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Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:58 am
by chschris1
A.J. wrote:
coneyislandchris wrote:Asking the question since it seems to have been glossed over... the new waterslide? Solar Vortex? What exactly is a "dual tailspin" waterslide? Anyone know? Even the official site doesn't seem to have much info.

WhiteWater and ProSlide seem to kind of have this back-and-forth where one company comes up with a new thing and the other puts their own spin on it.

In this case, the Tailspin is Whitewater's newest slide element that's kind of a mix between their Constrictor slide and Proslide's Flying Saucer. It's an open, very tight diving turn sized for large / long rafts.


The above photo is from Whirlin' Waters in North Charleston, South Carolina.

I live in Charleston and have ridden this new slide many times. It is so much fun. When you take the turn it feels completely out of control. :lmao:

Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 8:51 pm
by jedimaster1227
Last night TPR was invited to attend the opening night of Howl-O-Scream 2019 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. This year's theme is Twenty Years of Fear as the event celebrates its 20th season in Tampa. This year's event features six houses (five returning and one new), eight scare zones, one show plus the added benefit of having eight of the park's rides open to experience in the dark!

Howl-O-Scream has always been a unique favorite of mine when it comes to the Central Florida haunt scene. While Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando has built a reputation of scares based on immersive, movie-quality sets in their houses (many of which are based on popular horror properties), Busch Gardens has focus most specifically on making the most effective scares with what they have. Unlike some of the other haunts, the houses are not replaced annually, rather rotated in and out every few years, with the returning houses being regularly plussed year over year to make sure it isn't a straight repeat of the year prior's experience.

Time for a break down of the year's lineup:

The Residence: The one new house at Howl-O-Scream 2019, this one is built upon the former Demented Dimensions house and this was one of my favorites for the evening. As you roam this haunted home, you'll find that things are more than out of the ordinary... I really was impressed with how effective the scares were for this one!

The Black Spot - Bloodshed: Over in the back corner of Stanleyville by Tigris, this pirate-themed house returns for the second most well-themed house of the event (behind my personal favorite, Death Water Bayou). Taking advantage of the cavernous former queue of the African Queen Boat Ride, this house is filled with wrecked pirate ships and the maddened pirates who suffer from the Black Spot.

Simon's Slaughterhouse: This house debuted during last year's event, borrowing a bit of the former Zombie Containment Unit 15's concept of splitting groups up down different paths. Guests are herded into three different corrals at the entrance of the Slaughterhouse like cattle for the kill, sent down close but separate paths with individual scares along the way before regrouping parties roughly a third of the way through the house. From here it becomes a more traditional house, with scares at every turn. The wooden barriers the funnel you forward don't lend to overly detailed set pieces but once you exit the corral, you start to see the horrors of Simon's Slaughterhouse come to life... And take some away.

Motel Hell - Infestation: Always a solid house. This one leverages the phobias people have with hotels, so you know the inside won't be the cleanest... But what this house does well too is give you an experience of the insanity that fills the inside and the outside of a twisted motel.

Death Water Bayou - Wrath of the Queen: Consistently my favorite house year over year. This house is filled with detail starting with its outside, leading you into the bayous of New Orleans, where a decrepit house marks your entrance into the world of voodoo. You come in close contact with one of this year's icons, the voodoo queen early in the house and the scares consistently catch you off guard here. This is the house that features the annually-present spinning tunnel effect but other than that, there's little that you could find predictable in this house. Bungee jumping scare actors lunge at you from dark corners of the house and before you can respond they've already disappeared. The horror extends to the forested waters of the bayou, a haunted cemetery and to the backstreets of New Orleans. The detail in this house is rich--probably the closest house you'll find to Halloween Horror Nights-quality set design. There's nothing not to love about this one, and you'll likely find yourself convinced to revisit at least once more while at the event... I did.

