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Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:00 pm
by zoda
Anyone know anything about the rattling on Crazanity?

I believe this is my 4th time riding that ride and it never use to do that. This week was the first time ever that I felt the seats rattle or shake.I went with family members who went on it for the very first time and they were quite spooked about it and wanted to complain to staff. I felt pretty safe but it is something interesting that I noticed about the ride, which I never felt before. It could have just been air resistance, but it felt different. My seat never shook the first 3 times I rode it.

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:49 pm
by Arthur_Seaton
^ I have noticed some odd shaking here and there, but I also noticed soon after the ride opened too. I suspect it's just simply part of the way the motor works? I'd assume that if there was a serious issue, it'd be shut down by now.

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:13 am
by Garet
It's a different model but the 360 version in Gyeongju kind of rattles with a noise and the seats almost vibrate once it starts going full circle and that's also a Zamperla. Could just be a thing for their discoveries?

Looked up my TR from last year.

The only weird thing was the ride almost shudders when it goes over the top. You can hear it when queuing and feel it vibrate a bit in the seats riding.

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 7:54 am
by zoda
Pendulum rides have been having some bad luck this year. Already 3 accidents, a recent one in India a couple days ago of it snapping in half.

Yeah, Six Flags does buys from Zamperla. I heard they were having problems with the motor box meaning the ride can’t go as high as it should, not sure which park.
But Six Flags and American parks are incredibly safe, so I’m not going to fret too much about it.

Crazanity is definitely one of my favorite rides at the park. I find it much more enjoyable than Goliath.

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:04 pm
by coasternut
^ I'm guessing it's Wonder Woman at 6 Flags Great Adventure. I was there last week and it's closed. :cry: There were 2 cranes and guys working on the motor.

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:07 am
by coasterlvr
West Coast Racers Construction Update!

Robb asked me if I wanted to go to the construction tour and of course I said yes. So, here's some of what we got to look and hear about today.

First question many wanted to know, when will it open? From the pictures you will see, it's obvious there is still a lot to do. The official answer is, 2019. :) The Fright Fest maze in the back is returning and will be open. So, at the least, it's believed that the maze and Apocalypse will be open by the start of Fright Fest. Just a guess would be that the path will be complete, and maybe some testing will be going on.

A few facts about the construction.

There's a total of 273 footings. Some go as deep as 35-40 feet. A lot of ground work needed to be sorted out before they could pour footers. Even remnants of an old train track was buried under ground on site.

8000 yards of concrete for the ride. I'm sure there will be even more as it seems part of the pathway is concrete as well as asphalt.

1.159 million pounds of rebar used in the footings, walls and foundations.

WCR will use two, 690 volt transformers to power the 4 launches. The electrical in the area will all be upgraded and even Jet Stream was getting new power when we were there today. It will open back up Monday just in time for the 100 degree days next week.

4000 feet of track. The track is manufactured in Italy. The columns are made in two places. Some nearby in Lancaster, Ca. and the rest in China. Bet you didn't see that coming. :)

The buildings are all being renovated or torn down. The small arcade building is gone. Boo to no arcade. :) The old Epic Rides building will become a Membership Lounge. Where you can chill out and charge your phones. The candy store will return. The old ice cream building will become a Taco Stand serving street tacos. The first building will become a chicken food place named the Chicken Coop. The old Boneless Wings stand will become a snack and retail location. The old restrooms have been leveled and will be rebuilt larger and completely new.

On to some pictures!
A couple workers tightening up some fasteners.

The entryway you will walk under to enter "The Underground".

There's a good amount of adjustment available on each column base.

Into the station.


Big mess of support structure for the "spaghetti bowl".

Big mess of support structure for the "spaghetti bowl".

Launch section into the high five.


Second and fourth launches.

With the mess of structure, there should be a few good head choppers.


Final inversion on the yellow track.



Candy store is gutted for an all new interior.

A lot of electrical to be wired.

A lot of electrical to be wired.

Exiting the high five and over the midway in two spots here.

Small drop before the drop down into the launches.

TPR hanging out near the high five.

Neal wrapping up the tour.

A big thanks goes out to Neal, Tim and everyone at SFMM for allowing us behind the wall to see the progress of WCR! :airtime:

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:29 am
by Intamin_coyote
Looks great. I love that corkscrew at the end (of the yellow track). Reminds of the ones at the end of spaghetti bowl/mad cobra rides

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 12:52 am
by DoinItForTheFame

Why is it taking so long to construct this freaking ride?!?

