Photo TR: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

30 degree weather in April.
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Photo TR: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Postby coaster05 » Sat Apr 07, 2007 6:47 pm

This is my first attempt at a real trip report and I definitely still have some small issues.

The park looked nice for SFKK and they had managers and employees everywhere. Most coasters only ran one train, but the crowd was so small that was fine. This is the first I had seen the repainted Chang and it looked very nice. The repaint of Hellevator also looked good, but that old name rocked. Deluge had nothing but some supports down so I got no pictures of that and for future knowledge that whole area by T2 is closed off while they are working, so the park is very inconvenient to get around right now.

The cold caused me to keep my camera tucked in most of the day so the report is pretty short.
First stop sonic which we don't have around my house.
Wow! That just can't be good for my heart.
Well here we are at the park for opening day.
We were one of the first 500 so we got free capes. Melanie, my wife, on the left. Our friend, and non member, Crystal on the right.
I finally got my Tin Lizzie's credit! The landscaping looks really nice. Most of the park looked really good.
Chang's paint looks fantastic and rode really well. IMO it just owns Mantis.
How old is your arcade if you have a Smurf ride. And what is Papa Smurf doing to me to make me so happy?
Crystal and me on my sister's favorite ride that she renamed "Ethnic Slur".
How many giant combs can one park sell in a year? Maybe Shapiro should look at the dept. that purchases souvenirs.
I think that may be a few too many photographers for this "warm" April Day.
The paint and theming on this still looks very nice. SF also had maintenance over here most of the day to keep it running.
I have no idea why this was running water, but no boats...
and this wasn't running at all. To be fair they had someone stationed there the whole day explaining to the guest what was going on for any closed ride. It was a nice example of improved service as all the ops and helpers were very polite.
Scooby does not seem to agree with the "family first" image of Six Flags.
Uglydoll "OX" had a good first trip of 2007 and we all left with a pretty positive experience of SFKK. My best of 4 visits there.

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Postby coreyml » Sat Apr 07, 2007 7:46 pm

darn this global warming

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Postby cfc » Sat Apr 07, 2007 8:19 pm

Looks like Melanie and Crystal have joined the Super Friends--Lex Luthor better watch his butt! Chang looks pretty awesome.

Good job, Rich. I've never even been to Kentucky, much less SFKK. At least you won't have to worry about freezing to death at BGE this summer, but heat exhaustion might be another story.

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Postby PKI Jizzman » Sat Apr 07, 2007 8:24 pm

Nice TR! I hope it will be better when I go next week! ZOMG! 50*!!!

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Postby coaster05 » Sat Apr 07, 2007 8:28 pm

Thanks Chuck. We have not been to BGE in warm temps so that will be quite interesting. It was just way to cold for SFKK.

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Postby thrillerman1 » Sat Apr 07, 2007 9:47 pm

Nice little TR. You know I've pretty much always had a good experience at SFKK, so I'm not sure why it has gotten a bad rap over the years. Yes Chang rules all stand ups including Scorcher and Riddler. :P

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Postby Wes » Sat Apr 07, 2007 9:59 pm



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Postby CoastersNSich » Sat Apr 07, 2007 10:42 pm

Nice Photos!! I'm hoping to go on Monday, when the temperatures are supposed to be a little warmer. I hoped to go Friday, but it was a bit too nippy for me to drive two hours just for some coasters.

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Postby coaster05 » Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:17 pm

^I drove 5 but I needed to get my pass taken care of. It was even colder than they had orginally thought so you made a good decision.

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Postby moonshadow » Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:53 pm

I think I liked Chang the best, out of the few operable coasters that were present. The weather sucked, but the company was good. That always helps. Nice report, Rich. We should have taken a picture of Mel's high school friend from the season pass line.


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