Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

RMC #16 Hakugei
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby CoasterCrazy88 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:23 pm

Awesome report to follow an awesome day!

Seriously, Railblazer is unbelievably excellent. RMC continues to blow my mind with each new creation. The airtime on the outward banked hill is more intense than any moment on any of the ibox or topper coasters I've ridden thus far (and I've been on all of them that Jeremy has).

I'm so excited to ride the 2018 RMCs soon!
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby Skittles » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:43 pm

Wow, it's been a while since you updated this thread Jeremy ;)

Having ridden RailBlazer, I agree for the most part. I wasn't quite blown away by it, as the restraints weren't very comfortable on my shoulders, but I agree about the first drop being so insane along with a lot of the other elements being the same. Great report, however!
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby chickenbowl » Mon Jul 02, 2018 8:59 pm

Hello again. I just got back from a crazy coaster trip - EUROPE. And wouldn't you know it...Another RMC!! With this trip report, I'll keep it simple. I'll mostly talk about Wildfire and then a quick blurb of my feelings of other noteworthy coasters. Here we go!

Like many US-based enthusiasts, I have seen these incredible coasters get built on the other side of the globe that seem so impossible to ever ride. Well with a lot of planning, hope, luck, and privilege, I can tell you that it IS achievable - And not as hard as you might think. Lately, as I have been lucky enough to ride more and more across the US, my eyes have been set on Europe as the next place I must visit. And that's hugely because of this coaster, Wildfire.

Located in the middle of the Swedish peninsula and accessible by train/bus is Kolmården, a zoo... with a massive god damn RMC. The park is beautiful and has a ton of great animals, but let's be honest, I'm here for Wildfire. Starting off with a massive lift hill and a very scenic turnaround helps orient you in a forest along a series of large bays, but while you're distracted with the views a massive drop pops in a gets it going. Coming out the the drop is my favorite stall I've been on which is very whippy and very long. The next turn has incredible force and launches you into an outward banked hill with ejector airtime in the strangest way. Your body is heading outward as the train pulls inward diving down through a foggy shed (This part feels like the fastest part of the coaster). Next is a twisty hill into a quick double-up and wave turn triple-combo. The pacing through this section is incredible. We take a small break with a floaty zero-g and head back towards the front of the ride before diving up under the lift and curling right down next to the station. The following zero-g is taken with incredible speed and throws you hard right up the hill where the train loses a bit of momentum. We end with a slalom section into the brakes and a big goofy smile. Wildifre's series of elements feels like a perfect flow and a great match of airtime, positives, and inversions. I got 20 rides in a few hours and couldn't be happier.

Some people may ask: Is it as good as Lightning Rod? Nope. It’s simply not as intense or have as much airtime, although it’s very long and super amazing. Each ride feels built for a different purpose and it's not really worth comparing them too much. All that needs to be said is that RMC continues to dominate. Wildfire was insane and easily managed a spot in my top 5 wood coasters.

My current RMC rankings:
1. Lightning Rod
2. Outlaw Run
3. Wildfire
4. Medusa Steel Coaster
5. RailBlazer
6. Iron Rattler
7. Twisted Colossus
8. New Texas Giant
9. Joker
10. Storm Chaser
11. Goliath
12. Wicked Cyclone
Walking through Kolmården offers some amazing views. Sweden is a gorgeous country.
[RMC #12] I cannot believe I'm here! AHH! (Also, it's like a mile trek from the entrance to where this coaster sits)
Overview of the coaster layout (sorta). Shows how close to the terrain the ride remains after a few large elements.
Here is the first drop - 83 degrees is always a great way to kick the ride off.
This outward bank thing took me by surprise and offered some of the craziest airtime on the whole ride.
This turn had a nice pop into some positives. I loved the pacing here.
Backside view gives you some understanding of the terrain usage!
I'll leave you with my favorite view from the Safari gondola ride. This coaster is a dream

Onto a quick recap of other European things
Bakken is old as hell (435 years old) and had some fun coasters! This one was smooth for it's age.
Tivoli was a magical tiny park in Copenhagen. The vibe felt like Disneyland in a city with all the restaurants and rides compact together.

