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Dolancourt, France

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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 17: Nigloland

Next up was this scary looking contraption!

When you see this sign on a ride, that's almost as bad, sometimes worse than the Vekoma sign!

We were all like "Wow, an inverted Pinfari!  Scary!!!"

Odly enough, this ride was actually quite smooth!

And the trains were fairly comfortable!

And the ride itself was a cool, compact design!

While the layout wasn't as good as an SLC, it didn't hurt like one!

Elissa found a rodent related ride!

Joey looks soooo cool here.  Do you think Joey is cool?  If so
email Dan and let him know!  =)

Apparently the rodents are also goat herders!  Or maybe they are Niglogoats?

Robb loves the rodents too (or maybe he loves the goats?)

It's a ride themed to Nigloacorns.

"Hello, I am Elissa.  Please come credit whore with me!"

Ahh, yes, the kiddie coaster.  And Robb is so intent on getting exclusive, never before seen POV of the Wacky Worm!

Yes, we are all on the Nigloworm!

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