Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

P. 675 - Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines for 2020!
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Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT) Discussion Thread

Postby coaster1 » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:25 pm

Hey everybody!

This thread is simple! Rather than having a million little threads about everything that goes on at Six Flags Fiesta Texas (SFFT), this thread is designed to consolidate it all into one user-friendly thread. Feel free to use it to post updates, trip reports, questions, comments, and of course, general discussion. For pictures and videos of the park as well as past updates, see TPR's Park Index Page.

Official Park Website

Below are some links to past updates from the park, you may be interested in. Enjoy!

December 6th, 2006 - SFFT to get Tony Hawk Big Spin in 2007 (SEE BELOW!)

March 10th, 2007 - Tony Hawk Big Spin opens
September 27th, 2007 - Batman: The Ride from SFNO to become Goliath at SFFT

September 15th, 2008 - Wiggles World announced for 2009

February 8th, 2010 - Park announced new shows for 2010

March, 2011 - Rocky Mountain treatment unveiled for Rattler
March 6th, 2011 - Wiggles World rethemed as Kidzopolis
June 30th, 2011 - Fireworks ban affects Lone Star Nights show
September 1st, 2011 - Skyscreamer coming to the park in 2012!

July 9th, 2012 - Word spreading that August 5th will be the last day to ride Rattler in its current state before getting Rocky Mountain Corporation's "Iron Horse" makeover
August 23rd, 2012 - Possibly a Barrel Roll for the "IRON" Rattler
August 30th, 2012 - Iron Rattler Officially Announced!
October 25th, 2012 - Iron Rattler construction photos
December 28th, 2012 - Construction update from inside the park

February 1st, 2014 - Awesome Iron Rattler Construction update!
Feb 28th, 2014 - Iron Rattler Trains!
March 2nd, 2013 - Iron Rattler back stage tour photos
August 29th, 2013 - Bahama Blaster waterslides announced

June 5th, 2014 - Bahama Blaster opens
July 18th, 2014 - Park starts dropping hints about 2015
August 28th, 2014 - Batman The Ride (S&S 4D Free Spin) coming to SFFT in 2015
November 18, 2014 - Batman the Ride (S&S 4D Free Spin) Ride Vehicle unveiled!
December 22nd, 2014 - Batman 4D Construction Tour

February 22nd, 2015 - SFFT to add Soaring Eagle zipline running over Superman: Krypton Coaster
March 1st, 2015 - Batman construction tour
May 14th, 2015 - Batman Media Day Coverage
September 3rd, 2015 - 3 new rides in Boardwalk area for 2016: Fireball, Spinsanity (Tilt-a-Whirl) and Hurricane Force5 (Disk-o)

September 1st, 2016 - Thunder Rapids, a watercoaster for Hurricane Harbor, is announced

August 3rd, 2017 - Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster coming in 2018

August 30th, 2018 - The Joker's Wild Card (swinging pendulum)announced for 2019

August 29th, 2019 - Dare Devil Flying Machines announced for 2020



Dec. 6, 2006 – Six Flags Fiesta Texas announced today a new family-style attraction planned for 2007 that will leave riders spinning with delight. The new addition, Tony Hawk’s Big Spin, defies gravity just like Tony Hawk does with acrobatic spins on his skateboard; this coaster takes the spin to a whole new level as it takes the traditional roller coaster experience of lifts, drops and turns, and throws in a whole new twist.

Available to park guests when Fiesta Texas re-opens in March of 2007, Tony Hawk’s Big Spin will be visually impressive, designed to appear as a giant red-and-black skatepark. The ride offers a full extreme sports experience, with monitors in the queue lines displaying highlights of the history of action sports; a large spinning Tony Hawk figure crowning the ride; and Tony Hawk’s Big Spin merchandise available at the ride exit.

“When Tony Hawk appeared here at Six Flags Fiesta Texas last July, his amazing talents made quite an impression on our guests,” said Martin Bozer, vice-president/general manager of Six Flags Fiesta Texas. “We’re delighted that soon we’ll be able to offer a sampling of those thrills everyday with a new family inclusive coaster, Tony Hawk’s Big Spin.”

“After receiving such a great response to our Boom Boom HuckJam Tour at several Six Flags parks earlier this year, I’m honored and excited to be part of this opportunity. On the Big Spin, riders will be able to experience their own spinning aerial moves whenever they choose,” added skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

Riding Tony Hawk’s Big Spin, four people will sit facing each other in the coaster car as it travels up, down, and around the breathtaking curves of the quarter-mile track – all while spinning its riders round and round! The spinning coaster cars allow each ride to take on a totally different experience depending on the weight distribution of the passengers in the car.

Families with younger children will find the ride’s height requirement especially enticing. Tony Hawk’s Big Spin is suitable for kids who are at least 42” tall to ride with an accompanying adult, while kids 47” and taller can ride by themselves.

With an exciting theme inspired by skateboarding’s most dynamic star and standing at about 53-feet high, Tony Hawk’s Big Spin is a sight to see with a black base that contrasts dramatically with the dynamic red coaster tracks.

Tony Hawk’s Big Spin will sit at the far end of the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk area, a portion of which is currently closed off in anticipation for this thrilling ride.

In addition to this brand new spinning coaster, a fresh new look is in the works for the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk including all new planks for the boardwalk’s deck and a convenient and tasty new dining option.
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Postby CP_RULES » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:35 pm

Looks really similar to Mr. 6's but with some theming. Hopefully SFStL's will be just as kool. I wonder when they are going to announce theirs......?
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Postby Canobie Fan » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:42 pm

Have fun with the 2 hour lines it will get......

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Postby CP_RULES » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:44 pm

^Yea but I have ridden SD and it never gets more than an hour, Im sure that the story will be the same for SFStL. Besides, they NEED a new coaster and Im happy with anything.
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Postby DATman » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:49 pm

Ugh, more cardboard cutouts.

Still, I'm not saying it won't be a good ride, it's just so typical SF.

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Postby SharkTums » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:50 pm

Tony Hawk has sold his soul to the devil! Is there anything out there that doesn't have his name on it!?!?

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Postby apollo210 » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:50 pm

^^^^Hooray, I'm going to travel to a SFFT just to wait 2 hours for a new clone I can ride in my homestate, yay :rolleyes:! The funny thing is that I was supossed to ride MSP, but it broke down, and I went in 2005, its opening year. All I can say is that Sharpio sucks.
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Postby kennywood!007 » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:51 pm

Looks awesome. I've been waiting for a skateboarding related ride...

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Postby weatherkid17 » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:54 pm

Looks very similar to Mr. 6s. Hoping for something original. Oh well. I wasnt planning on driving down to San Antonio unless it was a hyper, or something 100+ feet. They need a big roller coaster too to balance it out. SFOT needs a new coaster too...last was Titan 2001.

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Postby coaster1 » Wed Dec 06, 2006 7:55 pm

apollo210 wrote:All I can say is that Sharpio sucks.

Umm, yeah why? He added a family ride for a family oriented park. Just cause it's a clone means nothing, it's a great addition for this park. Granted the name and theme is quite retarded since it'll be dated once Tony Hawk's resurgence is done .. oh wait ... it already is.


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