Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st time!

P. 4: Castaway Cay 5K, Pelican Plunge & Final Farewells!
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Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st time!

Postby jedimaster1227 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:53 am

So I had the chance to sail on the Disney Fantasy for the first time a few weeks ago as the guest of a crew member, so while that didn't mean getting to see a guest cabin for myself (no Magic Portholes), I certainly wasn't going to turn down the chance to experience a Disney Cruise at a significantly discounted rate! ;) Experiencing the ship for an 8 day, 7 night cruise in the Western Caribbean, we made port in Costa Maya, Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Castaway Cay in addition to several (very enjoyable) sea days.

The Disney Cruise Line port entry at Port Canaveral is distinctly Disney with an early exposure to some of what you'll be experiencing while aboard.
Very clever!
One of the benefits of getting on the ship early is the chance to tour the kid and teen facilities on Day 1, as they are restricted to their respective guests after the ship sails away.
Had the chance to demo the interactive floor in the Oceaneer's Club. This game was based on Tron!
We all play in a yellow submarine... A yellow submarine... A yellow submarine...
I'm sure I would've eaten this up as a little kid!
The Toy Story area for the younger kids...
The Fantasy has their own version of Imageworks' Rainbow Corridor, and it is all kinds of awesome!
Vibe is the teen club on the ship--definitely a much nicer teen area than I'd seen on other ships.
They have these individual pods along the wall in which teen guests can plug in their iPods, watch movies and play video games.
A seriously cool looking venue!
The teen area includes a private deck with a jacuzzi and loungers.
As you'll see throughout this photo report, I seriously couldn't get enough of the AquaDuck.
For the index.
Since I couldn't get into Remy for the cruise (it was fully booked), I asked to be able to walk through the restaurant.
See the Remy in the window?
Bummed I couldn't dine here this time around, but I'll certainly go for it next time!
Remy has some really amazing dining rooms.
A better look at the "Hidden Remy."
Very French.
I want this table.
Over in Palo, I want this table too.
Little known fact: I love glass art.
Another benefit of touring the ship before it sails away is having the chance to check out the Senses Spa & Salon. These heated loungers are amazing!
I genuinely considered buying a package at the Senses Spa, but simply ran out of time to go get one for myself.
Well, that'd be a great view to have for a massage!
The first entertainment offering on the ship is the Sailing Away party.
It is kind of a big deal.
Of course, Mickey and the gang are on hand to help start the festivities!
As we begin sailing away, the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center is visible.
While I couldn't get into Remy on this cruise, I was insistent on finding a way to get into Palo. I was able to get in on the first night (the one with the least demand for Palo, in case you're planning a cruise on the Fantasy for yourself). Sadly I had to miss Crush night at Animator's Palate to have dinner at Palo, but it was totally worth it!

The meal started out with this fabulous antipasti plate!
I started my choices off with the appetizer trio including calamari, shrimp and a polenta-stuffed portobello mushroom cap. The portobello mushroom cap ended up being one of my favorite food items I had on the ENTIRE cruise--it was really that amazing!
This filet totally justified my desire to come to Palo. Here it isn't just topped, rather doused with warm gorgonzola cheese (poured overtop with a ladle). One of the best filets I've ever had, and definitely the best topping I've ever had on one.
Despite my love for the filet, I was conflicted about passing up the chance to try Palo's lobster ravioli (a house recommendation), so I asked for a side serving, and they obliged.
Dessert came in the form of the chocolate soufflé, served with vanilla and chocolate sauces. It was AMAZING!
Definitely the way to enjoy this one!
After dessert, a frozen shot of limoncello is served as a palate cleanser, and it was also great.
I ended up spending far more time in The Tube than I expected I would...
The venue is seriously impressive with its overhead lighting and its floor screen.
There is one piece of Enchanted Artwork on the ship that is actually an interactive game in itself, allowing you to steer a pirate ship in Neverland to collect treasure.
It is amazing just how intimate the ship feels at all times. Even when shows are letting out, the huge size of the Atrium prevents the ship from feeling overcrowded. It is a thing of science that they were able to accomplish this!
Over in D Lounge, I decided to observe one of the first game shows of the week.
Going back to the family-friendly aspect of a Disney Cruise, there are kid-friendly Mocktails available in most venues, to allow the kids to feel like they're enjoying beverages in the bars with their families, sans alcohol.
Mirror Mirror features a surprise appearance by Dopey...
Also present is the Magic Mirror from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The effect is really neat!
The last time I saw this Minnie, I was at the D23 Expo.
What a great view to have for breakfast!
Cabanas features these awesome sand castle representations of the other Magic Kingdom parks around the globe.
Been der.
Done dat.
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Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st time!

