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Mon Apr 04, 2005 7:12 pm

alpengeistdude321 wrote:That darn thing takes forever to drop, it almost seems a little excessive and people will forget they are on a coaster when your sitting in the 3rd row.

Well, they are testing, so its not 'final'...the 2nd drop/brake is probably more of what the ride is going to be like. That part is crazy. But you HAVE to slow these coasters down considerably...otherwise your negative G will be excessive/dangerous.

It will be kuhl.

Jose E

Wed Apr 06, 2005 5:04 pm

If they didn't slow the train down so much, with that sharp tun into the second drop, can we say whiplash?

Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:29 pm

Am I the only one NOT surprised how slow it slows down on the brake run? I personally figured when they annouced that the brakes would be on HEAVY so you didn't get violent airtime. I personally have never been excited and never will be excited about it, it could be good but ehh...

Wed Apr 06, 2005 7:25 pm

I knew it was going to go very slow over that second drop. Like I said before, if you go too fast, you would get whiplash.

Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:13 pm

I dont know what to say about SheiKra, I mean I always thought it would be cool but from the looks of the video and the artwork I didn't ever think the ride would be "intense" but more of fun.

I dont really think it will be the next silver bullet, it will probably be allitle more intense than that (well I haven't rode Silver Bullet but from what I hear is, its not the biggest G-Force machine) but the ride definately doesn't have alot to it.

I was also surprised by the long amount of time it takes to drop, when they said 10seconds I didn't know 10seconds would be making it all the way around that turnover. Is it going to go that slow all the time or is that just a testing issue. I would have thought that it would have moved around the turn nice and fast then stop and held for 10seconds, but the ride kindof more "tries not to drop" and never really comes to a complete stop.

Well however it goes, this probably wasn't meant to be one of their greatest coasters, probably more of an upgrade from the previous Dive Machines?

-Justin "I really thought the inversion would be a HANGOVER and not even go as fast as it does, over it"

Thu Apr 07, 2005 8:49 pm

Why don't we reserve judgment on the coaster until we ride it! Lots of coasters look lame in videos and then end up being great rides and vice versa. Case in point: I was so psyched to ride Texas Giant after seeing all the videos on it. MAN was I disappointed once I got to ride it.

I think it will be a fun ride and definitely and lot more convenient than Oblivion and L5 (I think that's the name of the other one.) I will be there next Tuesday so I can see if they are still testing and give a first hand account of the speed from the ground view.

Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:21 pm

Sundays are when they test during the day. during the week and on saturday's is when tehy test at night, after the construction crew that work on theming and other stuff around the coaster have left.

Sat Apr 09, 2005 9:09 pm

My friends were there today (Saturday) and they said it tested. Maybe they closer they get to opening, the more they're going to test it. That would make sense.

Anyway, the ride pretty much looks exactly like I thought it would. Obviously the reverse chain drive isn't it normal operation mode but other than that, it looks great! I really can't wait to take my first ride, front row- left. Looks like it'll be a winner - and another great coaster for my randon visits to BGT!

Joe C.

Sun Apr 10, 2005 12:18 am

pianojohn wrote:Why don't we reserve judgment...

I thought that was really funny for some reason..."reserve judgement" don't most theme park message boards seem to focus on ride evaluation or attraction evaluation?

I mean, is premature evaluation really then such a bad thing?


Sun Apr 10, 2005 1:25 pm

Don't forget that due to the massive size of both the trains and track, this coaster will look a lot slower than it actually it (just like X). When you look at an airplane flying overhead, dispite the fact that it is going hundreds of miles per hour, it looks slow because it is far away. On most things that are a reasonable distance away, your brain compensates for this when judging speen. However, in this case, your brain sees B&M track and a B&M car without realizing that both are almost twice the normal size, so it thinks that the coaster is closer than it really is, and doesn't properly compensate for distance.
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