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Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:48 pm

It's that time of the year when I add all the new rides for 2019. I'll remove rides from these pages as I add photos to the Park Index. OPEN THOSE NEW RIDES!

You can submit photos in this thread without the need to resize.

Or you can use the submission tool in the Park Index, but in that case please resize your photos to 800x600 or smaller before submitting, otherwise they are difficult for me to review and place in the Park Index.
Or if you have any of those photos already in an existing Photo TR just send me a PM and let me know.

Please submit only your own photos. Do not take them from another person or website.

If anyone has an opportunity to review the ride list for their home park in the Park Index and provide feedback (about missing or closed rides) we can keep The Park Index as accurate as possible, I can't do it all myself.

For this first listing of rides we need any pictures you have of the ride (and signs if the ride is new):

Bay Beach - 2nd train loop to be added, new Big Wheel
Bosque Magico - Policias y Ratones, Zombie
Calaway Park - current log flume, Bumble Blast
Cedar Point - Forbidden Frontier
CJ Barrymores -S&S Drop Tower and Saddle Swing
Clementon - Dragon Coaster, Tilt-a-Whirl and Scrambler
Cliffs - Downdraft
Disneyland - Smugglers Run
Disney's California Adventure - Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, Jessie's Critter Carousel
Dollywood - Dragonflyer, Flyers
Edaville - Kersplash
Elitch Gardens - Meow Wolf's Kaleidoscape
Fantasy Island - Dragon Wagon, Dragon's Flight
Frontier City - Frankie's Mine
Hersheypark -Reeses Cupfusion
Joyland - Sand Storm Roller Coaster, Dragon Wagon, X-Factor Extreme
Jungle Jack's (at Columbus Zoo) - Falcon Fall (Drop Tower), Sugar Glider(Paratrooper)
Lakeside Amusement Park - Pinfari Zyklon (from FunPlex)
Legoland Florida - THE LEGO MOVIE WORLD
Magic Springs - Brain Drain
Morey Piers - Runaway Tram
Oaks Amusement Park - Adrenaline Peak
Palace Playland - Wave Swinger
Park at OWA - shooting dark ride, Rockin Raft, Flying Carousel
SeaWorld San Antonio - Riptide rescue and Sea Swinger
Sea World San Diego - Tidal Twister
Silverwood - Krazy Koaster
Six Flags Magic Mountain - West Coast Racers
Six Flags over Texas - Lone Star Revolution
Storybook Land - Cinderoller Coaster
WDW Disney's Hollywood Studios - Mickey's Runaway Railway
Western Playland - LOCO 360
Wild Adventures - the return of their Fiesta Express themed as Swampwater Snake
Wonderland - Spin'o'Saurus

Alton Towers - Alton Towers Dungeon
Botton’s Pleasure Beach – Cup and Saucer, Gallopers, Rockin Tug, Freak Out
Chessington's World of Adventure - A Room on a Broom
Codona's - Vertigo (Ropes Course)
Flamingoland – Dodgems, StarFlyer, Hero, Twistosaurus
Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach - Whirlwind, FamilyStar, AirMaxx
Gulliver’s Warrington – Barrel Ride, Joker, Sky Tours Observation Tower, Tree Tops Swing
Legoland Windsor - Haunted House Monster Party
Oakwood - Dizzy Disk
Pleasure Island – GoGator, Falls of Fear, Galleon
Tayto Park - Viking Voyage, Ladybird Loop, Zierer family coaster
Thorpe Park - Derren Brown's Ghost Train (ride vehicle, area)

Europa Park - Can Can Coaster, Madame Freudenreich Curiosities
Freizeitpark Plohn - Drachenwirbel, Dynamite
Hansa Park - Kleine Zar, Barcos Del Mar, Highlander
Heide Park - Ghostbusters 5D shooting dark ride, re-opening Colossus
Holiday Park - Tabalugas Achterbahn
Legoland Deutschland - Ninjago: The Ride
Movie Park Germany - Excalibur: Secrets of the Dark Forest
Phantasialand - FLY
Tripsdrill - Gerstlauer Sky Fly
Wunderland Kalkar - Kernie's Boot (Rockin Tug), Tea Cups

Djurs Sommerland - Jungle Rally, Tigeren
Farup Sommerland - Hvirvelvinden
Legoland Billund - Flyvende Ørn
Tivoli Friheden - Gerstlauer Sky Fly
Tivoli Gardens - Tik Tak, Mælkevejen, Kamelen, Fata Morgana refurb

Fraisperituis City - Golden Driller
Jardin d'Acclimation - Rockets, all new ride package
Le Pal - Yukon Quad
Mer de Sable – Wild Mouse "La Mine Bleue" (formerly at Compagnie des Alpes), Riviere Sauvage, Train du Desert, Jungle des Chikapas (Indoor Tow Boat), Babagattaux (Outdoor Tow Boat)
Walibi Rhone Alps - Timber, Mystic

Cavalinno Matto - Freestyle
Etnaland - Dragon River, El Dorado, Hip Hop Coaster, Storm
Mirabilandia - Desmo Race
Rainbow Magicland - Battaglia Navale, Haunted Hotel

Bobbejaanland - Fury
Efteling - De Zes Swanen
Walibi Belgium - Sky Pilot and Popcorn Revenge

Furuvik - Fireball, interactive dark ride
Linnamaki - Magia, Tiaga
Särkänniemi - High Voltage (Zamperla Power Surge)
Skara Sommerland - Rodeo and Jr. Drop Tower

Parque d'Attractiones Madrid - Los Rapidos
Ferrari Land - Junior Red Force
PortAventura - Sesame Street dark ride

Other Europe
Majaland Kownaty - GCI woodie
Wiener Prater - Insider, Olympia Looping, Race, Testtrecke
Connyland - 184 foot catapult tower

