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Dolancourt, France

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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 17: Nigloland

Our adventure in France continued with "Nigloland."  A small little park in the middle of the country.

We're all pretty baffled by some of the attractions in this park.  At Nigloland..... can play "Niglogolf"....

...even see the "Niglo Show"....but most importantly, and you must ALWAYS remember the one rule the park has....

....yes, they have one rule that everyone must follow....

...and it's a VERY important rule...

...and that rule is...


"Dan, make sure you scrape it ALL off!  Or no credits for us!"

We decided to head over to the 'not a credit' credit first.

The mine train is a fun little Mack powered coaster.

Fun stuff!  But not a credit!

Elissa used her super magical powers and turned Robb, Dan, and Joey into ducks.  Robb is the fat one trying to buy food at the counter!

Hey Dave!  Are you a duck?  Huh?  Are you?  ARE YOU???

In this bizarre looking building was probably the best coaster at the park!

"Spatiale Experience!"  I think that translates into "Space Mountain!"

I guess we should go see the travel agent to get our space ticket...sorry Nigloticket.

Oh, look!  It's one of those Mack indoor coasters like Eurosat!!!

Yay for Euro-sat rides!!!!  It even had the rotating lift hill! 

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