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Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:59 pm

I'll be at the park sometime the week of August 6th. Can't wait! Any tips for a first time visitor? Doesn't seem like this park has anything to be concerned about. Sometimes I get worried small parks won't have rides open for one reason or another.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Sun Jul 29, 2018 11:22 pm

^ Will you be there all day or only part of the day?

Yankee Cannonball will close it's queue a half hour before closing and the flume will usually do the same too. Outside of that, everything should be open.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Tue Aug 07, 2018 6:49 pm

I stopped by the park tonight after work and checked in on the progress of the water park. I have to think it may just open in time for the end of summer. The lazy river was filled and had empty rafts cycling. Then the splash pad had water going as well.

Water Slides.jpg
The lazy river is filled with water and tubes. That sure looks like a good sign.

Splash Pad.jpg
Do those sprayers seem to be pretty close to the ground? I'm just picturing a kid running over them.

Also the park closed 45 minutes early due to a thunderstorm. I didn't expect to get a free ticket or anything considering it was so late in the day, but employees were stationed by the exit giving free twilight passes. That's awesome customer service! Hopefully I can come back once they get their water park open.

Return Ticket.jpg
I wasn't expecting a free ticket, but I'll take it. Thanks Canobie!

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:31 pm

Really enjoying my first visit to the park... So much so that we will be staying till closing instead of bouncing early to go to SFNE

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Wed Aug 08, 2018 1:38 pm

Just make sure you get in line for the Yankee Cannonball at least a half hour before closing if you want to finish with it. They make sure there aren't any trains dispatching after closing.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Wed Aug 22, 2018 5:37 pm

Today was an awesome day to stop by Canobie after work. The downpour earlier made the park a ghost town and I got to witness this beautiful rainbow over the Yankee Cannonball.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:07 pm

Canobie Coaster wrote:Today was an awesome day to stop by Canobie after work. The downpour earlier made the park a ghost town and I got to witness this beautiful rainbow over the Yankee Cannonball.

Great pic of my favorite wooden coaster! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Sat Sep 29, 2018 7:17 am

I stopped in last night to check out Screeemfest (yes that's how they actually spell it) for the second year in a row. And I have to say, that the park has really done an excellent job. I find the interactivity of the scare actors in haunts and the midways exceeds the other New England haunts. For example, a dude dressed as a rabbit with a chainsaw chased a group of teenagers all the way from the Palace Arcace past Star Blaster. That's dedication!

Yes it really does have 3 Es in a row.

There were scare actors everywhere. Far more than last year.

The park was very empty. I suspected persistent rain through the afternoon and the fact that it was still September would keep people away and I was right. The longest I waited for any haunt or ride was 10 minutes, but most attractions were walk-ons. For comparison, the Friday right before Halloween last year was pulling half hour plus waits for all haunts and the Yankee Cannonball. One new addition this year is an express pass for all the haunts. For $15, you can skip all the haunt queues. I barely saw anyone using it tonight, but that would be a big timesaver once crowds pick up.

I tried all 5 haunts since gate admission is all inclusive. The best by far is Carnivus. The ride perfectly embraces the carnival theme and nails the abandoned carnival feel. There's something unsettling and cool walking down a dimly lit midway of carnival games only to have a scare actor jump out. This haunt also has the most to look at and the lighting made it possible to see everything. This is a perfect example where you can make an effective haunt while still having enough light to actually see the entire set. Plus it has some neat tricks towards the end like a claustrophobic tunnel, mirror maze, and vertigo tunnel.

This is the haunt that makes Screeemfest worth it.

The Canobie Hotel had very good theming, but it was so dark that it was hard to notice all the details. I can't recall any special tricks, but there were plenty of scare actors.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not a big fan of the Village. As a haunt persepctive, I found it to be the least inspired. There was barely any theming and it was very reliant on the chainsaw scare. I believe I counted no less than 5-6 actors with chainsaws. From a park perspective, it's placement in the park causes the closure of Mine of Lost Souls. It's bizarre the park has to close their "haunted house" during their haunt event, but this has been happening for years. The highlight was the employee at the entrance. He was really into his character and going as far to drink a gallon of blood (aka red water). This is the most skippable of all the haunts.

The Village's church entrance looks impressive, but after that it's mostly chaibsaw gags.

The Culling returned from last year and it's just as bizarre. While most live actors in haunts spend time directly scaring guests, the Culling is somehwat unsettling since half the scare actors are quietly participating in cult rituals. This makes the actor who does try to scare you all the more surprising.

The odd thing is that the last haunt (Facility 235) could only be accessed by first doing the Culling. The Culling's exit dumped you right off in the queue for Facility 235. I imagine they may try to connect it to the park if possible since the current configuration is a bit weird. As for the haunt, it was just ok. I lile how they reused some old ride vehicles in there, but other than that, nothing stood out.

And I still had plenty of time to ride all the park's best flats and coasters. I got 9 rides on the Yankee Cannonball and it was running well despite the cooler temperatures.

Some theming for the Yankee Cannonball.

I found it interesting they removed the Xtreme Frisbee from the Screeemfest ride list entirely considering it was running towards the end of summer. Xtreme Frisbee joined the water rides and Mine of Lost Souls on the list of rides not open for the event. They also had Skater running despite it being closed all summer.

I was shocked by the number of unsupervised teenagers in the park. Finding a parent in the park would have been like finding Waldo. This led to some less than stellar behavior like people sliding their legs out the side of the Rowdy Roosters and jumping out before it came to a complete stop.

I still think Lake Compounce's Haunted Graveyard is the top dog in New England, but Canobie really does have a great event.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:33 pm

I went to Canobie after work today hoping to try their new for 2018 new for 2019 water park. Today was one of the hottest days of the year so it seemed perfect.

Unfortunately it closed at 4. Their website announced the closure with the weather icon, but it was actually for a private event. That actually reassured me because I'd be terrified if 80 degrees was too cold for a water park in New England. :lol:

I checked with the park and they said it should close at 6 on most days. It's small, but it looks nice for a park like Canobie.



They also started construction on a surprise new addition. They demolished the pathway between the Sky Ride and Over the Rainbow. In its place they're erecting a double decker carousel.

I find the move a bit odd considering they already have a classic carousel on the other side of the park and a kiddie carousel next to this one. They must've been inspired by Six Flags New England. You know, the park that built two boomerangs and two wipeouts next to each other.

But the artwork of the carousel and garden looks really nice. It didn't say if it was for 2019 or 2020, but Canobie does tend to open rides in the fall.


And the park has a lot of new coaster apparel. Like this awesome Yankee Cannonball sweatshirt.

It's not cold. I'm just too lazy to carry a bag or put this in the car. I'd totally go to a water park right now if it were open.

Re: Canobie Lake Park Discussion Thread

Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:59 am

When I got off work yesterday, I was stunned Canobie hadn't closed since it had been pouring for most of the afternoon. So I figured it'd be the perfect evening to try their new Castaway Island water park.

The water park is cute. It's very small, but they have tropical music playing and a lot of small touches like palm trees, tiki heads, etc. Plus it had heated water! That was the biggest surprise.

None of the big 3 water slides were particularly fast. If you're traveling a distance, the water park is very skippable. To be honest, I don't feel the need to go back since I'm more of an amusement park person.

That being said, it's an amazing addition for the park. The employees were saying the water park has been hitting capacity most days and there has been a queue just to enter. I'm glad the park is getting a return on their investment.

The park ended up closing early at 6:30, but they gave return tickets for everyone left. So I'll take 1.5 hours of free Canobie plus a future visit.
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