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Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 3: Walibi World
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Hmm...that looks oddly familiar.....Where have I seen this

The Wild group for the Wild mouse.  At least Non-German Tom isn't making a goofy face or anything!

It's a mouse, and it's a pretty damn crazy one!

Hey Tom, why are you pointing down at your big meaty....um.....camera?

From the mouse you get a nice view of the lamest Frisbee ever!

"Hello, my name is Elissa Alvey.  Check out all those years of expensive dental work!"

The boomerang gets some head.

Both Toms are insane!!!!

Don't even THINK about pointing that camera at me!!!

I love Europe!

The group gets even bigger!

You didn't think we forgot about more Goliath photos did you?

Of course not!  We need to leave you with some more awesome Intamin goodness!

First drop....lots of airtime!

This is what Goliath looks like when you have a big dude with a square head sitting in front of you.

Elissa wants one last four-some ride on Goliath with her
www.onride.de  guys!

Dave looked like this a lot on the trip!

Yeah, put Dan to work!

Wow, some hot bathroom graffiti in Holland.  Where's my cell phone?  I hope it says something good!

Ahh, finally we get to a McDonalds.

Elissa can finally eat something!

Awww, how cute, the boys get bunk beds!

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