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Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:36 am

A new update from August 2018. Blue are new entries red ones are kick outs from back then.
1. Untamed (Walibi Holland)
2. Schwur des Kranan (Hansa park)
3. Expedition GeForce (Holiday park)
4. Taron (Phantasialand)
5. Blue Fire (Europa park)
6. Helix (Liseberg)
7. Smiler (Alton Towers)
8. Katun (Mirabilandia)
9. Fenix (Toverland)
10. Black Mamba (Phantasialand)
11. Icon (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
13. Nemesis (Alton Towers)

Wood: (No new Wooden coasters this year)
1. Wildfire (Kolmarden)
2. Colossos (Heide park)
3. Balder (Liseberg)
4. Wodan Timbur coaster (Europa park)
5. Troy (Toverland)
6. Joris en de Draak (Efteling)
7. Wicker Man (Alton Towers)
8. Big Dipper (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)[/color]
9. Mammut (Tripsdirll)
10. Loup-Garou (Walibi Belgium)

Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:51 am

1. Intimidator 305 - It's a popular choice, but good GOD, what a beast. The first drop is absolutely incredible, it either gives crazy good floater in the front or you-are-going-to-die ejector in the back. That first turn will make you grey/black out, no exceptions. Every transition throws you around like a ragdoll, every hill has insane ejector... I mean, it's perfect from start to finish. Just yes.

2. Kumba - This is the definition of a god-tier B&M. As soon as you crest the first drop, it's one rapid-fire inversion after another at speeds that don't even feel legal- that MCBR does nothing and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm pretty sure this is the coaster that I've ridden the most in terms of laps, and this ride 100% deserves that title.

3. Twisted Timbers - Ah yes, the ride that got me to sip the IBox Kool-Aid. :lol: I think this coaster has the most airtime out of any other ride I've ever experienced. Ejector is everywhere and it's pure chaos. You're out of your seat more than you're in it. It's amazing.

4. Goliath (SFoG) - My personal pick for the best hyper. The first drop isn't much to write home about, but the rest of the ride is just B&M beauty. Floater on every single hill, that insane downward helix pulls some serious grey-out inducing positives, and the return leg is borderline ejector. It's a really long ride, it's butter smooth, and I love it.

5. Mako - This used to be my number one, and while it has sunk a bit in my rankings over the years, this is still an amazing coaster. Stupid good first drop, the setting over the water is fantastic, and you're flying out of your seat throughout the entire layout. Also, this is the only coaster that I can think of that the airtime is better in the front. Boldikus can vouch for me on this.

6. Twisted Cyclone - My hometown RMC kicks so much butt. Sure, it's on the shorter side, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in pure insanity. The first drop in the back whips you out of your seat and provides awesome laterals as it twists a bit to the side, that wave turn is pure sustained ejector, and it never slows down. Do I wish it was a bit longer? Well, yeah, kinda. Is it still an amazing ride? Absolutely.

7. Alpengeist - Easily my favorite invert. The entire ride is just perfection, from start to finish. There are times that the ride tries to kill you (top of the cobra roll and the transition into the MCBR) and I wouldn't have it any other way. The finale gets a bit of flack for killing the ride's pacing by taking things slow, but I'd argue it's the perfect compliment to the balls-to-the-wall first half. Plus, it gets points just for being at BGW. I freaking love that place. :p

8. Mine Blower - I will never understand the people that say this thing is rough in any way. It's not what I'd call butter smooth, but how anyone could dislike this ride is beyond me. As soon as you crest that drop, you're in for some crazy sh*t. The zero-g gives awesome hangtime, every single hill has ejector, and the laterals are some of the strongest I've ever felt on any coaster that isn't a wild mouse.

9. Montu - ...I mean come on, it's Montu. While I do think this ride is severely overrated, I can't deny it's absolutely amazing. It's intense, it's long, the batwing is pure evil, and it's just awesome. Shoutout to the ops, too, y'all are cool. :cool:

10. The Incredible Hulk Coaster - Maybe it's just me, but I seldom ever see this coaster mentioned in enthusiast circles. And I'll never get that, because this thing is fantastic. Forceful launch, intense inversions, great theming, and an absolute banger of an onride soundtrack. What's not to love?
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Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:51 pm

Mine shuffled around a bit after going to CP again
1. El Toro
2. Superman the Ride
3. Maverick
4. Skyrush
5. Steel Vengeance (I’m going to get roasted for this one)
6. Millennium Force
7. Storm Chaser
8. Boulder Dash
9. Wicked Cyclone
10. Fury 325

Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:10 am

I'm a little bummed my top 5 is no longer all Intamin but it is what it is. * = new addition

1. Maverick
2. Steel Vengeance*
3. El Toro
4. Skyrush
5. Superman (SFNE)
6. Intimidator 305
7. Wicked Cyclone
8. Twisted Cyclone
9. Twisted Timbers
10. Phoenix*

11. Millennium Force
12. Phantoms Revenge
13. Storm Runner
14. Cheetah Hunt
15. White Lightning
16. Mako
17. Nitro
18. Alpengeist
19. Magnum XL200
20. Montu

21. Griffon
22. Volcano
23. Gale Force
24. Goliath (SFOG)
25. Apollos Chariot
26. Dominator
27. Kumba
28. Verbolten
29. Mind Bender (SFOG)
30. Valravn*


Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:20 am

I know you really wanted to stress that it's the #1 greatest thing ever so you put an extra 1 for emphasis but if you write it like that it looks like an eleven and people might be confused.
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Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Tue Sep 03, 2019 8:26 am

I can't believe you didn't mention the Kumba placement or scold me for not ranking Phoenix higher.

Also, FYI MF moved up a few spots.

Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:38 pm

After my last two new credits of the year, here is what I assume to be my final list of 2019

These coasters get 11/10
1. Fury 325 - A masterpiece, I can't put it any other way.
2. TTD/KDK - They're essentially the same ride, don't @ me. Really good rides, though.
3. Steel Vengeance - Another masterpiece--most of the time.
4. Maverick - After 12 years the thing still delivers like it was built yesterday.
5. Eejanaika - I'll admit it's been a minute since I last rode, but I have very fond memories!

These coasters get 10/10
6. Beast - My personal favorite wooden coaster
7. Diamondback - It's personal. Nothing screams home or nostalgia to me like Diamondback. The ride itself ain't bad, either!
8. Cannibal - Very underrated, mostly because a lot of enthusiasts haven't been on it. Hangtime galore. One of the best first drops in the world.
9. Tatsu - I love me a good B&M flyer over the trees.
10. El Toro - Very different from Beast, and probably a tie for my top wooden coaster. In a world where RMC exists, though, I can't really bring myself to rank it any higher on my list.

These coasters also get 10/10, but remain off the top 10 list to avoid redundancy
Millennium Force - Good ride. Does what Fury does but not quite as well.
Twisted Colossus - I'd argue it has stronger airtime than Steel Vengeance, although the pacing is very off.
Ghostrider - 'nuff said
X2 - Does what Eejanaika does but not quite as well

Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:11 am

Here's a little update after an extensive Japan/Korea trip. I feel like Top-25 may give a bit more perspective:

1. Steel Vengeance
2. Lightning Rod
3. T Express
4. Intimidator 305
5. Maverick
6. Hakugei
7. Outlaw Run
8. Skyrush
9. Twisted Timbers
10. El Toro

11. Expedition GeForce
12. Phoenix
13. Coaster (Playland)
14. Wildfire
15. Medusa Steel
16. Fury 325
17. Wonder Women
18. RailBlazer
19. Iron Rattler
20. Helix
21. Twisted Colossus
22. Mega-Lite (HV Shanghai)
23. Kawasemi
24. Prowler
25. Superman the Ride

Some notes:
- Yeah, RMC is dominating the list. 11/25 spots.
- Trusty, old Intamin isn't too far behind. 9/25 spots. Also T Express is truly insane.
- I love me some wood coasters. 8/25 spots. Pretty good ratio I'd say.
- Only 1 B&M makes my top 25 anymore.
- Two different "clones" make it in!
- Eight years ago, Superman the Ride (aka Bizarro aka Superman: Ride of Steel) was my #1 coaster. Now it's my #25.

Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Wed Sep 04, 2019 3:43 pm

Just curious, how did T-Express score so highly? Based on what I've seen, it just looks like a clone of Balder (which didn't crack your list) with a Toro sampler platter tacked on to the beginning. What made it stand apart from those 2 rides?

(Note, when I say it's a clone of balder, it's literally identical to Balder after the MCBR; compare the povs)

Re: What are your TOP TEN COASTERS

Wed Sep 04, 2019 6:22 pm

boldikus wrote:I'm a little bummed my top 5 is no longer all Intamin but it is what it is.

Nice man! Glad you liked Steel Vengeance. It's fantastic.
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