Postby jedimaster1227 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:54 am

Been to Tokyo DisneySea but didn't have the chance to visit Tokyo Disneyland.
Definitely on my list of must-do's since Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point have been added.
Seafood lovers will delight in this sight as I did.
The AquaDuck adds so much energy to the upper deck of the ship. I love it!
Hi Elissa!
Fanciest restrooms EVER!
Europa is the section of the ship featuring the adult bars.
Skyline is easily the most clever bar concept I've ever experienced.
As you sit in the bar, the windows slowly change to reveal skylines from several major cities across the globe.
Here's a look at one...
Featuring an appearance by the Disney Magic!
A subtle but awesome detail, all of the paintings in the hallways in Europa point you in the direction of the different bars.
O'Gills Pub is the ship's sports bar, though I didn't spend any time here.
Flapper Minnie out meeting guests during Formal Night.
My first meal on Rotational Dining (you move each night to one of three different dinner venues, although your staff moves with you) was at Enchanted Garden.
The Wedge.
The Avocado & Tuna Tower was seriously one of the best things I ate on the ship!
More lobster ravioli! Not as good as Palo's but still pretty great!
And for my main course, scallops with couscous!
I had to try the Sacher Torte!
I also had to try the dessert trio... I have no shame.
Throughout the evening Enchanted Garden dims to reveal a starry sky.
I really love this atrium chandelier!
Behind the Guest Services desk are these awesome maps of the world featuring the current locations of the four Disney Cruise Line ships in addition to all of the Disney Destinations (including Shanghai Disneyland)!
The ships are actually magnets, so they can be moved to their exact locations each day.
One of my favorite pieces of Enchanted Art was the duo of Pirates of the Caribbean frames that actually fight each other like in the ride!
Ello Nigel!
Cabanas features this awesome tile mosaic depicting Finding Nemo!
With Grand Cayman being our first port, I got off of the ship to mooch off of the free wifi at Margaritaville.
Never fails!
They even have their own pool and water slide at this location!
An actual pirate ship!
The Buena Vista Theater is home to the ship's movies. Here I saw Oz, the Great and Powerful, Lincoln, The Avengers and Iron Man 3.
They even have kid-sized Dolby 3D glasses!
Our next dinner was in Royal Court.
If you couldn't tell already, I love seafood.
I had to see if the French Onion Soup was up to snuff... It was!
I had the lamb chops this night and they were spectacular!
The dessert menu's presentation is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction...
This, as you may recognize is a neatly folded menu, now in operation, waiting for you [to order]. We invite you if you dare to be a glutton [like I am] because in tonight's dinner, you are the star...
And the dessert trio featuring a mango cheesecake, creme brûlée and a flour less chocolate cake.
And to close, the Grand Marnier soufflé! It was AMAZING!
An overview of Royal Court.
How did I get this view?
Are they leaving me behind?
Where am I???

Find out in the next installment!
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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby simon8899 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:13 am

I'm totally a Cunard guy - but only for transatlantic crossings - I don't don't like to hop on and off the ship daily. And I'm not really a fan of round-the-clock noisy animation.

The dining rooms look very classy. And I hope the bar has a wider booze selection than visible on the photo...

the Sacher Torte looks good - even if it's a round cake if made by Sacher. Better is the Imperial Torte.... :roll:

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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby PKI Jizzman » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:23 am

Great photos and food! Looks like a fun time. Can't wait for more updates.
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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby Porsmond » Fri Jun 28, 2013 10:58 am

awesome report, cant wait for more updates. Trying to convince my girlfriend to go on a Disney Cruise as it does look like such a cool ship, will have to show her your report to tempt her :D

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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby Sir Clinksalot » Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:31 am

Looks great Adam!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby IndoorSurvivalist » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:10 pm

Amazing photos!

I'm actually eating a monster burrito from Freebirds right now, and the photos of the food are making me even hungrier!

I feel stupid for never really realizing the that staff on the cruise also need to live on the ship. Do you have any photos of what their living spaces look like?

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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby printersdevil78 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:17 pm

This looks awesome! The Disney ships have really taken a giant step forward since I sailed with them a decade ago.

So was the Disneyland sandcastle smaller than all the others?

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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby gisco » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:36 pm

I gained 5 lbs looking at all the pics of food!

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Re: Photo TR: Adam sails on the Disney Fantasy for the 1st t

Postby Flippero95 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:41 pm

I'm loving the 'behind the scenes photos' and dessert love! :mickey:


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