shop/photo building
CPwinter2016 054.JPG
CPwinter2016 042.JPG
Top of lift
CPwinter2016 068.JPG
Holding brake
CPwinter2016 069.JPG
CPwinter2016 070.JPG
CPwinter2016 074.JPG
CPwinter2016 082.JPG
All I could think of here was rollercoaster tycoon
CPwinter2016 079.JPG
Still have lots of track and supports awaiting erection. They said that they should have trackwork done in approx 2 weeks.
CPwinter2016 109.JPG
CPwinter2016 085.JPG
CPwinter2016 084.JPG
Lots of work going on at the turn between the lift and first drop.
CPwinter2016 089.JPG
Worlds largest spiral staircase and drop
CPwinter2016 306.JPG
Millennium force is getting horse collars to address the seatbelt issue.
CPwinter2016 307.JPG
CPwinter2016 178.JPG
Shoot the rapids...minus the final drop
CPwinter2016 183.JPG
The base is all that remains
CPwinter2016 185.JPG
CPwinter2016 181.JPG
Asta lavista
CPwinter2016 184.JPG
A few trees have been marked in front of shoot the rapids
CPwinter2016 196.JPG
Lots more coming.....
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Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:37 pm

thrillrider wrote:Image

WWWooooooooowwwwww! Valravn really dwarfs that area of the park.

Can't wait for the rest of the photos!! :br

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:44 pm

Awesome photos!! Really can't wait to go this season!!

Valravn is looking beautiful.

no boat? :cry:

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:53 pm

Nice pictures! Probably going to Cedar Point this year, haven't been there since 2001. :)

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:08 pm

CPwinter2016 119.JPG
The force of millennium
CPwinter2016 114.JPG
We also got a tour of the train house
CPwinter2016 154.JPG
CPwinter2016 133.JPG
CPwinter2016 137.JPG
Inside the boiler
CPwinter2016 141.JPG
CPwinter2016 130.JPG
History and stuff...
CPwinter2016 153.JPG
CPwinter2016 155.JPG
CPwinter2016 156.JPG
My son became an honerary conductor.
CPwinter2016 167.JPG
CPwinter2016 168.JPG
CPwinter2016 164.JPG
New belts!
CPwinter2016 171.JPG
CPwinter2016 194.JPG
Snake river falls all dried up
CPwinter2016 198.JPG
Wave swinger
CPwinter2016 201.JPG
Now open on Sundays!
CPwinter2016 204.JPG
New fence going in at mine rides helix
CPwinter2016 206.JPG
No fence= nice shot of helix
CPwinter2016 207.JPG
CPwinter2016 216.JPG
Hey there magnum
CPwinter2016 209.JPG
Looks like the gift shops are getting a face lift
CPwinter2016 219.JPG
Next stop
CPwinter2016 222.JPG
Look what I see!
CPwinter2016 232.JPG
CPwinter2016 235.JPG
CPwinter2016 236.JPG
CPwinter2016 223.JPG
CPwinter2016 242.JPG
CPwinter2016 241.JPG
All kinds of neat stuff is stored in here
CPwinter2016 224.JPG
Christmas decor?
CPwinter2016 226.JPG
CPwinter2016 220.JPG
CPwinter2016 243.JPG
Countdown clock
CPwinter2016 251.JPG
Time for some dragster love
CPwinter2016 255.JPG
New paint looks great! Stay tuned for more

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:22 pm

DorneyKid14 wrote:no boat? :cry:

thrillrider wrote:Image


That new paint though... :lover: :lover:

thrillrider wrote:Image

Can't wait for the rest of the photos! :br

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:45 pm

Awesome photos, thanks so much for sharing!

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:48 pm

More beautiful photos!!!

Those Millennium Force trains though :lover: :lover:

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 4:55 pm

Yay more!!!!!
CPwinter2016 253.JPG
The wheel of the witch
CPwinter2016 257.JPG
So if you have a wheel chair you can cross the street here....not sure what you would do when you reach the stairs
CPwinter2016 256.JPG
Next we got to peek inside hotel breakers
CPwinter2016 263.JPG
Rotunda of hotel
CPwinter2016 261.JPG
CPwinter2016 265.JPG
The beach. It was about 70 degrees out, and almost warm enough to enjoy it.
CPwinter2016 266.JPG
The lakeside pavilion is transformed into a storage area in the off season.
CPwinter2016 269.JPG
CPwinter2016 271.JPG
CPwinter2016 273.JPG
CPwinter2016 280.JPG
CPwinter2016 278.JPG
CPwinter2016 274.JPG
Tiki twirl
CPwinter2016 275.JPG
CPwinter2016 284.JPG
Time for lunch, and it was delicious!
CPwinter2016 283.JPG
They even had new brand new valravin models for sale
CPwinter2016 285.JPG
I would love to know more about this
CPwinter2016 286.JPG
We also got to visit the maintinance shop
CPwinter2016 287.JPG
Here is a few nerd shots
CPwinter2016 288.JPG
CPwinter2016 292.JPG
CPwinter2016 293.JPG
CPwinter2016 295.JPG
CPwinter2016 296.JPG
CPwinter2016 297.JPG
CPwinter2016 305.JPG
CPwinter2016 310.JPG
CPwinter2016 311.JPG
CPwinter2016 312.JPG
CPwinter2016 313.JPG
CPwinter2016 314.JPG
Millennium force catch car
CPwinter2016 317.JPG
Planet snoopy shrink wrapped rides
CPwinter2016 318.JPG
The high winds blew down the kite eating tree.....not really
CPwinter2016 322.JPG
We were also able to get a tour of the ballroom above the main arcade
CPwinter2016 320.JPG
I love the retro look to this place
CPwinter2016 323.JPG
This is the front of the building. It's also where the makeup artists work durring halloweekends
CPwinter2016 324.JPG
Looking out
CPwinter2016 336.JPG
We also got a peek inside the wardrobe dept for live entertainment.
CPwinter2016 339.JPG
All the costumes that are worn by the live e staff are made right here in house
CPwinter2016 340.JPG
CPwinter2016 338.JPG
CPwinter2016 330.JPG
CPwinter2016 326.JPG
Looking at valravin from the building
CPwinter2016 327.JPG
And raptor
CPwinter2016 333.JPG
A view from the stage
CPwinter2016 334.JPG
CPwinter2016 342.JPG
CPwinter2016 345.JPG
CPwinter2016 353.JPG
Not sure what is going on here
CPwinter2016 015.JPG
Stay tuned...lots more to come soon.

Re: Cedar point winter tour 2016

Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:31 pm

Really good pictures, enjoyed reading and can't wait for the rest! :)
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