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Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:32 pm
by prozach626
Oh, no doubt and I thought of that. More in reference to Maverick, than Top Thrill, since it's kind of a jack of all trades. Like I said, I could be totally wrong, which isn't unfamiliar territory for me. I don't think the cost of the launched lift would be worth putting out all of the stops and it might unnecessarily heighten expectations.

On a side note and speaking of heightening expectations, I'd be curious to see where the park is headed for the next several years. There's such an incredible offering of roller coasters and rides that I wonder if the majority of their capital will be going toward smaller additions and general improvements, while the majority of the focus is around their resort and lodging.

Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:22 pm
by ytterbiumanalyst
prozach626 wrote: wonder if the majority of their capital will be going toward smaller additions and general improvements

I'm convinced that this is the current state of the industry in general. The 90s era where everything had to be XTREEEM!!! just isn't what anyone's trying to do anymore. Smaller unique rides (at least unique to the region) can pull in almost as many people as a giant headline grabber like Fury 325, and that's good enough for most parks.

That said, SteVen is Cedar Point's fifth coaster in the last 6 years, beginning with Gatekeeper, so even though some of those were smaller projects, they're really not slowing down.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:31 pm
by DavidB
coneyislandchris wrote:At the current moment he's about 1.5 to 2 inches shy. So unless he hits a mega growth spurt sometime over the next two months, we may not make it out there until the late summer/early fall season.

prozach626 wrote:^Protein supplements, growth hormones, steroids, and thick soled shoes!


Good news, gentlemen. I've grown that inch you wanted plus several feet more - Bart Simpson

With regards to the resort vs. ride spending: I think for sure there is a greater focus on the resort aspect of the park. They've already been spending lots of money renovating and remodeling Breakers, Express, and now removing Sandcastle and replacing it with the luxury beachfront campsites. All of this while still making major additions to the park itself. I have no idea how capital expenditures actually work for Cedar Point, but it seems like the new attractions drive the demand for resort amenities and upgrades. Whatever the case, keep them coming. I love that there has been so much activity and upgrade on many aspects of the park since at least the installation of Gatekeeper.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:35 pm
by PKI Jizzman
Mossed wrote:Maverick adding the tunnel effects back is another bonus I wasn't expecting. That area around Wicked Twister is going to be an interesting follow, I'm assuming 2019 addition will be going there.

Woah - did anyone else miss this?! Maverick adding the tunnel effects back is great news! Can anyone that was there elaborate any further on what was said? Or was that it?


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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:58 pm
by jedimaster1227
Cedar Point has sent us a press release sharing details of some of the new changes coming to the park in 2018 as was recently announced at the Winter Chill Out off-season event!

Although no rides were running, more than 800 Cedar Point fans braved the cold and wet weather to see the park in its winter sleep during Winter Chill Out, an exclusive off-season tour. All proceeds from the event go directly to A Kid Again, an organization that fosters hope, happiness and healing for families dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Winter Chill Out allowed fans to get up close with Cedar Point’s new world-record-breaking Steel Vengeance roller coaster, the world’s first “hyper-hybrid.” They also learned about the park’s winter operating procedures, toured the park’s linen services facility and experienced what takes place during ride overhaul inspections in the maintenance shops.

At the event, a special presentation was given, highlighting these new changes coming to Cedar Point in 2018:

  • Point Plaza – The former Park Plaza gift shop, located at the park’s main entrance, is undergoing a complete renovation. With beach-themed décor, Point Plaza will feature a wide variety of Cedar Point souvenirs, t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, bathing suits, candies, snacks and more.
  • Frontier Foldovers – Located in the former BBQ Shack on the Frontier Trail, this new quick-service food stop will offer folded brisket, chicken and Italian meat sandwiches.
  • Sidewinder Sue’s – Located near the FrontierTown train station, guests will enjoy new “twisty” fries with meat toppings of pulled pork, brisket or chili.
  • Miss Keat’s Smoke Shack – New barbecue brisket, pork, wings, sausage and savory sides will be served at this restaurant adjacent to Last Chance Saloon in FrontierTown.
  • Roundup – The menu gets a shake-up at Roundup with bigger, bolder burgers to match Steel Vengeance’s big and bold thrills, located near Maverick’s entrance.
  • Chick-fil-A® – Chicken sandwiches, waffle potato fries and hand-spun milkshakes are back. Chick-fil-A returns to FrontierTown in the former Frontier Inn.
  • FrontierTown Shooting Gallery – The popular game of skill, complete with animated scenes and sounds, returns in the Jitney Arcade.
  • Western Shoot-out – The Western Shoot-out in FrontierTown becomes the popular basketball game of H-O-R-S-E as guests attempt to sink baskets from strategically-placed spots on the midway.
  • Gossip Gulch – The new Gossip Gulch stage, located adjacent to Roundup, will feature themed live entertainment, including the park’s Bluegrass Jamboree.
  • “Lusty Lil’s French Revue” – Lusty Lil’s FrontierTown friends are performing their idea of a French Revue, but misadventure and misunderstanding get in the way. It results in a family-friendly show filled with live music, comedy and cancan dancers. Lusty Lil’s French Revue will play in the Palace Theatre in FrontierTown.
  • “Vertical Impact” – Acrobats and dancers perform in this new fast-paced, high-energy show in Celebration Plaza.
  • “Snoopy’s Dog Days of Summer” – Snoopy and his PEANUTS® pals will gather on the Main Midway near Pagoda Gift Shop in this new family-friendly celebration of music, dancing and fun.
  • Midway Entertainers – Live music comes alive on the midways with The Traildust Trio, performing classic country in the Gazebo near Town Hall Museum; The Tomfooleries guitar duo will entertain with comedy and music in the Palace Theatre and on FrontierTown’s streets; The Swell Tones will serenade guests with their classic 50’s musical stylings on the Main Midway; the Roving Beach Crew will wander the midways, interacting with guests on their quest to find the Cedar Point Beach; and the Summerdaze Band takes the stage at Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.

Cedar Point will open for its 149th season on Saturday, May 5. For complete park updates, guests can follow Cedar Point on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or visit

Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:16 pm
by Philrad71
^ Those are some really great additions - although I'm with some of the others about not eating at Chick-Fil-A. No need for me anyway with all of the other great offerings that the park has been dishing out in recent years. The fold-over sandwiches certainly sound interesting...and Twistyyyyyyy Fries? Yes please!

I love the fact that they are bringing back the Midway Entertainers as well as a Can-Can show to Lusty Lil's!

As others have mentioned, it really makes you wonder what they can do to top the lineup of coasters that they already have. But if they were to remove some of the older attractions like Iron Dragon, Snake River Falls, Thunder Canyon, Corkscrew, CC Mine Ride and Wicked Twister, they could still shoe-horn some great coasters/attractions in those spots.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:27 pm
by FeelTheFORCE
I'm also excited to see what's in store for CP over the next several years. In addition to everything else, I think they've done an incredible job recently of improving their coaster collection to get rid of some of the outdated, stale taste for a more modern feel to their lineup. Even then, there are still so many possible directions they can go. Just don't touch Wicked Twister, please. :devil:

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:32 pm
by Philrad71
^ I feel the same way.

Out of all the coasters and rides that I listed, WT is the one that I would hope that they would keep the most.

I also like Thunder Canyon because it fits so well into Frontier Town. I would rather they get rid of Snake River Falls and put a highly themed flume ride that could shame both SRF and STR.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:46 pm
by steamedturtle
Philrad71 wrote:we need more SV photos!!



Re: Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:01 pm
by Philrad71
^ Damn...that looks like a skinny dive coaster track!