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Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Thu Jul 25, 2019 7:26 pm

BlahBlahson wrote:Also make sure you do a trip through Cypress Gardens and do the Pirates Ski Show. Both are not-to-miss bits of historic Florida. And if they are playing the Lego Movie 4D on the day you go, it's hilarious and worth seeing. Finally, APPLE FRIES if you're into that sort of thing.

In the restored Cypress Gardens there is a Banyan tree that was planted as a seedling in a five-gallon bucket in 1939 by the original Cypress Garden's owner. It's massive and often missed by most guests at the park, it's definitely a must-see!

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:43 am

Thoughts on post-Christmas yet pre-New Year's (or even a few days past New Year's) crowd levels? I may be visiting parents in Tampa after Christmas and am looking at options; I know its a super busy time of year for FL parks in general but looking into non Disney/Universal for maybe something less mobbed.

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Tue Jan 28, 2020 1:21 pm

This weekend Theme Park Review was invited to visit Legoland Florida to participate in LEGO Ninjago Days, a new themed event offered on January 25th - 26th, February 1st - 2nd and February 8th - 9th, 2020. Inspired by the hit LEGO sets that have spawned a TV series, mini movies, a feature length film in theaters and a land in the Legoland parks (including this one), the popular franchise fills the park with activities, character experiences, unique entertainment and specialty food offerings to plus an already great family day at Legoland Florida.

Legoland Florida is a well spread out park with a large number of family-friendly, interactive attractions for everyone to enjoy. The classic charm of Cypress Gardens is retained in its original format and can still be accessed at no additional cost with standard admission from inside of the park. LEGO Ninjago Days is another great excuse to come out and visit this park. Guests, especially those with younger families will find a lot to enjoy during the event!
We’re Legoland Florida today to experience LEGO Ninjago Days!
Construction of the Legoland Pirate Island Hotel continues adjacent to the original Legoland Hotel.
Special guide maps are available for the event.
Master Wu's Dojo is home to a small grab and go food counter and a meet and greet with Master Wu himself.
Candy sushi!
Love it!
One of several activity stations setup through the park during LEGO Ninjago Days, where you can help to assemble a large-scale LEGO Ninjago character using LEGO bricks.
Digital signage has been installed throughout the park to direct guests to the latest shows and advise of current wait times.
Naturally LEGO Ninjago World was our first stop of the day.
What better way to start our LEGO Ninjago Days visit to Legoland Florida than with a stop at LEGO Ninjago The Ride!
This shooting dark ride uses hand gestures to generate energy blasts onscreen, which is a nice twist from the classic laser/light gun setup.
LEGO Ninjago The Ride is a fun family dark ride with a unique shooting dark ride system!
Time for a ride on Coastersaurus!
The Great LEGO Race still offers VR experiences for those interested.
Having just been in New York City a week earlier, this was fun to see.
You may see ninjas roaming Miniland during LEGO Ninjago Days
Guests can meet Lloyd and see the “LEGO Ninjago - Master of the 4th Dimension” film at the Fun Town 4D Theater!
LEGO Movie World is an extremely popular corner of the park. It replaced the former land, The World of Chima, integrating its splash battle attraction and adding several new offerings...
The LEGO Movie: Masters of Flight is a unique take on the Flying Theater style attraction...
And a clever use of the Triple Decker Couch.
The Battle of Bricksburg attraction wasn't too busy thanks to it being a colder day.
Enjoying a close encounter with The Dragon!
There’s a LEGOLAND park exclusive LEGO set available for purchase at Legoland Florida!
Not nearly as fun as a Turkey Caller!
Lost Kingdom Adventure at Legoland Florida is a great shooting dark ride for families to enjoy!
You can participate in a ninja-themed yoga class for kids during LEGO Ninjago Days!
Time to grab some food at the new Ninja Kitchen food truck!
Here's the full menu from Ninja Kitchen.
Pork Egg Rolls, Pork Bao Buns, Sweet Asian Chicken Wings and Lemon Chicken Potstickers for lunch! The potstickers were our favorite of the lot!
Guests can enjoy Earth Beat performances during LEGO Ninjago Days.
It isn’t a day at Legoland Florida without a stop at the NFPA Rescue Academy!
The beauty and charm of Cypress Gardens is maintained as a historic part of Legoland Florida for guests of all ages to experience.
The LEGO touches are subtle in the storied Cypress Gardens section of the park.
The Banyan Tree is a must see when roaming Cypress Gardens.
Fun facts!
Cypress Gardens had a long history of offering water skiing shows, so it is great to see Legoland Florida continue that tradition to this date.
There are Ninjago-themed activity stations set up throughout the park to enjoy during LEGO Ninjago Days!
No visit to Legoland Florida is complete without a serving of Granny’s Apple Fries!
Lots of progress on this big-fig since we first arrived!
We had an awesome time enjoying LEGO Ninjago Days at Legoland Florida! The event continues for the next two weekends, so be sure to come out and visit!

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Tue Jan 28, 2020 5:22 pm

Interesting that the Legoland Playset has "Billund" (the original park in Denmark) on it's entrance sign.
Wonder if most parents will be able to explain what that means, to their kids. :wink:

Great tour of the park (and the food) during Ninjago Days. Thanks for sharing your visit, Adam.

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:56 am

Will eventually visit this park. I am sure I'd have a great time. I actually have a free ticket via the Lego Rewards system (bought a few larger sets). Thanks for the look!

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Fri Jan 31, 2020 8:08 am

Nrthwnd wrote:Interesting that the Legoland Playset has "Billund" (the original park in Denmark) on it's entrance sign.

If you look closely on the bottom right hand corner of the box, you'll see they actually have stickers with the names of all of the current Legoland parks, so you can make the entrance sign represent whichever park you want! I thought that was a pretty clever touch.

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:48 am

^That is really cool. That 'park' lego set seems like a great idea.

Re: Legoland Florida Discussion Thread

Fri Jan 31, 2020 5:01 pm

^^ Hah, I was going to add to my post that they might be including
stickers with the different parks' names. I didn't notice that in the
corner, honestly. Till you noted it. Cool that they've included that. :smile:
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