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Ravenna, Italy
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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Trip Photo Update!
Day 15: Mirabilandia

Ahh, Katun!  What is it about these international large sized B&M's like Pyranees that just really kick ass?

Check out that layout.  Nice and high zero-g like on Dragons, it's really spread out, and it's very forcefull!

Gotta love the helix RIGHT NEXT to the ground!  This felt a lot like the helix on Kumba!

Random feet!!!!

Here ya go Derek!

Funky looking cobra roll.

First drop of B&M goodness!

I like my flat spins with a lot of bush.

Here you can get an idea of how tall that zero-g is!

And now it's time to go get some traditional Italian food....

"Hey Robb...I think that pizza is smiling at you!"

"OMG You're right!  It's the smiley face pizza!  Traditional Italian food!  Yay!!!"

The whole pizza is happy to know I'm going to scarf it down!

It's such a happy pizza that it makes us all smile like young gay boys drunk on dad's liquor.


We ate the pizza.  It made us happy.  So we rode Katun some more...

Check out how much space this damn ride takes up!

Cool looking trains.

Really fun first drop!

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