Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Latest: Day 5, Part 1 - Selva Magica!!!
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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby carolinacaniac » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:43 pm

Hello everyone!

This is a rarity for myself as I have had two strait nights where I could do updates for my TPR Mexico Trip Report! Also, the new multi-image upload option helps a lot too (Thank you Robb for adding it! It is a time saver!). Enough of my excuses for not bringing you more awesomeness from Mexico, now comes the next update to my Mexico Trip Report.....

Day 4: On to Guadalajara!
Part 1: Parque Bicentenario

This park was one that people on this trip either anticipated or fretted because of the fact that all three coasters were Chinese Knockoffs. While the coasters were not really anything to write home about, the park itself was actually pretty nice. Located about half way between Mexico City and Guadalajara, it was more of a city picnic park with rides in it. It was spread out and well maintained, plus they had a nice covered area right in the middle for people to come and spend a few hours.

Our visit to this park would for one of the most entertaining (and really sad) stories of all the TPR trips I have been on. Their wild mouse coaster, known as Selva del Raton, has a height restriction in which adults could only ride if they accompanied a child. So with Kristen being the lone child on the trip, it appeared as though it may not be as likely for everyone to get the credit. As luck would have it, there was a small daycare group at the park and inline for the coaster when we headed over. After talking with their chaperones, Elissa was able to make an arrangement with the chaperones to allow the kids to rotate with the adult riders so that we all could get the credit if we wanted. The children were really excited to get to ride the coaster multiple times, and we all were able to have a laugh (or in some cases awkward silence) about it.

As for how the rest of the visit, here are the pictures to help tell the story.
As we drove from Mexico City to Guadalajara, we had stopped at a gas station before we would get to our next park. I decided that a snack was in order which would be Mexican Oreos. These were different though, as it seemed they crushed the cookie into the cream, and then put the mixture in between the cookies. Either way, I did like them.
As we arrived to Parque Bicentenario, I find that I still love the look of the Mexican landscape. Even out here in the middle of nowhere.
I see a Chinese knockoff roller coaster hiding behind the wall!
Everybody in and ready for Chinese Knockoff coasters? Look how enthused everyone is!
Larry doing what theme park nerds do....take pictures of park maps. But then again, I have a number of those types of pictures too, so I am guilty as charged.
Off in the distance is Montana Rusa, their knockoff loop-screw coaster.
This guy was pretty important. For some reason I want to say that it isn't Christopher Columbus, but for all I know it is.
After a little bit of a walk, we come to our first credit.
Like the sign says, this is Montana Rusa!
Look at that fabulous Chinese masterpiece!
In a way, I feel like I have taken this same picture in Federal Way, Washington (If anyone knows what I am referencing, congrats, you are a coaster nerd too!)
So being that this would be my first Chinese knockoff coaster, I was not too sure about it. Ryan on the other hand is pumped for it!
As Robb demonstrates, this thing is a real pain in the burro to get into.
And this poor lady was running the whole ride by herself. She certainly did the best she could, and I give her a lot of credit for handling the unexpected rush of TPR members!
This is the point where many of us go from the excitement of riding a coaster we have never been on......
015.JPG wondering if this was a mistake.
At this point though, you just have to take it! It wasn't the smoothest ride in the world, but I don't seem to remember it being "cut-my-wrists" bad either. Maybe I was so beaten by it that I just didn't remember.
Along with Montana Rusa, this area also had a swinging pirate ship....
018.JPG well as a smaller rapids ride.
They also had a small little food stand here as well
As we walked back to the other part of the park closer to the gate, we were passed by the train ride that circles the lake at the park
On the path back you had people selling little gifts and other such items to visitors.
And here is where the bar for what many of us will do to get a credit has been set to its lowest
This was like a mini wild mouse, with some killer brakes.
The children who rode with each of us really enjoyed it.
Here I am with my riding partner, who's name I don't entirely recall, but Annabella is one that seems to stick to me. She was a real sweetheart who would hold the hand of whomever she was going to ride with, and after the ride gave a big hug to each person before biding them farewell. It was actually really cute to see. Talk about a real cultural difference as they didn't seem to think anything of it, whereas back in the states this would probably never happen.
Going up the lift hill
and around the corner
So the day before I ate Mexican-Chinese food. Now I was going to ride a Mexican-Chinese Wacky Worm!!!!!!! This goes onto a whole new level of life altering than that of riding two Mexican Wacky Worms!
It was actually kind of interesting to see this compared to a regular Wacky Worm as this seemed more permanent than regular Wacky Worms......of course I could be entirely wrong too.
Even the trains looked...............different. (If you thought Chinese, than you are probably very stereotypical!)
Around the top we go.
"Watch as the Chinese Wacky Worm crawls through the bushes."
These guys are totally excited to get a Mexican-Chinese Wacky Worm! That is because they know that it will change their lives!!!!!!
A POV look of the Mexican-Chinese Wacky Worm.
In this part of the park, they have most of their other rides, including the frog hopper, and a spinning ride that was like a miniature Dumbo type of ride with dinosaurs.
They even had this large play web-net type thing for the kids to climb all over.
This is what I thought was the best part about the place for the locals. The fact that they had a picnic shelter for people to bring their picnics into the park, and be right there were they could see their families play if they chose to have their meal while the kids ride.
This duck was certainly not afraid of people
In fact I would guess that he was hoping he might get some food for his friendliness.
"Stay......sit......good duck!"
Off to the side you can also see the lake that the train runs around.
Statues that solute different people of Mexico
A model of a significant Mexican Building.
Here was a look at the train station, which also had a food stand inside of it
From the side.
They also had a car ride that went through and past models of historical buildings.
Earlier we had passed this on our way in, which is a very nice soccer field.
Overall, this was actually a nice park for a small city park. Will it be on a must visit list? No, but if you happen to be in the area, or if you live in the area, it is a nice little place. Plus they even have a pool with a few water slides as I recall.
"Wait, Cliff, were we supposed to meet everyone for the bus here?".......Thanks for checking out the update folks! Stay tuned for more!
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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby larrygator » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:52 pm

