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Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Fri Jul 12, 2019 3:30 pm

I enjoy Wodan a lot for its sprawl and interaction with the surrounding environment. That said, it was my least favorite of the three European GCIs I've been on. Troy was superior and I liked Joris en de Draak better too.

Fortunately, Europa is a place where my enjoyment of the park and its rides is not limited to how well the coasters stack up against their peers.

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:38 am

Satchboogie3 wrote:
Pedrinho wrote:Silver Star hat bad rattles, especially in the first drop, on minimum two trains. Airtime and speed was OK. Perhaps the wheels were worn out, because later reviews didn't state a rattle.

There was definitely some rattle on Silver Star, but that doesn't phase me. The airtime was pretty good, and that was after riding Expedition Gforce a whole bunch the day before, so the bar was high, lol.

I dont mean to rip Bluefire, it is quite fun and really good, just wonder why so many look past Silver Star. Then again I'm all about the airtime and blackout G-forces.

Yeah, I truly don't dislike Silver Star in general. And normally I have not troubles with rattling. But, really, all our rides in April were nearly unbearable (for us). I pretty sure that other reviewers here would have stated that also, if it would have still been there. So I think it was something mechanical that could be solved. Maybe we should heve given it a try on the next evening.
It's great for you that you found a coaster that had noticeable airtime after you rode GeForce and I know how Silver Star can run if the temperatures are good and the trains are full! :b

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:43 am

Hi guys, so Ive been staying in Biesheim for a few days (tomorrow is the last full day) and somehow I noticed that Europa Park is within 30 minutes.
I will have half day free (probably afternoon) and I'm thinking of visiting.
Can I ask for a quick and dirty guide to the park please - due to limited time, I'd go for the best roller coasters, preferably with skip the line pass if not too expensive.
And any tips and comments regarding operations, rules with bags/loose articles like spectacles and whether I'll manage without much German (at least I was a bit prepared for Parc Asterix but this one is literally the last minute)
cheers and thanks in advance.

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:01 am

^No skip the line passes offered.

Choose the coasters that interest you. Really most people go to the park for the actual PARK more than the rides as it's just such an amazing resort. They're very good language wise and you won't have a problem.

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:16 pm

ok thanks.
are the VR coasters any good? I've tried a few at Six Flags in 2016 - it's not much of an attraction to me as I'm practically blind without glasses so the focus is usually out and blurry.
Do you think the following will tick the roller coaster boxes:
blue fire
euro mir
euro sat
silver star
recommendations to the best seat?
thanks so much!

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:26 pm

^I'm sure you will get to do all of those during your stay without problems since mondays are usually not that crowded and operations are absolutely fantastic resulting in extremely fast moving lines. On Silver Star you should do back row as I find that row the best (And the wait for the front row is usually very long.) I would also say that Arthur and Voletarium is must-do rides. (Voletarium have fast pass actually, works the same way as Disney, you scan your park ticket and get a return time :) )

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:41 pm

Only half a day is a tough challenge, but you may squeeze in every major ride if you rush through the park.
Blue Fire, Silver Star, Wodan and Eurosat should be an absolute must.
Alpenexpress is just your next random powered coaster (with an exciting theming, though), so that might be the first to skip in your list.
Euro Mir can be hit or miss. If you do it, you should ride it once forward and once backwards. The spinning cycles are the same, so you just have to choose in the station.
I'd also give the Voletarium a shot. It's greatly themed. Same goes for Arthur (which I would highly recommend over Alpenexpress).
As Elissa said, Europa Park has no skip-the-line-passes (though they recently installed some for the members of the Junior Club, but you have to earn them with many rides at other things). But as almost all rides have Single Rider Lines, you'll be fine.
Also, almost all staff member will be speaking proper english. They have also name tag with the spoken languages on them.

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:04 pm

Thanks all - I'll see how I go. Cheers.

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 14, 2019 11:38 pm

Have fun - and let us know how your trip was! :)

Re: Europa Park Discussion Thread

Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:53 am

ok just came back - spent only 3 hours and managed silver star, blue fire and wodan. silver star has a couple of nice air but doesnt really have the variety or change or directions or high G. blue fire was pretty good, went for the 1st row but the operator took away my glasses and ski goggles (lol I wear them so I can see and also I dont lose my glasses in case the ride is really high G - yes I get the funny looks every time, but this was the first time I got told to lose them. CP Maverick ops thought I had a camera hidden in them, but they came around in the end but I digress) so I really couldn't see but the ride itself was pretty good. Wodan surprised me as I didn't expect too much based from the the other two rides. The park is massive and I had a problem getting around and finding the rides. And I really couldn't handle the lack of the skip the line pass really as I'm so used to it now. Also single rider queue seemed to move very slowly - says it's used to fill odd empty seat but I don't know if that's how it works or they put a single rider in between the regular queue as well. in theory, the single rider line could stay stationary all day.
The speak good English so I needn't be worried. And the themes of the park seem quite well done. The speed of the operation, silver star was mind blowingly fast. blue fire was steadily moving, wodan I can't really comment as I was pretty frustrated stuck in the single rider line.
Will I visit again? Probably not, mainly because of the lack of skip pass and I think I can do better elsewhere in terms of quality rides. But I don't regret paying a visit.
Thanks all for the help.
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