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P. 222: Park scheduled to reopen 5/29!
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Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Postby Pedrinho » Sun May 10, 2020 11:17 pm

^ and ^^
You're welcome!

Yeah, but here in Germany it's really confusing. As our states are so much smaller than yours, it's sometimes hard to understand. If you live let's say in Frankfurt, you have roughly a two hour drive to Europa Park and to Phantasialand and a one hour drive to Holiday-Park. As they are in three different states there are - as of today - three different rules:
Phantasialand could open today (but they won't), Europa Park will open on the End of May and for Holiday-Park there'e no opening day determined, but it will not be before May 25th.
So this one person from Frankfurt which is possibly carrying corona is not allowed in Europa Park or Holiday-Park, but in Phatasialand. Same goes for restaurants, if you are living close to the state borders.

As of today, one household - no matter how many people - can meet with another household, no matter how many people. After that, household one can meet with another 20 people from a third household. But you're not allowed in a group of three if you are from three households of one family.

So yeah, Kyle. It's 2020's tagline. We just have to accept. And to sit in the garden and have a nice BBQ.
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