Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

P. 42: Park reopening after Corona Virus Closure!
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby JG-77 » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:14 pm

Damn that’s some of the coolest drone footage I’ve ever seen! The ride looks incredible—seems to haul all the way to the end!
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby A.J. » Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:51 am

It takes a lot of skill to pilot a drone the way it's shown at the end of that video. Pretty freaking great.
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby Hilltopper39 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:58 am

I hate trying to judge a coaster by a video but I love the way this thing looks. Seems like it has a really good mix of the quick transitions and funky inversion that are staples on most RMC's, but also some more elongated straight runs than some of the rides they've produced in the past. I bet that straight drop into the double up is amazing.

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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby Condor » Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:06 am

This is now my pick for the best looking RMC aesthetically. My November trip can't come soon enough!

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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby coasterkyle » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:23 pm

That video reminds me of the fly cam on No limits but without clipping the supports.
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby Dombot » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:38 am

Oh my Jeebus, this looks fantastic. As if I didn't want to go to Japan enough. :lol:
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby JJLehto » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:59 am

Great layout, I really like it, and considering the opinions I've heard on White Cyclone were near universally crap, RMC has done it again!
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby thrillseeker4552 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 1:08 pm

Yay, some NICE footage of this coaster! It looks fantastic. Definitely one of the best, if not the best-looking (aesthetically) RMC in my opinion. I love the blue and white. I also like the sequence of elements and think everything flows very well.
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby SteVeUrkle » Sun Mar 31, 2019 10:50 pm

The ride looks incredible and that is some awesome footage! I really dig the white wood and blue rails as well. In fact if Twisted Colossus at Magic Mountain didn't have the 2 color track tone (which I actually like a lot) it would probably be as good looking as this. But I get MM's reason for the two colors.

I only wish the ride had more than 1 big drop. It has the initial one, then every drop from that point forward is just kind of double down bunny hops and inversions dispersed in the straight sections until the brake run. Something just feels lacking.

Someone also commented that it hauls until the end, and I sorta disagree. It kinda looks to lose momentum after the bunny hop at 1:10, then it kinda meanders the rest of the course. And again, I feel like this is because of the momentum lost with all the smaller drops, instead of having bigger drops that would sustain the trains speed.

But compared to what this ride was before the face-lift, bar none it gives you an indication why these RMC I-Beam Topper tracks have become incredibly popular, giving new life to a coaster which 10-15 years ago would have just been torn down.
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Re: Nagashima Spa Land Discussion Thread

Postby DBru » Sun Mar 31, 2019 11:33 pm

Wowza, this coaster is GORGEOUS!!! I can't wait to see some reviews come in. Regardless, this seems like exactly the kind of coaster Nagashima Spa Land needed. Hoping to get there one day to ride this, Steel Dragon, and ULTRA TWISTER!


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