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Postby COOOOLkid » Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:57 am

Well.. on the bright side, I'll be looking forward to the Disney update! Haha!

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Postby robbalvey » Sun Dec 02, 2007 1:17 am

SharkTums wrote:It was actually Tasmanian Devil Studios. It's a very small area of the park themed to Looney Tunes.

I actually totally forgot about that! I don't even think there was a ride in that area. You litterally went through, saw a couple of Looney Tunes statues, a shop or two, and that was it.

I remember thinking WTF?

At least the Hamtaro section had the hamster coaster!


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Postby SigENeaT » Sun Dec 02, 2007 3:16 am

I think the water pedal boats thingy was supposed to be Loony Tunes themed?

We must have had a luckier run line wise when we went through FujiKyu.
1hour for Eejanaika
45mins and 30mins for Fujiyama
Although still copped a 2hour earful of Do-Don-PAAHHHHH

We wanted to do the haunted hospital walk through however it was 1:30hour wait in line, then apparently 40-60min to complete it. o.O

That evening the missus and i sat out on our balcony at our hotel and watched Mt Fuji as the sun disappeared <3

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Postby CycloneMan » Sun Dec 02, 2007 6:29 am

I didn't find Eejanaika has horrible as you guys made it sound. If anything, Fujiyama was rougher!

-Dainan "I do agree that Fujikyu sucks" Rafferty

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Postby Bucket » Sun Dec 02, 2007 6:43 am

Absimilliard wrote:I must be the luckiest guy in the world when it comes to Fuji Q!

Went 2 weeks after you went and the park was like this: EVERY rides except Dodonpa and Eejanaika were walk on or 5-10 minutes waits.. Yes, even Fujiyama! Unfortunately, the Hamster coaster and Haunted hospital walkthrough never opened that day. It was cloudy all day, so I didn't see Mt. Fuji.

Agree about everything about Eejanaika. Horribly slow line (but hey, I only waited an hour!) and the most violent ride I have been on. Dodonpa on the other hand... I liked it! When I got out of the ride, the ride was a 2 hours and a half wait and it never went down after that. The launch is insane and the airtime ridiculous... It was a 45-60 minutes wait all day, except for a 3 hours breakdown, where we were forced to wait 45 minutes for all the "exit passes" to get through the ride.

The credit card thing was weird! I wanted to buy my on ride photo and a T-shirt from Dodonpa... but, no credit card and I never found an ATM that accepted my credit or debit card in the park.

I went to Fuji-Q about two years ago and had the same luck! It may have had to do with the fact that I went on a Tuesday during the off season so the crowds were not too bad. What day did you guys go?

I also really liked Dodonpa as well! Some people dislike the fact that the launch is so intense, but I thought that was what made it awesome! I've never felt so much power on a coaster before!

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Postby DaveH80 » Sun Dec 02, 2007 8:28 am

So judging by the wait times & looks on everyone's faces I'm guessing that they don't have an express pass of any kind :x I'm going on the Tokyo 2008 trip and since I've never been, oddly enough I am looking forward to Fuji-Q. I'll be satisfied riding Fujiyama, Dodonpa, & Ejan but idealy would like to gain all if not most credits in the park. I'm guessing now that this may be a long shot, but do you think chances are looking up to get at least the 3 big credits? I will have to keep my fingers crossed. Great's so decieving, Ejan looks so new and like it actually would be smoother than X. But after watching the video that theory was prooved wrong. :lolr:

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Postby nev » Sun Dec 02, 2007 9:37 am

Ok so what this update has really failed to capture is the absolute torture that was the Eejanika and Dodonpa queue lines.

The Dodonpa line is enclosed, and there are speakers that constantly chant "Do.. don.. pa.. Do.. don.. pa" over and over and over and over again. It doesn't stop. EVER.

The Eej has an equally annoying african style chant that just screams "Eeejanika Eeejankika Eejanika Whooooaa". This also DOESN'T stop. Even when we were in the line for 3 HOURS and it broke down, the bloody music STILL KEEPS GOING!

It was amusing for my to sing along to it for an hour or so much to the thrill of Lou, but even I lost interest. We resorted to being antisocial and listening to our iPods - I got myself through four entire albums in that queue line.

You don't need to go in the park's haunted house for torture, just stand in a line... Do.. don... pa..... I'm gonna sue in a few years for mental anguish caused by those rides :P

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Postby Coasterboy2 » Sun Dec 02, 2007 11:09 am

I read Robb's report and the report on Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n about Fuji Q. Both have a totally different opinion about the park. Robb finds this park 'one of the worst parks in the world'. Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits has a totally different opinion about it: ''a fantastic park". I also see many different opinions about this park in this thread.

Some are calling this 'a great park' and others just want to see it burning down to the ground. How come? Different taste of amusement parks? Well I thiks it's all based around luck. Rob visited Fuji Q on busy days. Waiting lines came up to 2.5 / 3 hours, wich totally sucks arse. It exposes one of the flaws this park has, leaving Robb with a bad opinion about this park. He thinks most rides suck as well, being rough as hell.

Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits has a rather positive opinion about the park. I didn't see any bad word about qeueu lines, except for the lines at Fuwa Fuwa (that impossibly named cute inverted coaster). They also say this park has many world class rides. Quite a different opinion than Robb's and most people here at themeparkreview.

LUCK. Pictures shown at Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits, show the park pretty empty, most lines didn't have any wait time. In contrast to what Robb had every time he visited the park. So what can we conclude from this?

Fuji Q has the potential to be a great park. Good rides (some people find Dodonpa rough, others think it's a great and intens ride, said that I think opinions about all rides in the park differ a lot), and if the park has no crowd, you can do most rides and have a good day. But if the park is crowded, you can see a major flaw that makes this park 'just' not the great park it can be. Lines get very long, so that you spend 90% of your time in the park on waiting in line, instead of riding. So the park has it's potential, but it could do better if they figured out the lines in some way or the other. Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits people had the luck to visit the park on a empty day, Robb and the rest of you did not. End of story. :)

I have not yet had the chance to visit Japan (in fact, I've never been outside of Europe), so I don't have a opinion about the park or it's rides myself. All I know is that if I ever have the chance to go and visit Fuji Q, I will go on a 'more or less' empty day. To bad though that you can't really plan how busy a park will be.

Better luck next time Robb. ;)

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Postby robbalvey » Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:10 pm

Coasterboy2 wrote:I have not yet had the chance to visit Japan

So then maybe you should go visit, and then come and write your obnoxious post instead of quoting someone else's opinion as a "fact"

Coasterboy2 wrote:if I ever have the chance to go and visit Fuji Q, I will go on a 'more or less' empty day....Better luck next time.

WTF does that mean dude? This wasn't a "one-off" experience I've had. I've been there more than once and I'm going back again next year. We've been there on a weekend, we've been there on a weekday, both were in the "off season." If you have some magical way of detecting when the park won't be crowded, more power to you! But I think you've read here that even on "dead days" people have waited 2+ hours for DoDonpa, and around an hour for the other 2 big rides.

THAT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Why don't people understand this? You keep saying how much potential the park has, but if it really had great operations, you wouldn't be waiting 4+ hours for the parks major coasters on a "dead day."

Our visit wasn't an exception, it was the "norm."

We have other people on this forum who went and said the place sucked ass. Sorry man, but just because one other site said it was awesome, I'm not about to take their word over MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

What day did you guys go?

Well, originally we were supposed to be there on a Thursday. But then a typhoon was due to hit that day, and knowing how Fuji-Q is in bad weather, we had to shuffle our days around. We looked at the park schedule and saw that there was a credit scheduled to be closed on the Friday (the day that Rich and some others went) and we opted for the Saturday because the weather showed as being the best that day, this is still a school day for many kids in Japan, and all the coasters were scheduled to be opened.

We knew it wasn't the best day to go being a weekend, BUT, when your options are:

1. Day where it's guaranteed rain
2. Day where a coaster will be closed.
3. Day where everything is open, but will be crowded.

We opted for #3.

Again, this was NOT my first visit to Fuji-Q. And for many people on our trip, it was not their first visit either. More people came away having a similar experience based on multiple visits as we did.

Coasterboy2 wrote:this park has many world class rides

Have you been on any of them? I STRONGLY disagree. While they may be either the biggest or only ride of it's class in Japan. I certainly have been on *MUCH* better launched coasters, hyper coasters, Wild Mice, Kiddie Coasters, Suspended Coasters, and technically 4D coasters!

Coasterboy2 wrote:Fuji Q has the potential to be a great park.

Based on what? Something you read at another site?!?!

While I have to say that *ANY* crappy park in the world can be made better by hitting it on a day where there is no crowd that doesn't all of a sudden make it a *great* park.

I completely believe that Fuji-Q has the potential to "not suck quite as much as the days I've been there", but I refuse to beleive that it has the potential to be a "great park."

IMO, Fuji-Q doesn't have anything that a "great park" would have. It doesn't have great coasters. It doesn't have great operations. It doesn't have great theming. It doesn't have great flat rides. It doesn't have great dark rides. It doesn't have great restaurants. I've "heard" it has a great walk-through, but the "not great" operations have prevented any of us from ever seeing it!

So exactly what about this park would make it "great?"

Had you actually visited the park and speaking from experience, I might respect what you have to say. Try visiting someplace and then give your opinion. Don't go off of what I say, what another site says, just go visit on your own!


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Postby Bucket » Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:20 pm

^Fuji-Q definitely cannot compare to many other Japanese theme parks, but (I know I'm in the minority here) the roller coasters there are really fun for me, which is usually my only incentive to visit. Especially Dodonpa as it was my first air launch coaster. I would recommend Fuji-Q as I have always had fun there but it is always interesting to read a second opinion of the place. At least now I know what to expect if I go to Fuji-Q and have the absolute worst day of my life!


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