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Lago di Garda, Italy
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 16: Movie Studios Park

Next door was Aqua Paradise, and this was a REALLY cool place!!!

They had one of the coolest slides ever...the "Water Jump."  Basically, you slide down this huge slide....

....then when you get to the end, you FLY OFF THE EDGE!!!!

Yeah, I mean, it's a good 6 to 8 foot drop!  It's INSANE!  If you want to see a short video, click on the photo above!

Yeah, it's THAT insane!

The rest of the park was just really nice.

They kind of had this 'poor mans Master Blaster'

It looked really cool and we even saw it valley once!

Ok,'s a PROP from a MOVIE, you don't have to pretend that it's cold!
Thanks again to the guys from for hanging out with us today!

Now it's on our way back to France for some quality Walibi parks, Disney, and Asterix!

Up ahead is the dreaded "Mont Blanc" tunnel where hundreds of people die every day!  How will we ever make it out alive???

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