Dæmonen was very small, but it flowed well enough and had great pathway interaction. Rutschebanen was excellent! Mountain theming incorporated felt so classic and perfect
Europa had a lot of amazing coasters - Blue Fire became my 500th coaster! Silver Star is exceptional, lots of ejector in the back. Wodan had great pacing and an amazing queue.

But the park is a lot more than coasters! Arthur may be my favorite dark ride ever. And the food, ahh!
Tripsdrill was a fantastic little park. A ton of charm. Karacho was also damn good - Better than HangTime and is now my favorite Gerstlauer. G'Sengte Sau was super fun too.
After years of waiting for it, I finally rode GeForce! Verdict: Insane, very satisfying, and a simply fun ride
The sustained ejector on this hill... my god

This coaster ended up as my favorite of the trip and placed as my #7 overall.
Taron was speedy and fun! Could use a bit more airtime, but it’s at least very long and gorgeous. 22 rides with hotel ERT.

Every ride at Phantasialnd was awesome, Black Mamba is not talked about as much as it should
Not a bad little Intamin Mega! Goliath has 4-5 really good spots of airtime and a beautiful setting. Basically a ‘mini-Superman the Ride’
Troy was a solid mid-tier GCI. Nice pacing, but I prefer like 4 or 5 others. Still relatively smooth for its age though!
Helix was phenomenal. I didn't know I could like a 7-inversion coaster this much. Also, multiple spots of ejector airtime and great pacing! Top 25 coaster for me.
Balder was my second Intamin Prefab and it did not disappoint. Airtime buffet with a side of headchoppers. Another top 25 coaster.

Also, Liseberg is a f*cking incredible park.
Last day at Gröna Lund. I love this tiny little park! So many drop towers and a maze of fun coasters - All with a classic boardwalk feel.

Jetline and Vilda Musen were wonderful! Twister was... weird. It had pacing of a Knex coaster with bizarre kinda airtime. Just ughh. Ikaros (tilting drop tower) was my favorite ride at the park!
One last thing, traveling isn't always about coasters for me, so here's a little taste of what else I did. Preikestolen in the fjords of Norway - So amazing!

Good bye! Until the next RMC comes along... Looking at you Steel Vengeance
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby pfalcioni » Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:19 pm

That final pic is breathtaking!

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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby boldikus » Tue Jul 03, 2018 4:08 am

Great update with some excellent photos.

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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby Condor » Tue Jul 03, 2018 3:28 pm

Interesting thoughts on Wildfire. Good report!

Out of curiosity, how would you compare Expedition GeForce to Goliath @ Walibi and Blue Fire to Helix?

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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby chickenbowl » Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:24 pm

Thanks, guys!!

^ I really liked Goliath, but it definitely felt a little lacking when compared to EGF. The helices were fun, but nothing special and the twisty hills didn't have airtime. There's a long middle section without anything too interesting. The 4 or 5 airtime spots and the stengel dive are fantastic though. EGF barely has a dull middle section, but it's a monster.

I really enjoyed Blue Fire, but it had nothing on Helix. Blue Fire didn't really have any airtime and a couple slow/floaty bits. The last roll on Blue Fire was nuts though. Helix felt fast the whole time and had legitimate ejector - And don't get me started on Helix's helix... My god. I didn't mention Lost Gravity, which I thought was really enjoyable! Kinda like Mack's version of a Eurofighter/El Loco thing. Lost Gravity had some great wonky elements, comfortable seats, and great airtime! I feel qualified to have a quick Mack breakdown now:

1. Helix
2. Lost Gravity
3. Blue Fire
4. Manta (SD)
5. Space Fantasy
6. Euromir
7. D'wervelwind (Toverland)
8+. Mice, water coasters, etc.
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby Canobie Coaster » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:09 am

Great report! Wildfire really is one of the best coasters. Since I visited on a grim, rainy day, it's nice to see the coaster on a sunny day. It's too bad I couldn't even see the water in those conditions when I visited.

