Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK, KK) Discussion Thread

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby rizash » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:13 pm

Look... Rides on six flags property belong to six flags.... That's the bottom line, unless they had a deal with the fair board to sell the land and rides upon termination of the lease. I'm not sure they would want to run this entire park, or afford it. Do you really think the previous owner would buy a 20 million dollar ride then sell the park? Six flags wouldn't pay for chang if they didn't get to keep it, or at least get cash for it when they leave? Every business I've ever worked for got reimbursed for every improvement they made to the property. This would likely get decided in court now that the lease is broken.

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby Meteornotes » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:18 pm

I think a bunch of lawyers are going to make a lot of money trying to find the answers to these questions...

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby Capitalize » Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:28 pm

Jew wrote:^^But if the landlord approved for you to make physical changes to your place (say for example, you put new shelves in your closet)...You'd either be stuck leaving those behind or returning it to its original state. The foundations/footers/etc for rides and their support buildings are actual physical changes to the property.

I'm guessing that's the logic the fair board is using. They may not have a right to the rides themselves that SF put in on their own, but they possibly have the right to force Six Flags to spend extra cash on the ride removals to return things back to how they were (or even force them to leave the rides there if that is the only possible solution). It may very well be a fair argument depending on the wording in the lease.

Good point, in the case of a multimillion ride like Chang I figure Six Flags would want to opt for returning the site to its original state (getting rid of footers, etc.) if at all possible.

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Tue Feb 09, 2010 10:39 pm

I just saw this on Screamscape

Park News - (2/10/10) A local area reader tells us that they’ve heard Compagnie des Alpes has starting talks with the Kentucky State Fairgrounds board about the possibility of taking over the Kentucky Kingdom property. CdA currently operates a number of attractions and theme parks in Europe including the Walibi parks, Bellewaerde, Hellendoorn and Parc Asterix.

No word if it is true or not but either way I would not be surprised if another company was interested in operating the park.

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby rollercoaster2428 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 4:55 pm

^ Though they would really have to work on the park if they want a lot of people to come.
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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby spaceace12 » Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:51 pm

rollercoaster2428 wrote:^ Though they would really have to work on the park if they want a lot of people to come.

Like brand new coasters and not to name it anything with the words Kentucky Kingdom in the name. The only, and I mean only, way I would ever feel the need to go back is if they got some nice new coasters in. But you still have to cross that stinking bridge just to get to the big rides area with a water park in the middle of it.

A word of advice to anyone who trys to make that park nice, put some signs where the bridge is. They might have been added since I been there, but I couldn't find it at first.

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby DOCTOR DOOM!!! » Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:53 am

^ The park will do great without Six Flags in the name! Six Flags has been the main problem! The park was great when it was Kentucky Kingdom "The Thrill Park"! Something nice and shiny should go in Chang's old spot however as well as a general rehab on the entire park! Also, I believe the park can expand into the area behind Chang's old spot and T2. I hope if someone takes it over, the park will grow and prosper a little instead of being taken over for absolutely no reason and neglected like SF did!
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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby kidcoaster 2 » Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:18 am

4 companies interested in operating Kentucky Kingdom
Fair board chief is optimistic park will reopen this summer

At least four amusement-park companies have made inquiries to the Kentucky State Fair Board about taking over operation of Kentucky Kingdom, which the Six Flags company has said it will no longer operate.

“I'm optimistic we can get a new operator by this summer” and the park will reopen by then, said Harold Workman, fair board president.

Fair board officials are taking Six Flags at its word and assume that there is no chance for reaching a new lease deal with the company for some of the land it has used since 1998 at the Kentucky Exposition Center.

Workman said the board may issue a request for theme-park companies to submit proposals for reopening Kentucky Kingdom — once a bankruptcy court judge in Delaware frees Six Flags of its Kentucky Kingdom lease obligations. Workman said he expects that to happen within a few weeks.

“I am encouraged by the inquiries (of interest). We didn't solicit them. The calls came to us,” he said in an interview. He characterized the inquiries as being from “legitimate operators, people experienced in the amusement-park industry.”

Workman declined to name the companies, and he acknowledged that he had not yet responded to the inquiries. He said he didn't think it proper to respond, as long as Six Flags holds lease rights to the park.

Workman said there is “nothing new to report” in the way of renewed talks with Six Flags officials. And Sandra Daniels, a Six Flags spokeswoman in Dallas, indicated that no further negotiations with the fair board are planned.