China Dinosaur Park - Super Swing (Wave Swinger), Coaster Brontosaurus (Disko)
Happy Valley Beijing - Family Roller Coaster and Music Roller Coaster
Happy Valley Szenzhen - a shuttle coaster
Hong Kong Disneyland - AntMan and Wasp
Shanghai Disney - Toy Story Land rides including RC Racer

Legoland Japan - Brick Party, Imagination Celebration, Lego Ninjago Live
Nagashima Spa Land - Hakugei
Tokyo DisneySea - Soaring: Fantastic Flight


Aussie World - Drop Tower (40m), Air Race, WindstarZ, Star Fly and Aerobat
Dreamworld - Zamperla Air Race

other Asia/Middle East
Ferrari World - Mission Ferrari, Vortex

South America
Beto Carrero World - relocated Batman and Robin: The Chiller from SFGAdv
Fantasilandia - Tren Minero

For the following rides we only need pictures of the ride sign:

Busch Gardens Tampa - Tigris
LaRonde - Aqua Twist, Gravitor
Lake Winnie - Sea Warrior
Silverwood - Spin Cycle
Valleyfair - NorthStar

Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Red Arrows Sky Force
Flamingoland – Navigator, Sky Flyer
Pleasure Island (UK) - GoGator

Other Europe
Bobbejaanland - Naga Bay
Djurs Sommerland - Drageskibet, Soulken
Farup Sommerland - Wave Swinger
Hansa Park - Hanse Fleiger, Karnapulten
Legoland Deutschland - Flying Ninjago
Liseberg - Liseberghjulet (Giant Wheel)
Parc St. Paul - Aerotrain, Wood Express
Parque d'Attractiones Madrid - Noriavision (Giant Wheel), Ford T
Plopsaland de Panne - Viktor's Race
Power Park – Pegasus (Evolution)
Tivoli Friheden – Forhindringsbane (Obstacle Course)
Walibi Rhone Alps - Boomerang, Coccinelle
WalyGator - G-Lock, Dino Raft

Other Asia/Australia
Adventure World (AUS) - Dragon Express
Legoland Japan - SQUID Surfer, Splash Battle

If you have photos of a non-kiddie ride that is not in TPR's Park Index, please submit that also. The list of what we need is not complete, only based on rides that appear on my personal park maps.

High quality photos, please (not blurry, distorted or out of focus).
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Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:46 pm

Larry, I got you on Sea World San Antonio.

Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Fri Jun 07, 2019 10:36 am








Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:05 am

Here are some photos I took of Tidal Wave at Jenkinson's last weekend:
IMG_1711.jpg (232.99 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
IMG_1712.jpg (237.76 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
This is the entrance to the ride.
IMG_1710.jpg (174.89 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
IMG_1707.jpg (247.62 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
IMG_1684.jpg (234.44 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
IMG_1685.jpg (196.98 KiB) Viewed 1568 times
IMG_1698.JPG (231.07 KiB) Viewed 1568 times

Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:17 am

I'll be at Fiesta on Friday, if they have anything up and ready on Joker (or on the rethemed Whirlygig, which is in process of transforming to a Villain theme), I'll be sure to snap some pics for the index.

Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:19 pm

from Six Flags Fiesta Texas today:

there doesn't seem to be any actual "Signage" up at the Joker - the "Joker" logo is up at the top - on both sides, but the posters around the park seem to be referring to it as simply "the Joker" now.

wonder if they have dropped the Carnival of Chaos naming?

the funhouse queue looks amazing tho, and other than pouring some concrete, it does look almost ready to go (was told when asking a Tech Operator - who I asked because he was wearing a Joker themed uniform -- they are hoping to have it open in early July (so I think that translates as July 4th weekend - 2 weeks from now). They were testing the LED package while I was there, and tho it was so bright out today? looked great with lots of reds, yellows, and greens.

they DO have the sign up for DC Supervillain Swing (the Whirlygig retheme) tho, and that's coming along well too, but still has some work needed to finish sprucing up the ride.

anyways.. here are some pics:

Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:54 pm

I'm not sure if you want to add it to the park index or not, but I just posted a report of the Indianapolis Zoo and they do have a coaster plus a few other rides.

Kombo Lift.JPG

Kombo Overview.JPG


Skyline Entrance.JPG

Skyline Overview.JPG

Skyline Orangutan Climbing.JPG

Skyline Drop (Close).JPG

Endangered Species Carousel


White River Junction

White River Junction.JPG

Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:23 am

Larry - in case you wanted a closer pic of the Supergirl sign (from our trip to SFStL a few weeks ago)

and a couple of things from the Screamin Eagle queue

Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:25 am

Story Land

The Slipshod Safari has been rethemed as the Rap-Tour Safari. It uses the same tram vehicles, but the scenes have been swapped out entirely.






Storyland Queen has been closed.

Some of the names are a bit off if you want them updated.

- Flying Dutch Shoes just goes by Dutch Shoes.
- Mad Hatter's Tea Cup Ride should be Alice's Tea Cups.
- Miniature Antique 1928 Cars just goes by Antique Cars.
- Pumpkin Coach Ride should be Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach.

Luna Park

I have some photos of Clockworkz and Atlantic Aviator.






Adventureland (NY)

The Ladybug Coaster was renamed and re-themed to the Rattlesnake Coaster.



I don't know if it's all new ride hardware or not, but the Crocodile Run has been replaced or rethemed to Saf-T-Swim's Rescue Boats.



The page is also missing Lighthouse Drop Tower and Spinning Cars. Both are family attractions at this park and I saw plenty of adults riding them.



Re: TPR's Ever Evolving Park Index

Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:03 am

Does anyone else get something other than the Lagoon page when you click on this link?

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