^ And don't forget Mack has hypers popping up too. With how comfortable their vehicles are and their glass smooth ride, the world needs more Macks.
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby jedimaster1227 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:49 am

A great addition to this awesome ongoing report! Wildfire looks fantastic! :lover:
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Re: Photo TR: Jeremy Rides all the RMC's

Postby chickenbowl » Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:26 am

Hello everyone, it's been a while. I figured I should follow through on this trip report because although there's been a lack of updates, I have been chugging away on riding all these darn RMC's. In an effort to catch up (and because I didn't take many pictures of Twisted Timbers) I will include TWO RMC's in today's update - Let's get started!

Twisted Timbers.
2018 was actually pretty nuts for US parks, we got a whopping FIVE RMC's. For most (including me), the hype surrounding Steel Vengeance overshadowed the other three. But once I saw a POV of Twisted Timbers, I knew it must be tackled sooner rather than later. The planned trip utilized the Cedar Fair platinum pass and involved a heck of a drive between Doswell, VA and Sandusky, OH.

After waiting for an afternoon storm to pass, I managed 11 night rides on Twisted Timbers, and holy hell my expectations were BEYOND exceeded (I expected a top 15-25 coaster, NOT top 10...). I'll start off by saying that the new generation trains are smooth. Like glass (Or like the early Gerstaluer trains). They simply feel really good rolling around, no hiccups, no bumps in the track seams - perfect. Much like Medusa or Storm Chaser, Twisted Timbers' first drop didn't do much for me and is likely my least-favorite part of the layout - I think I prefer to move faster through rolls like that. But what follows is one of the most spectacular flow of elements on an RMC. Starting with speed-lateral hill #1, then a nice forceful overbank, speed-lateral hill #2, then three by-the-book straight ejector hills, and finally speed-lateral hill #3. What an incredible sequence! The rest of the layout has more laterals, more inversions, and lots of wonky stuff! All very speedy and awesome!

This coaster is just so much fun. So much airtime, such great pacing, and SO much better than the pile of garbage that sat here before. For a ride that ONLY makes right-hand turns, it feels like so much more. After I rode this, I declared it my favorite IBox yet!

But the fun is just beginning...

Steel Vengeance.
Yeah, yeah, I know - I'm late to this party. What can I say that hasn't been said 1000 times at this point? Steel Vengeance is insane. It has more airtime than anything in the world. It's incredibly long and incredibly fast. These are things we all know at this point. I guess I'll just try to add another perspective on this coaster for those who have yet to make their exodus to Ohio.

In my experience, Steel Vengeance is perfect. There's literally nothing I would change about. The airtime, speed, laterals, pacing, comfort, setting, length - Everything exactly what I want in a coaster. If feels as if RMC threw in everything they learned from the previous dozen coasters they designed and blended them into one enormous package. Starts off with a massive first drop - sustained ejector in the back row for 200 ft is unbelievable. The two massive hills are highlights, both with sustained ejector. The second more outward-banked hill is particularly insane. The upward roll is so fast and has legit airtime coming out the top. The mini-stall is taken at an insane speed. The drop off the mid-course is an amazing highlight. The entire second lap packs in so many airtime moments that it's impossible not to lose track. There is not a wasted foot on this ride, any possible moment for airtime has it. And the night rides I got were somehow even better. It's hard to fathom how good this coaster is.

Sorry if this whole post just sounds so exaggerated and fanboy-ish, but I sincerely believe Steel Vengeance to be the best coaster on the planet. If you're a fan of long, well-paced, airtime-focused, fast coasters, get your butt to Cedar Point immediately.

RMC Rankings as of Sept. 2018:
1. Steel Vengeance
2. Lightning Rod
3. Outlaw Run
4. Twisted Timbers
5. Wildfire
6. Medusa Steel Coaster
7. RailBlazer
8. Iron Rattler
9. Twisted Colossus
10. New Texas Giant
11. Joker
12. Storm Chaser
13. Goliath
14. Wicked Cyclone
My view of a dormant Twisted Timbers as we wait out the lightning
At least I got to peer at this elegant, little first drop!
[RMC #13] OMG. 11 night rides in a row wholly makes up for a rain delay!
Made it! Time to put FL+ to use
[RMC #14] Yeah, uh... That's pretty massive
Excuse me, I think you're going too fast.
I can't get over the size and steepness of this drop
Time for night ERT!
Holy crap, that was insane...

Up next: A return to Texas!
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