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 2:08 am
by MagicMountainMan
DoinItForTheFame wrote:*sighs*

Why is it taking so long to construct this freaking ride?!?

For once, a lot of the blame actually shouldn't be directed at Magic Mountain, but rather it's been Premier that has had a real bad time with this ride. This is secondhand from some higher up guys that I still know at the park, but Premier has had a lot of fabrication delays and they had real issues with the spaghetti bowl portion of the ride. Neal said during the tour that the manufacturer had to set up the spaghetti bowl offsite because of its complexity and apparently that meant that Premier had to do some actual structural adjustments to the supports and footers. Even with that delay in regards to the support structure, almost all of the support beams arrived before the track did, although I don't know if the track fabrication delay is a direct result of the support structure delay.

Ironically, all of the construction delays on the actual coaster could have been a real boon for the contractors and employees working on the rest of the area as they have had much much more time to refurbish and replace the buildings than normal. ...But this is Six Flags we're talking about so naturally they've made no progress on any of the buildings and there will inevitably be a mad rush to finish the retheme in the weeks before the coaster opens.

Speaking of when WCR will open, based on the fact that in the pictures the electrical hasn't even been pulled through the conduit yet and they are still trenching in areas, it's going to be quite a few more months before it opens. I think November or December is being realistic (and Fright Fest being optimistic). With a ride of this complexity due to the four launches, there is going to be more PLC and controls programming and certification than normal which will add a few more weeks to the test and adjust period.

On a slightly related topic, Neal also mentioned that Apocalypse was reopening and that Entertainment has been working on adjustments for the ride (the preshow). That information came as a surprise to the people actually working on the preshow modifications as they were told a few weeks ago to stop working on the project all together and it was suggested that Apocalypse might not even be reopening, so who knows at this point.

Re: The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

PostPosted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 2:07 pm
by SteVeUrkle
SharkTums wrote:^Um. Ninja and Psyclone were both damaged in the 94 Northridge quake. I would have no desire to be on a ride during an earthquake.

Um. Link for proof please?

This 1994 LA Times article cites quite the opposite: "None of the more than 100 rides at the park suffered any mechanical breakdown or structural damage in the Jan. 17 quake."

The roller coasters, the Sky Tower, none of it is going to go anywhere pending human cause. Rides aren't going to "topple over" in an earthquake. They're not going to "suddenly derail" either. Most especially in the United States, there is so much over-engineering and safety precautions taken into these rides beyond an earthquake occurring, even if a world apocalypse were to happen tomorrow, these things would most likely be standing long after you and I we gone.

Even for West Coast Racers, footers are 30-40 feet in the ground! Batman in SFNO survived one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in modern day, and continues to operate to this day at Six Flags Fiesta Texas as Goliath. If that doesn't make you feel safe I don't know what does!

RollaroundBadness wrote:I'm genuinely curious- not blatantly trying to discredit here- Have you been through a substantial Earthquake?

I lived in the Southern Califonia / Los Angeles area for 30+ years, 1985 through 2016, so yes, I have been through several substantial earthquakes. After a while you become numb to them, not that scary, most everything is safe. I remember during college some time in 2010 when I was taking a nap we had a 4.0+ hit, and I remember thinking “oh jeez please stop shaking, I really am not in the mood to get up right now…”

pǝʇɹǝʌuı wrote:The fact that Steel Dragon 2000 cost twice as much as Millennium Force because the park wanted to ensure that it was earthquake-proof shows that most rides aren't necessary designed with earthquakes in mind.

Huh? If anything this PROVES that rides are precisely designed with earthquakes in mind! They took into account the strength of earthquake variance in Japan as opposed to the United States, and designed the ride accordingly!

pǝʇɹǝʌuı wrote:I would hope that SFMM takes some extra safety measures in their ride design since the LA area is very prone to earthquakes

Sure the park has some say, but it's the ride designers and manufacturers that decide which structurally sound measures need to be taken if the ride is operating during an earthquake. They most definitely put this in mind. Weeks ago there was a 7.0+ earthquake. Anyone hear of roller coasters malfunctioning because of it? Absolutely not. They were up an running an hour later.

I am shocked by the misinformation and lack of logic being shared in this thread!

If a roller coaster hits I want to be on a roller coaster! No safer place to be!