MASSIVE Photo TR: Visions of my Spain trip 2007

That's it, I'm done, All 500 pictures posted!
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Postby RCFreak » Tue Jan 08, 2008 7:41 pm

^^ Good for Matt! And I like to think of those pictures as "artsy" thank you very much. lol

^Most definitely!!

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Postby RCFreak » Tue Jan 08, 2008 8:58 pm

Next up was Port Aventura!!

I absolutely loved this park and think it's one of the nicest and well themed parks I've been to (I also haven't been to any Busch parks yet either so take that with a grain of salt) with a great mix of rides and things to do and see. The first afternoon there was pretty much a free for all (as most of the days were outside of ERT and the trip over to Barcelona and Tibidabo) so most of us decided to head over to Furious Baco as it is a newly opened Intamin Rocket prototype. And of course like the true Intamin it is, it broke down as soon as we got there.

After waiting for a bit we headed off to explore the rest of the park and we headed over to Polynesia where I finally found out that this was IOA quality stuff we were dealing with. I think our intention was to head over to Dragon Kahn at the back of the park but we stumbled on a highly landscaped Vekoma Roller Skater called Tami-Tami. This is when the groups started breaking up even more. The group I went with (<3 Panthers) was hungry so we stopped by and got burgers (well, some of us) it was during our eating we discovered the fun trick on Tutuki Splash that the final drop had the potential to also soak a boat on the lift if timed right.

My pictures tell me we then went off to ride Sea Odyssey which had the most hilarious safety video (a little of which is in Robb's video) and the most random English speaking Dolphin. At least the queue was very impressive. Then we finally hiked over to Dragon Kahn! Definitely one of the best B&M's I've been on, this mostly standard sit down looper featured a bonus loop and plenty of old school B&M forces which kicked mucho a$$-o. Lift Hill: The Ride (El Diablo) was fun if not a very disappointing Arrow Mine train. Hurakan Condor was an awesome Intamin drop tower with different sides to choose from, I'm sorry, different sides to be forced to sit on.

The water rides were particularly fun with the aforementioned Tutki Splash soaked us. The really good log flume (Silver lake something or other) Soaked us. The Rapids also soaked us. Luckily staying at the awesome Hotel El Paso gave us resort Express passes so we used them quite a few times for the water rides as it was still hot! We also got passes to go into their waterpark which wasn't bad, but was way too small for the amount of people that get crammed in.

There were quite a few well themed flats around the park as well, most of which ran an incredibly weak program (Kyle and I had a nice chat about being former ride-ops at Cedar Point on their Breakdance) that all could have been so much better.

Now onto my rant on Furious baco! The ride sucks! i don't say that about a lot of rides, and it would have been a GREAT ride if it weren't for the trains. my first ride was in the front row, ont he outside. I actually felt a little nuaseous (and rides do NOT make me sick) and I couldn't wait for the damn thing to end! however I did feel a good ride was somewhere in there and it showed itself on a night ride (ha ha Lou!) I was fine as long as I didn't see my vision being blurred by the ride lol.

We had a really good few days there and it was a nice travel break considering the bus rides we had to and from the place.

Enough of me ranbling, Here's a LOT of pics!
The view from our hotelr oom. the hedge maze was stumbled and walked over many nights, and One night a few employees crashed their golf cart there too!!
The view if we looked slightly to the right.
The view to the left had other Spain participants
not even an hour there and I am too stupid to spell Steel Vengeance so I'll just write SteVe and pretend I'm being cool already found the bar.
After a brief rest some of us headed off to the park
We were so close we decided to walk to the entrance.
Entrance to the water park.
Reminded me a lot of IOA
A LOT like IOA
A Woody to greet us even though Universal doesn't own the place anymore.
The view after you go around some of the entrance buildings
Heading further in, Furious Baco looming int he distance
There she is! in all her broken glory...
Don't be sad Lou, we'll get to ride it.
the queue was well themed.
Oh well, off to somewhere else!
oooo this is nice.
Hmmm I wonder what that is?
YAY Credit!
Man I love Roller Skaters
Smile for the camera!
Dinning room themeing
Tutuki Spalsh's small drop after emerging from the cave of wonders... er... gum
hmmm this is really nice for Sea Odyssey
This is probably my most favorite queue, EVER.
Half the fun was not knowing what the crap the ride was.
VERY Star Tours-esque, this little guy was "fixing" a damaged ship that looked like a shark. Turns out it was a crappy simulator but very well done
Dragon Kahn!
Mmmm Bonus Loop.
yes it is isn't it.
The most exciting part about lift hill: The Ride!

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Postby RCFreak » Tue Jan 08, 2008 9:15 pm

More pics!!

Next up is our side trip to Tibidabo.
Nicely themed
Not the tallest I've been on
but still massively tall!
I think this gave me an erection
Themed Flat in the Mexico section (made me giggle a little that they would have a Mexico section at a Spanish park)
Don't worry if you forgot your gum, the park provides plenty of space to grab a piece.
Ron doesn't like gravity.
no comment...
A tad wet from the flume
Ed does his best impression of a dog.
The Panthers made Lou wet a lot this trip.
So we had to warm up somehow at the bar (note: both those glasses are actually Ed's)
We're all watching Lou Porn
Cedar Point?
You go Stampedia!
Look we're still dry!
Bunny Mountain! ok not really but there were a lot of cute bunnies that resided on that patch of grass
Someone needs an English spell check.
Another ERT session!
Tee Hee I'm so 12.
I *LOVED* this fountain
Man, John really loves his statues. Lou tries to get into the action too.
Chilly Willy sure likes that idea
the tearful goodbye
Another view of bacon
I think Lou likes it there
Chris likes it there
Trying to recover
Chris' ultimate goal!
Powerful laser beam. You can take out an eye with that thing.
How many people got this shot off the bus?
This is my dear friend from templo Del Fuego (which I LOVED as well! Only thing that would have made it 100 X better would have been a water tunnel like Posiden)

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Postby Guy T. Koepp » Tue Jan 08, 2008 11:55 pm

Awesome TR Hector! You don't seem to forget your camera as much as Lou does. I am Jealous you got on Cyclone. I have worked in NY 4 times over the last two years and every time I go it's been closed for some reason or another.

However, Ghost Hole! Yeah baby!

keep up the great work. Your pictures are awesome and you captions are hysterical. =)

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Postby TheRapidsNerd » Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:30 am

^ What he said. =) Well, what else can you really say about great work?

This is probably my most favorite queue, EVER.

In the pic with that caption, if you look carefully in the mist, there's a rainbow.

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Postby Ed » Wed Jan 09, 2008 12:49 am

I miss the bar!!

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Postby Purplepills » Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:32 am

Really nice photos and captions =) PA looks like a really nice park, think I'll have to go there sometime to see for myself.
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Postby cobra_roll06 » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:14 pm

Lovin' this Tr Hector! Keep it up. =)

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Postby TPDave » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:35 pm

Great stuff Hector, the bar pics are great! The port aventura bar nights were possibly the best part of the trip for me :)

Loving the whole TR too...

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Postby RaptorBoyASU » Wed Jan 09, 2008 2:58 pm

^Because you were drunk off all those virgin cokes?


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