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P. 107: Runaway Tram (Family coaster) coming in 2019
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby coneyislandchris » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:07 am

We were down in Wildwood this past weekend and got to ride the new addition a couple of times. It still has that new coaster smell. Crazy smooth and comfortable. My daughter got on Flitzer for the first and only time last year, and she loved it back then, so I had to ask her, "which one do you like more, Flitzer or Runaway Tram?" She didn't even hesitate and screamed "RUNAWAY TRAAAAAMMMMM." It's definitely a different experience but IMO it fits that good family coaster void left behind perfectly.

Oh yeah, and we talked her into doing her first Skycoaster. That was ridiculously easy. "Hey sweetie, do you want to FLY?" "YEAH I WANNA FLY!!!" Zero fear from her throughout the entire process. Now she wants to do it every single time she sees one. I may have inadvertently created a four-year-old monster.

Other than that, we spent the majority of our time down at the shore at Morey's two awesome water parks. They're both fantastic, they cram a lot of stuff into not a huge amount of space, they're very family friendly and let the kids do almost everything that the grownups could (as long as there were lifejackets involved, of course). We're definitely going to be spending some time here as much as we can. On the other hand, we had got discount Splash Zone tickets... that's the budget waterpark across from Mariner's. Less said about that one the better. Probably won't ever set foot in there again.

Last thing... if you're hungry, go to Joe's Fish Co on Surfside, and get a table upstairs with a view of the pier. Damn good food and a chill atmosphere makes it a great place to relax and recharge. Can't believe it took me this long to do that but it's another must-do for us every time we come down from now on.

Missing those Wildwood vibes already.

Plenty of people queueing up for the Tram late on a Sunday night. They've got a winner on their hands for sure.
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:27 am

^ Nice report, Chris! Shame we didn't link up this weekend.

The missus and I spent the weekend at my folks, and got up early Saturday to hit Morey's Raging Waters for the first time in... maybe 15 years? I'm not exactly sure when but it was certainly well before they put bars in the joint!


It's neat being on the piers this early, eerily quiet. Did you know you can bike on the piers in the morning before they open?


But its weird to not be doing Breakfast In the Sky when on the pier this early.


The weather Saturday was gorgeous. After the last few weeks of searing heat and humidity in the area, it was sunny, with light clouds and 75 with no humidity. Just perfect. We made sure to get in at opening to try to get ahead of any potential crowds. Right to the lazy river.


We used to come here all the time as kids. The park is very much the same, but in the very long time since I've visited they've revamped/expanded the kids area, added much more themeing especially to the lazy river, lounge chairs everywhere, and of course Pig Dog, a beach bar attached to the park, in addition to a beer/snack stand in the park.


The missus wasn't really up for slides but as kids we always loved "Skypond Journey" which is a small slide into a pool down another small slide into a pool and so on before one big drop at the end. It lasts for a long time and its pretty mild save for the end. We also checked out the snack stand and got some morning cocktails and a pretzel.

She jumped back in the lazy river while I ran around the entire park hitting every single slide. The tube slides ("Rocket Raft Run", most of which you can see in the photo above) have been there since I was a kid and are still a favorite, so good. The mat "Speed Slides" are absolutely terrifying. Before I rode I saw a guy getting off cupping his junk and wincing in pain and after my ride I completely understood why. During the final doubledown you completely come off the slide and slam back down on it. These slides have been here since I was a kid, and you always did this, but doing it now makes you appreciate how resilient children are. Ouch!

Here you can see the pools for the Speed Slides, the parks hot tub, and above is Skypond Journey.

I was looking forward to "Shotgun Falls", a small drop into a 6 foot freefall (pictured below). I used to just spend an hour doing this over and over. This was my jam. Well, this time I got the wind knocked out of me, water up my nose, and almost drowned. In spite of this, I very much enjoyed the experience. One and done, though. The final set of slides was "Serpentines" a pair of body slides that have also been there forever and - just as I remembered - is just kinda slow and short and lame.


After a while we met back up for another lap or two around the lazy river before eventually wandering over to Pig Dog for more beers and snacks. My phone was in a fluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo so no photos from the bar, sorry bro. You can click that link and check it out tho.

By now it was after noon and the crowds were starting to pick up so we decided to hit a few more things and bounce. Before leaving we did one more lap in the lazy river and I hit the tube slides once more. They've got a great little waterpark here, I'm looking forward to a return visit at some point this season or next. We needed something to soak up the drinks so why not the best pizza ever?


Speaking of Macks, they just won best slice for the 2nd year in a row in the Annual Wildwood Pizza Tour.


Seagulls are particularly aggressive all along the Jersey shore this year. Ocean City has hilariously hired hawks/owls/falcons to chase all the seagulls away and apparently its working. If you're eating on the boardwalk or beach, pay attention to your surroundings and cover your food. They are no joke and will snatch your entire hoagie/pizza slice/ice cream.


After our sweet buttery cheesy delight we walked it off down to Surfside to check out the just opened Runaway Tram. Have I mentioned I absolutely hate the placement of the sign behind the brake run? Ugh.


The ride was a station wait so we decided to wait a few trains for the front row.


It wasn't a long wait, but the ride does go around twice, in case that hasn't been mentioned.


It does only run one train and yes the roof over the front car was removed as was the "fare collector" on the back. At the Coastin' By The Ocean event some friends were told it had to do with weight but that they are working on a solution to add it back for next season. We shall see...


As expected, they did a really nice job around the ride area, and it fits in like its been there for years.



In typical Morey's fashion, the squeezed a ride - the kiddie train - underneath Runaway Tram's lift.


The restraints are minimal, no seatbelts (shout out to Flitzer), and perfectly comfortable, even for a tall guy like me.


The ride itself is awesome. Its not gonna shatter any top 10s but it looks great, and I think it'll be a big hit for them. Shame it took them so long to get it up and running this season, but it is what it is.


Afterwards, I managed a quick ride on IT before we headed home for naps and dinner. We did come back up around 10pm to grab some ice cream and check to see if lines were manageable but upon popping down Adventure Pier both Great White and Screamin Swing had lines out of their entrances, there was a giant mob of people around the go-karts, and the Sling Shot and Skycoaster lines had to be at least 30 minutes each. We opted to just people watch, shop and enjoy our blizzards from Dairy Queen. Did I mention Khor Bros at the front of the pier had a line that was 30-people deep? Peak season Wildwood, folks.


Thanks for reading.
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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby coasterbill » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:39 am

Great report! I'm glad you felt the need to explain yourself for not going to Kohr Bros. :lol:

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby boldikus » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:22 pm

Thanks, brah. And it wasn't just the line, we might have gone back to Kohrs to check again, but then DQ had a strawberry cheesecake blizzard. It had strawberries and actually pieces of cheesecake and graham cracker in it. Brah. And Dawn was able to get a Reeses blizzard, so we were both happy campers. We sat on one of the benches looking over at Adventure Pier to eat them and so we could watch and listen to people losing their sh*t on the Sky Scraper. Good times.

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Re: Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

Postby ytterbiumanalyst » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:04 pm

Awesome man! Glad Flitzer got a fitting replacement. And those seagulls... :lol:


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