Daniels affirmed that Six Flags plans to move some Kentucky Kingdom rides to its other amusements parks.

In a statement posted on its corporate Web site, Six Flags said it decided to reject its lease with the fair board. It said that in recent weeks, Six Flags had proposed a new arrangement to the fair board that would have enhanced the viability and future of the park.

“Unfortunately, those proposals were not accepted, and the park will cease operations and the company will move expeditiously to relocate employees and several of the more than 40 rides and attractions to one of its 13 other markets.”

Workman said that Six Flags was leasing about 45 acres from the fair board and owned an additional 15 acres, which are on the site of a former drive-in theater.

Workman said he hasn't yet surveyed how many of the park rides are on Six Flags' property and how many are on the fair board's land. He said one or two rides may even span both properties. Workman said it will be the fair board's position that Six Flags can't relocate any rides on state property and that anything attached to state-owned land belongs to the state. Some of the major rides cost several million dollars to develop.

Daniels said in an e-mail response that Six Flags has been “paying property taxes on those rides for the past 10 years. If it's the board's contention that they own the rides, why are we paying the taxes?”

Jefferson property valuation records indicated that Six Flags was paying taxes on personal property assessed at just over $6 million. But it wasn't clear Wednesday what the value was of all the real property Six Flags owned. Donna Hunt, deputy chief property valuation administrator, said records show Six Flags owned at least 18 tracts near the exposition center.

According to the Six Flags lease for Kentucky Kingdom, the company was to pay $1.185 million in rent this year. Workman said the fair board usually received another $450,000 or so a year from the parking fees that visitors to Kentucky Kingdom paid. Six Flags received no share of the parking revenue.

Workman said the current lease was to run through 2019 and provided for four 10-year renewal options. “In a four-line e-mail (Six Flags) was asking to pay zero rent through 2019, and, if they made a profit, they would share it with us,” he said.

He said the bankruptcy court recently had approved an agreement extending the deadline for renegotiating the lease until April 9. And Workman said Six Flags had told him just recently “that the park was doing well.”

Meanwhile, the Louisville Metro Council is scheduled to consider a resolution Thursday night “encouraging the Kentucky State Fair Board to find a way to reopen one of the state's top tourist attractions.”

The resolution, which has no force of law, is sponsored by two Metro Council members who are candidates for mayor, David Tandy, D-4th District, and Hal Heiner, R-19th. The resolution is expected to have broad bipartisan support.

The resolution said that Louisville residents “desire to see Six Flags or another operator move in to ensure” the park's operation “for many years to come.”

It notes that the park provided more than 1,000 summer youth jobs and drew tourists to Louisville. The resolution says the council “strongly endorses actions” by the city, the state and the fair board “to take all appropriate actions to keep Kentucky Kingdom open and operating.”

Reporter Sheldon S. Shafer can be reached at (502) 582-7089.

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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby ginzo » Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:25 am

He characterized the inquiries as being from “legitimate operators, people experienced in the amusement-park industry.”

I bet anyone here $20 that Danny Rogers is one of the "legitimate operators".
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Re: The Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (SFKK) Discussion Thread

Postby palmerleeberry » Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:21 am

:x "Oh Boy, oh boy, oh boy: here we go again. First we lost Astroworld and now we lost Kentucky Kingdom. Six Flags is slowly, but surely turning into 'Sick Flags'!"

I have been to Kentucky Kingdom a few times in my life, and hearing the news of this park closing its doors is shocking, althought I shouldn't be regarding all the problems I've been hearing about. But if Six Flags is planning to remove some of its rides and relocate them to other parks, I'm hoping that a few of them could go to Six Flags America (the "bastard" park of Six Flags, the Mr "we-need-rides-badly" park, and the park that still is holding on although almost all my faith into that park is gone). But that has happened before with Astroworld: while the rest of the Six Flags parks got some neat ride to add on, all Six Flags America got was some junky old coaster that couldn't be fixed up with costing a bundle. The Road Runner Express Coaster and the Roller Skater would make great additions since Six Flags America doesn't have either of those types of coasters. As for the flat rides, the balloon ride and the big ferris wheel would also be welcomed attactions.

That's what I'm hoping, but the park has been burnt before with the redistribution of rides when Astroworld closed, and they might get burnt again.


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