Insomnia: Another new house from last year's event, this shocked me by how strong a concept Insomnia could be, considering the "Deconstruction" house that has been hosted in this location for many, many years before was so tired. Insomnia places you in the middle of a sleep therapy clinic where the patients have been overcome by their nightmare demons and lashed out at their doctors to run the clinic into madness. Mayhem ensues. The house teeters on true insanity as layers peel away from the clinic facade to reveal nightmarish hellscapes, monsters, a rabid sheep and patients who have gone off the rails. This house is peak Howl-O-Scream alongside Death Water Bayou.

As an aside, while all of Busch Gardens coasters are amazing, this was my first chance to experience Tigris... And man, did it thrill me. Admittedly this wasn't something I rushed over to the park to experience, but the triple launch, the unexpected airtime and the crazy hang time made this so much more fun than I expected. Operations were also on point, with an average dispatch time of 1 minute and 35 seconds from unload to dispatch.

Howl-O-Scream is worth the drive to Tampa, year over year. The houses continue to thrill, the already world-class lineup of rides are incredibly fun to ride at night and with scare zones filling the park, the scares don't end until you get to your car. Howl-O-Scream runs on select nights at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay between now and November 2nd. Do yourself a favor if you're a haunt fan... Check it out!

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:48 pm
by B&MIntaminGCI
It's crazy to think that after years of back & forth over whether Gwazi would be RMCed, it actually is happening. It seems surreal.

Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:46 am
by jynx242
I always found Howl-o-Scream to be my favorite haunt in Florida. Horror Nights is really great - but it seems like there is more of a passion for the event at Busch Gardens and that they try harder.


Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 9:46 am
by Hilltopper39
jynx242 wrote:I always found Howl-o-Scream to be my favorite haunt in Florida. Horror Nights is really great - but it seems like there is more of a passion for the event at Busch Gardens and that they try harder.


Yeah that's pretty much my take, I like both events for different reasons but HoS is just so much fun. I
m bummed I can't make it down this year but next year after Iron Gwazi opens makes it a can't miss for me.

Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 1:38 pm
by Jayjay719
I'm heading down to Busch Gardens in a couple weeks to check out Howl O Scream for the first time and seeing these photos makes me even more excited! Busch Gardens is one of my favorite parks so I can not wait.

Re: Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (BGT Discussion Thread)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 11:47 am
by cfc
I'm looking forward to visiting Tampa's Howl-o-Scream for the first time in years this October. I liked it back then, and it looks good now.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:58 am
by ryder
I just visited HOS for my first time this past weekend. It was a nice haunt! The design reminds me of a lower budget Knott's, but that's not a bad thing. The bungee scares really got me.

Did Fright Feast, and didn't know there was entertainment there! But I had to say, the food wasn't that great. But it was nice to have FOL for the first hour... we got all 6 mazes done!

Only other complaint (aside from the not-so-great food at Fright Feast) was the the lines for the rides were actually pretty long. Fury said it was 15 min and the queue was barely half full, but it took 45 minutes due to extremely slow ops. They'd let people exit and have the ride sit there empty for literally 2 minutes for no visible reason before letting on the next group. I don't understand why they don't have a single rider line for that.

The line for Cheetah was 60, and Cobra was 70. We got on a lot faster, and we realized after the fact that we had honestly, completely accidentally, gotten into the Express line and no one told us we were in the wrong queue. Kinda felt bad, but even the express line took 20 minutes. This was on a Saturday night, so I guess I should have expected longer lines, but based on what everyone else was saying, I thought the lines would be a lot less.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:10 am
by boldikus
Spotted these on @JacobTouringCe1 via a tweet RCDB posted about Gwazi.

Looks like we have an inversion. Kinda looks like Twisted Timbers cutback but huge.




Also, the makings of a wave turn.



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PostPosted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 12:48 pm
by sixFLAGSman!
So is there any information or speculation on whether the lift hill will be wood or steel? It looks like they're basically going to build it from scratch so it would be nice if it was steel. Personally, I love the way Zadra's lift hill looks.