Yes I am a nerd. But I remember the name of my riding partner, Mauricio.
As usual, my analysis is free of charge!
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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby carolinacaniac » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:54 pm

Indeed! I applaud you for having a better memory than I with that.

And hey, I think we can safely say that most of us on these trips are nerds, right? :)
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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby Nrthwnd » Sun Aug 25, 2013 4:56 pm

And my little riding buddy was named Pedro. :)

Keep it going Gary! Great report!
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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby SharkTums » Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:05 pm

The Quesadilla (or two) that I got from the place near the looping coaster was pretty much the best one I've ever had! And the women making them were so friendly and asking about the group and talking about how great Mexico was.

Couldn't agree more, can't wait to go back!

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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby carolinacaniac » Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:09 pm

I completely agree with you Elissa, Mexico is a great place! I would love the chance to go back again. I would like to try and be a bit better versed with my Spanish the next go-round so that it would be that much easier to visit, and maybe have a conversation or two.
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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby soilooklikemanson » Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:55 pm

Great report Gary! Boy I mss Mexico.

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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby Thri!!er » Mon Aug 26, 2013 5:52 am

Thanks for the further pictures, Gary = )

^^And please who says, that you (all) are nerds? I can remind me pretty much well, as I was sitting by a more than a lilliputian, Larry - a mouse called, "The Fastest Mouse In All México", Speedy Gonzales was his name :lol: ;) :lmao:

Interessting motives/photo-motives, Gary, thanks once more!

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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby cfc » Mon Aug 26, 2013 12:28 pm

I've heard a lot of good things about this trip, and this report backs them up. I'll probably go with TPR myself in 2015.

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Re: Gary's 2013 TPR Mexico Tour Trip Report

Postby FreeFaller » Mon Aug 26, 2013 3:21 pm

Wow! Mexico looks VERY interesting and worth visiting it! I like your trip report and can't wait for more!


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