Alton Towers Discussion Thread

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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby RCT3Bross » Mon May 28, 2012 1:19 pm

^ I'm sorry for doubting that because I was the one how asked, but Wikipedia is actually the last site I trust. And 12 inversions means 4 inside of that building, doesn't look like there is room for 4. ;) In other words I think the words on Wikipedia are not possible to be the real ride.
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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby AstroDan » Mon May 28, 2012 1:48 pm


After a week being closed, the changes to Nemesis Sub-Terra are both considerable and widespread. Here's a rundown which I noticed, from my two rides at the weekend!

Briefing Area
No major changes, although the video is now louder in volume. Obviously, on opening weekend there wasn't even a video at this point.

Descent Lift
Spoken audio is the same, to instruct guests on boarding procedure. Accompanying this, there is now a droning sound which lowers in pitch as the lift descends into the cave. The vibrations are also more effective now, and there is a better sensation of going down. Generally louder. The cavern which guests walk through before entry into the observation chamber is the same, although the main chamber doors now do not open until several seconds after exits from the descent lift - so guests usually see them opening towards them.

Observation Chamber
New lighting on the egg, and a louder "heartbeat" noise accompanies this. The sequence/programming has changed a lot. The introduction at the start is now longer, before anything happens - then there are vibrations in the seat caused by heavy bass. Lights dim, various loud noises, egg hatches as before but much heavier water spray hits guests. Various "malfunction" messages play out, and lights dim again. Gondola's drop at different times. Nest of eggs very clear with new lighting flashing. Very loud noises play, speakers in seats to make it seem like the alien is moving around the room (this in darkness). Air bursts on back of neck. Lots of back poking and leg ticklers. Upon rising back up, countdown "30 SECONDS" begins, to get out of the main chamber. Very heavy strobing at this stage. Much more urgency. Guests leave seats and head towards Escape lifts - the room between main chamber and lifts is now full of smoke, air jets from above and heavy strobing. Lots of noise!

Ascent Lifts
More smoke through new panel. Lighting changed, more banging and more noise. Generally more "stress" going on here. You see a panel break at the top of the lift. Upon lift doors opening, a Phalanx Operative in gas mask from the decontamination unit bursts in with a flashlight, scaring all guests. Very effective here.

Decontamination Area
Entirely new. Lack of narrative here at the moment, although we were informed that this was being looked at. Guests go through decontamination in darkness. Phalanx operatives in gas masks, lots of flashing lights, strobes and bangs. Impression that a room has caved in as guests go under a fabric cloth. Lights have failed. Lots of mesh fencing. Very loud bangs just before exit.

And that... is the new Sub Terra. A massive improvement - well done Alton Towers. Now, just for a little improvement on the narrative side of things in the decontamination area and things will be well sorted!


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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby Swimace » Tue May 29, 2012 3:28 am

I'm glad to hear that Alton has improved the ride experience. As a huge fan of themed attractions, I thought this thing had potential to be a nice "alien encounter" sort of ride. It's good to see that the park is making changes for the better.

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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby SharkTums » Tue May 29, 2012 8:15 am


This sounds like a pretty cool mash up of Mystery Tower from Phantasialand and Alien Encounter from Disney. Can't wait to check it out.

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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby willh51 » Tue May 29, 2012 9:52 am

Good for them for making some changes, it all sounds pretty cool to me. I've always been impressed with AT (which I've never visited) for trying to create solid attractions within the strict height restrictions they are saddled with.
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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby rctneil » Tue May 29, 2012 2:22 pm

Great to hear that it has improved. It was noticeable on opening day that they were not happy with the reports from the public about the ride and i'm glad that feedback has been taken onboard to improve it.

I'm looking forward to riding it again in just over a weeks time to compare both experiences.
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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby coasterfreak101 » Tue May 29, 2012 2:49 pm

That sounds really cool! Definitely something worth checking out, much more so than the original reviews showed.
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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby Meteornotes » Tue May 29, 2012 2:51 pm

Pretty awesome that they went back and made changes to the attraction. A lot of parks would just move onto the next project.

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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby jammy2by4 » Thu May 31, 2012 7:16 pm

I came across some information regrading the closure of Enterprise and Submission. On April 8th TowerTimes received a statement from AT reading:
We are delighted to confirm that both Submission and Enterprise in X-Sector will now be opening for the 2012 season.
A huge amount of work has been going on in the background to re-assess how we could keep these two ever popular attractions open should we be able to commence the preparatory work for the planned new rollercoaster opening in 2013, and we are now confident that we can achieve this.
Enterprise and Submission will operate alongside Oblivion and the brand new Fried Chicken Co restaurant which opened during the February half term to fantastic feedback.

Good to hear on my behalf as I'm finally visiting the park for the first time in 2 weeks =) .
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Re: Alton Towers Discussion Thread

Postby MayTheGForceBeWithYou » Thu May 31, 2012 9:34 pm

SharkTums wrote:^Exactly.

This sounds like a pretty cool mash up of Mystery Tower from Phantasialand and Alien Encounter from Disney. Can't wait to check it out.

I think it sounds cool, too. Alien Encounter was one of my all time favorite theme park attractions, so hearing that something like this popped up made me happy.

Also good to hear it got the opening kinks worked out. Sounds like a much better experience than the first few weeks of operation.


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