Advice on overcoming fear of heights on rides?

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Advice on overcoming fear of heights on rides?

Postby fixated » Tue Dec 25, 2018 4:03 pm

Sorry if I say anything wrong or I'm posting this in the wrong place or anything. I'm nervous posting here for the first time. Also, I live in the UK and haven't travelled much, so my idea of a really tall coaster is, like, anything above 100ft. I know that probably sounds ridiculous to a lot of you but please go easy on me!

I was a total wuss on rides when I was a kid being taken to Blackpool and the likes. In recent years, though, I've been building my confidence up and really enjoying some smaller coasters closer to home. I've also found myself spending an awful lot of time learning about rollercoasters online, reading forums/websites such as these and watching videos on youtube - I've found myself becoming an enthusiast in theory more than in practice! I'd love for this to change as I get the opportunity to ride more.

However, one thing stops me from riding a lot of really cool coasters when the opportunity does arise and that's my fear of heights. I've found myself to be happy with inversions, high speeds, intensity and roughness (to an extent) but heights are the one thing really tying my stomach in knots.

A friend and I went to Thorpe Park in the summer and are planning on going again when the park reopens in late March / early April. I rode Nemesis Inferno for the first time and loved it (the scariest part for me was the lift hill, despite the fact that it's only about 95ft) and I even braved Detonator (although my eyes were firmly closed for the majority) - however, when we were going to ride the Swarm I chickened out and let her go on without me.

When we visit next year she's keen to get me on the Swarm and Saw as she thinks they're the next two steps in building up my courage. I'd like to continue building up my height tolerance after these, especially as I plan to travel in the future and I know that a lot of parks outside the UK have coasters over twice the height of the biggest ones here! I just need to build my courage - it makes me sad missing out on coasters that look really fun just because I'm so anxious about the height.

If anyone has any advice on getting to grips with the heights on rides, I'd really appreciate it! It felt like a good idea to ask people who have actually been on higher rides. Thank you for reading this :)

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