Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Pg 67 - Zadra POV Posted!
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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby RCT3Bross » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:42 am

A.J. wrote:I've been reading some comments about Zadra possibly being the best roller coaster in Europe. What is generally accepted as the best in Europe right now, anyway? Wildfire? Expedition GeForce? Helix? I haven't been on Expedition GeForce but Zadra does at least look like it's on the same level as Wildfire, at least, and perhaps a little bit better than Helix. You can't beat Wildfire's setting though which would give it the edge for me over Zadra...

I've ridden all 3 but my guess it's all about opinion. I mean all three are different rides, wildfire is a fast coaster, GeForce is an Airtime coaster and Helix is a looping, launch coaster.
But Zadra looks to be a nice competition for Wildfire, it really seems to fly through the elements. I'm heavily conflicted about a visit in the near future, I mean Hyperion and now this, those rides look so great.
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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby Canobie Coaster » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:06 am

I'd argue Untamed needs to be mentioned as well. That ride absolutely blew me away last week.

But the key thing is if Zadra is anything like these rides, it's one of the best coasters in the world.
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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby Dombot » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:30 am

I think it's just a testament to how amazing the main coasters of Europe are. I'd honestly have no trouble naming a ton that are on my bucket list that everyone seems to love, and that weren't even named here... Shambhala, Colossus, Nemesis, Balder, Goliath, Taron, Icon, Troy... good Lord, I need to travel more. :lover:
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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Mon Aug 19, 2019 10:40 am

This ride looks fu*king insane.

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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby DILinator » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:28 pm

I think this looks like a great coaster, and obviously any RMC is going to be an awesome, world class coaster! But I was a bit underwhelmed by the POV, honestly, after all the anticipation for it, and based on views from off-ride. Not that it doesn't look intense, or exciting, because obviously it does! I love the stall, and the giant airtime hill and relentless speed are the highlights of it to me personally! But I'm not as into rapid, twisty transitions as I know a lot of enthusiasts are, so that could be why it was underwhelming to me. It certainly looks like the best RMC for that! It still looks awesome though, and I hope someday to be able to go over there, and check the park and this beast out!

As for it being called a wooden coaster... :lol: I mean, I get that it's all marketing, and they can market it to the locals however they want, and that's their target audience. Still, it's kind of hilarious, in a "shots fired!" sort of way!

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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby robbalvey » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:41 pm

Garet wrote:I'm curious what your overall opinion on the park was.

Not good. I'll elaborate later but...

This is the place that charged us $2,000 to film on their coasters from 9am - 10am, and we didn't actually start filming until closer to 9:30am due to their lack of proper scheduling, which also included them handing us gift bags (thank you) but then immediately telling us we had to PAY to put them in a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo before we would even be allowed to go into the coaster station, which ate into our paid filming time even more.

That was the very start of the our day, and with one-train operations on most coasters and lackluster staff everywhere in a park that looked like something straight out of those cheaply made China parks, let's just say it's not a park that I feel the need to go back to anytime soon, even with a giant new RMC.

And as for the RMC itself... Trust me, I love them all and they are some of my all-time favorite coasters... BUT...

I'm starting to think that many of them feel very much like each other. That's not exactly a bad thing because I'd much rather be on a similar feeling INSANE OMFG RMC than a "feeling the same" lackluster B&M.

I watched the POV of this ride and it looks great... but do I really *NEED* to make another trip back out to Poland to ride it? I think I'll wait until this park gets 7 more coasters (that will be in two years) or Legendia gets something new because I'd rather go back to that park anyway...

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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby bill_s » Mon Aug 19, 2019 12:47 pm

Doesn't SOUND like a wooden coaster!

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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby JJLehto » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:47 pm

I THOUGHT it was pretty well established what makes a ride wooden or steel, and on top of that every RMC like this is considered steel, or hybrid at the least (but it should be steel) Pretty clear petty record grab.

BUT ofc the ride is what matters in the end and it looks sick. Deff one of the better looking RMCs. Not just its size but I like the layout, lot of whippy-ness, good flow etc
It seems a bit less samey, (to Robb's point RMCs are becoming prolific enough they are becoming less standout) the speed is good, airtime will be insane. I have to imagine it will compete for #1 in Europe, because yes even the increasingly samey RMCs are better than most anything else
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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby Edde » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:13 pm

This might've been pointed out before, but the picture for Zadra on Energylandia's website that shows up when you first visit the site doesn't really look like the real track. Disregarding the red wood at the front, the track behind the train also look like it's wood. Doesn't affect the ride of course, but they should've been able to use a picture with the correct track.

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Re: Energylandia Park Discussion Thread

Postby southpuddle » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:52 pm

It’s marketing. To almost everyone who will visit Energylandia, Zara IS a wooden coaster, and they couldn’t care less about why it’s not.


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