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P. 1103: Coasters & Craft Brews Sneak Peek
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Postby QueerRudie » Sun Nov 22, 2009 2:21 am

Here's something that I found interesting- from Schwartzkopf.Coaster.net


This site, BTW, is one of the -finest- repositories for anything from Herr Achterbahn's life. Some of the pictures and models are amazing to see- and this might explain some of the different types of attractions- including the 'Flying' Coaster (Aptly named when you see the pictures).


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Postby Tmcdllr » Mon Nov 23, 2009 5:55 pm


This "flying coaster" looks very familiar. Looks like a suspended version of Revolution minus the OTSRs.

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Postby cfc » Mon Nov 23, 2009 6:37 pm

Here's another interesting article with information on the history of the suspended coaster: http://www.coasterglobe.com/features/history-suspended/.

I remember reading about Messerschmitt's suspended coaster (and how it failed because of safety concerns) back when I was in high school.

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Postby TheRapidsNerd » Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:50 am

This could be very good all around. The coaster museum gets a major coaster display/shot in the arm, and the Wolf gets a new honored place in history. This was a good move on BGE's part.

Dorkiness kicking in here, I hope that part of the display shows where the section of track comes from. Doubtful, but it just adds something.

Hey, I'm glad to see the coaster museum rolling forward. That's good news too.

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Postby robbalvey » Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:00 pm

A little blurb in from BGW:

More than 60 miles of holiday lights, 900 candles and 600 Christmas trees are ready to light up in two days for Christmas Town: A Busch Gardens Celebration. The start of this event may be the perfect way for guests to end their hectic Black Friday on Nov. 27.

Christmas Town visitors will find that Busch Gardens is a place for them to slow down, have fun and spend time with their family and friends. They will experience the park in a whole new light with all-new attractions, dazzling shows and one-of-a-kind gift ideas that will make everyone say, “Now this is Christmas.”

“We can’t wait to debut Christmas Town,” said John Reilly, general manager and executive vice president of Busch Gardens. “It’s a project we’ve been planning for years, and the moment is almost here.”

Christmas Town debuts on Black Friday, which is considered the busiest shopping day of the year. After such a hectic day, guests can unwind at Christmas Town and let the magic of a million twinkling lights and the aroma of fresh-baked cookies wash the day’s stress away. Where else can guests combine heart-warming Christmas shows, dazzling light displays and feel-good food and drinks with their shopping?

I'm really looking forward to some Trip Reports from this!


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Postby esvadj » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:57 pm

I am REALLY looking forward to Friday night, the weather is going to be great. Calling for mid 50's and sun.

Hope to see some other TPR-ers in the park

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Postby eyates » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:16 am

Been reading reports about the event, and mostly are all good. Biggest complaints are that when the sun goes down and the temp drops, none of the coasters are open. Supposedly last night it was so busy they opened up parts of Italy and Festa.
Wolf is all but gone. Only parts of the lift hills seem to remain. I'd post a link to Behind the Thrills who has a few pics of it, but my old account is MIA..so...restart here. But it's on the front page of their site.
Kind of shocking to see where it used to stand...can't really tell it was ever there.

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Postby Homeboy23 » Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:34 am

^ Griffon is the only coaster running for the event. None of the other coasters are open. And Griffon was running all night last night up until around 9:15 when I left so I don't know where you heard that it closed when it got dark.

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Postby bpmitchell » Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:41 am

I found the pix, they are here: wolf pix

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Postby eyates » Sat Nov 28, 2009 8:42 am

^Hey I live in Florida...so the time I get my info its all a mess. I had a few friends at the event til close and they said that no coasters were running, while they were under the impression that Griffon, Alpie and LNM would be up...so, you can see their confusion.


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