SA's african themed park in Cape Town
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What do you Think of Ratanga Junction?

expected more
expected less
no b&m?!
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Postby Worm » Sun Dec 10, 2006 1:53 am

Yay more pics! its not alot, but still!

Enjoy! =)
Wrong side! ;)
Water area!
2nd Dip.jpg
You actually get airtime and a big splash!
Through the Trees!
NIce picture of Diamond Devil Run
Cobra and Congo Queen. The stairs on the right is...
Slingshot! a skycoaster
yes, Crocodile Gorge is Dan-friendly!
People in waterfall! (is that robb to the left?)
That is so cool about this ride. You get to see the 'rapids machine'
CG through the trees! (alright thats getting old now)
Stupid pic of me with CG waterfall behind me
Bushwacker. Just a fun little clon... i mean ride
Bundu Café.jpg
Bundu Café. Cool restaurant
Big Splash.jpg
more Monkey falls
another pic of the scary bridge
I neve knew these had such good g's on the first drop... or should i call that doctor...
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Postby monkeycoaster » Sun Dec 10, 2006 5:53 am

Hey, I've been to this park a couple of times! Went there in 1999 (seemed pretty new back then), and again in
2001 or 2002. I have such good memories from this park.

Cobra used to be my favorite rollercoaster, man I was such a coaster newbie back then. But i remember it
pretty smooth! It's the only SLC I've been on, but I guess there are much rougher ones out there.

Other rides were also cool, especially the WTF swinging pirate ship ride. They seriously must have forgot to install the
proper restraints on that. People would look like they were about to fall out of the ride all the time! I remember they
let a drunk guy on the row in front of me with a glass (!) of beer in his hand from which he kept drinking and spilling
throughout the whole ride as his body was thrown left, right and center because of the monkey business restraints.

Ratanga Junction also had some nice themeing. Nothing like Disney or IOA, but still pretty good in it's own right.
The Cobra queue line was awesome. It was inside this cave with a bunch of sweet snakes in glass cages all around.
They also had some pretty cool shows, stunt shows and such.

Alas, I believe the park hasn't seen any new rides since it opened. Too bad, because it really is a nice little park and
it's right next to a ridiculously large mall which means that there are a lot of potential visitors. Space might be an issue
though... Hope it gets shown a little love soon because let's face it, Africa isn't excactly overrun with decent theme parks...

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Postby jamesdillaman » Sun Dec 10, 2006 6:57 am

I love the theming on the rides, especially the water rides. If I'm ever in South Africa, I'll be sure to check their parks out.

-James "wishful thinking" Dillaman

A zonkey is a cross between a zebra and a donkey.
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Postby Worm » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:08 am

you won't be checking them out long seeing that there only is 2! :x
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Postby krouvi » Mon Dec 11, 2006 5:13 am

Cery nice theming and it looks a park that they put some thought on each ride.
I looks abit like rct3 park come to life =)

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Postby FLIPDUDE » Mon Dec 11, 2006 5:40 am

Wow! This pak is really cool!!! sure beats the heck outta my home park!

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Postby the sound » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:54 pm

^ Yes, mine to.

Looks like a really cool place. Not to many rides, but it still looks like it would be a great day out.

BTW, you were driving on the RIGHT side of the road. The left side. Thats the right side of the road. You get what i mean.

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Postby pvcoasterguy » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:19 pm

Wow... that park actually looks quite spectacular in terms of theming! Thanks for posting this!

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Postby kennywood!007 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 3:46 pm

Looks really awesome! The theming is great.

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Postby socalMAN123 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:22 pm

That's an awesome park! The mine train looks like fun, but The Cobra is an SLC ( :vekoma: ). Great theming, I wish this park was somewhere close to me.
---Brent =)


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