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Re: Phantasialand Discussion Thread

Thu May 14, 2020 9:28 am

Phantasialand will be opening on May 29th.



We are currently working intensively on the reopening. We want you to have a park experience where fun and joy are in harmony with the protection to health. The safety of our guests and employees is always our highest prioroty.

It is importent to us that Phantasialand is a place of joy where everyone feels comfortable. We want you to be able to spend a carefree day with your family, on which you can leave the daily life behind and share happy experiences. Therefore we have decided to open the theme park to a limited number of guests until further notice. You therefor need an online ticket prior to your visit, which you must purchase in advance for a certain date. These day tickets are only available in our online-shop. First we will start with the ticket sale until the end of June.

In addition, we have developed regulations on distance and hygiene, which apply immediatly in Phantasialand.
Mutual respect makes the shared experience possible in this days and age. So let us take care of each other and experience fantastic things togeter in our lively themed worlds.

Further information will follow soon.

So, the only information made public so far is that Phantasialand, like everyone else, will be using day reservation tickets to limit their capacity. If you've already bought a ticket, you are allowed to change it to a specific day reservation.

Re: Phantasialand Discussion Thread

Mon May 25, 2020 12:14 pm

Phantasialand released a multi-language rulebook today. Looks like all restaurants will be open, but there is no information yet which if any rides will be closed.

Re: Phantasialand Discussion Thread

Mon May 25, 2020 12:46 pm

^ I just love that they say: "If you do not bring your own face mask, you can buy one at Phantasialand." and then immediately follow with a list of area's where you have to wear a mask and the first place on that list is: "Park Entrances." I don't know I just find it funny, granted maybe they sell some before the entrances but the way I read it was like: "Yes we sell them if you don't have any but you cannot come in the park without them."
On a serious note, seems like the same rules as here in the Netherlands except in the Netherlands the face masks aren't mandatory. I also read that F.L.Y. might indeed open in 2020, apparently the Parks Tik Tok account said that so take it with a huge grain of salt. If it does I really want to visit the park this year or else I don't know.

Re: Phantasialand Discussion Thread

Mon May 25, 2020 1:12 pm

On restaurants: "For your safety, we document the contact details of one person at your table as well as the period of your stay and keep them for 4 weeks" - is this somthing all attractions/restaurants in Germany are doing? Or is it just Phantasialand?

I obviously understand it's for contact tracing, it just struck me as interesting because it's not something I've seen from any of the other parks.
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